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We know you'd never, but it happens more than we think. Share this important information to remind others to not leave pets in the car! #nohotcars  
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Not that I advocate this! Buuut I have ventilated a few cars. Well worth the ticket;)
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Help the #FundForAnimals  end horse slaughter by virtually adopting Sahara today!
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This #4thofjuly weekend, be sure to keep your pets safe and happy!
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Took my dog to a firework show once...he was so scared we had to go home...lesson learnes
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Help our friend #DaniellaMonet win the So Delicious #CelebrityShakeOff! If she wins, she's chosen the #HSUS to recieve a $25,000 donation! We love you, Daniella! Good luck :)
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Be sure to vote today, and every day!!
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Happy #FathersDay  to all of the amazing dads out there, human or otherwise! We love you <3 #shelterpetlove  +The Shelter Pet Project +maddiesfund +Ad Council 
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This is so SAD to come here and ask for help for money????????????? Do YOU KNOW WE ALL COULD USE HELP FOR MONEY!!!!! I AM PRAYING FOR YOU mhamad obaidi
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From +Foreign Affairs, our CEO/President #WaynePacelle  writes on how activism works in progress and why animal advocacy is a domestic and foreigh affair:
The American animal welfare movement has come along way in recent decades, but still has far to go. By tapping into society’s core values and picking its battles carefully, it can continue to build momentum and make progress toward a less cruel world. 
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#TBT to when our #AnimalRescueTeam  assisted the Cottonwood Police Department in a rescue of approximately 60 dogs in Alabama. Your support makes rescues like these, and all of our life-saving work, possible. Thank you!
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Why can't we euthanasia people. Oh right we're humane people with a soul. News flash animals have souls too or God wouldn't have wasted His time Creating. Think about it!
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Small and scaly, pangolins are the world’s most illegally trafficked mammal and in danger of extinction. Make the pledge: don't buy wild:
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Its really sad that these creatures are being so illegally traded like this, they are such cool creatures  
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Awesome! #SteveAokinnounce  teams up with us and #HumaneSocietyInternational to help protect #rhinos! Snag his exclusive tee at
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I think it is wonderful that so many folks take part in establishing these various associations to protect ALL critters throughout the world. The research & work they do will help the environment improve for the best!
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AWESOME! The #HumaneCosmeticsAct - a bill that would end animal testing for cosmetics in the U.S.- has just been introduced in the House of Representatives! Ask your representative to co-sponsor this important legislation:
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+hadiya wade Hi Hadiya! If your sister is looking to adopt we can surely point her in the right direction! Have her check out +The Shelter Pet Project for adoptable animals in her area :)
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Today the US hosts its 2nd #IvoryCrush in #TimesSquare, part of a global movement telling poachers we stand with #elephants and that they are worth more than #ivory. #SaveElephants #96Elephants

The global ivory trade is currently responsible for the brutal slaughter of as many as 35,000 elephants a year in Africa-- that's one elephant every 15 minutes or 96 elephants a day. As this crisis continues, nonprofit and governmental organizations are working together to stop the killing, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand. 

On Friday, the US will crush over 1 ton of ivory in NYC's Times Square, signifying that ivory poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking will not be tolerated. Join WCS and our partners: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, NY Department of Environmental Conservation, African Wildlife Foundation, Humane Society, IFAW, NRDC, and WWF, for a Google+ Hangout on Air including a virtual tour of the crush hosted by WCS's Erin Prada, as well as speeches, views of the massive crusher, celebrity cameos, and an exclusive Q&A session with experts working to save elephants. Ask your questions via the Q&A app or by using the hashtag #IvoryCrushHoA . Hope you can tune in!

Meet the experts -

Beth Allgood, IFAW: Beth is the US Campaigns Director based in the Washington, DC office of IFAW. With a special emphasis on the US role in international wildlife trade and wildlife security issues, Beth oversees all US campaigns. She is the co-author of IFAW’s Criminal Nature report, an in-depth look at the global security implications of the illegal wildlife trade, as well as the co-author of a legal paper analyzing US ivory seizure data, current laws and policy solutions.

John Calvelli, WCS: John is the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), a global conservation organization headquartered at the Bronx Zoo dedicated to saving wildlife and wild places. John oversees the work of WCS in Government and Community Affairs, Public Policy, Communications and Digital Programs. He also serves as Director of the 96 Elephants campaign and is on WCS’s Executive Management team that manages the overall organization where he is leading efforts to identify ways for the public to support meaningful conservation action.

James Deutsch, WCS: James is a conservationist and Africanist who ran WCS’s field programs in Africa between 2002-2014 and now oversees WCS conservation strategy.  Over the past few years he has deeply involved in framing WCS’s response to the poaching and trafficking crisis facing Africa’s elephants, including launching new elephant protection projects in Ituri (DRC), Ruaha (Tanzania), and Niassa (Mozambique).  He has a PhD from Cambridge, has studied kob antelope and cichlid fishes, and is also involved in HIV/AIDS.

Iris Ho, HSI: Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Iris is the Wildlife Program Manager at Humane Society International (HSI), global affiliate of The Humane Society of the US. She develops and leads initiatives that strengthen international protection for imperiled wild animals and manages campaigns to curb wildlife trafficking through policy advocacy and public education. Iris travels regularly to Africa and Asia and collaborates closely with HSI’s local partners, international organizations and national governments, while also coordinating US state and federal legislative efforts in cracking down on the trades in shark fins, elephant ivory and rhino horns.

Jimmiel Mandima, AWF: Jimmiel Mandima is a Program Director at the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). He grew up in Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe and served for many years as AWF’s Zambezi Landscape Director. Today he applies that field experience to represent AWF in policy discussions with the U.S. Government and other public sector partners. 

Joe Walston, WCS: Joe is Vice President for Field Conservation, and directly manages the implementation arm of GCP, overseeing Asia, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, North America as well as the Marine Program and the Wildlife Health and Health Policy Programs. Previously, he was the Executive Director for the Asia Program after spending nearly 20 years in the field in Africa and Asia, including being Country Director for both the Cambodia and Gabon Programs. Joe has been recognized by Prime Minister Hun Sen with the awarding of its highest civilian honor as well as having a new species of bat named after him, Murina walstoni. 

#IvoryCrushHoA   #HoA   #HangoutsonAir   #NYDEC #AWF   #HSUS #IFAW   #NRDC #WildlifeConservationSociety #WWF   #Elephants #Ivory     #IvoryCrush #ConnectedClassrooms   #GoogleforEducation   #VirtualFieldTrips 
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Wildlife Conservation Society. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Hangout at the US Ivory Crush in NYC Times Square
Fri, June 19, 10:30 AM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Happy #WorldOceansDay. Human activities drive marine animals to extinction. Human activities can also help to protect these animals. Learn more and pledge to help here:
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Let's save the planet earth and it's animals!!!☺🐬🐖🐺🐍🐧🐯🐆🐱🐕🐹🐭🐀🐁🐇🐤
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