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Larry Hryb hung out with 3 people.Laura Massey, Eric Neustadter, and Stephen Toulouse
The Major Nelson Radio Hangout
Larry Hryb and 3 others participated
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Ant X
lower your volume(s) & the echo will diminish
You all sound fine on this side.
Tuned in using my Google TV!
Audio issues are bound to happen, don't worry about it
This is my first time watching a hangout...Love it
the audio was terrible for that show but i am loving it!
+Larry Hryb Screen sharing. He can just share the window the picture is in.
ZOMG Major Nelson is on Google+?! I'm freaking out!!
the cover it live doesn't work, it doesn't show all the comments.
It's not a chat, you ask questions. You only see their answers
I love your podcast, I only wish you had an enhanced podcast so we could see what you guys (and gal) are talking about sometimes!
The kickstarter burnout will come in a few months, once the projects they funded did not meet their expectations
Knew there had to be a fire extinguisher there!
I think Kickstarter has the capacity to change the way small business is conducted. Utilizing the medium effectively, a small business can put forth a product, with little to no fear of it being accepted by it's intended audience. Selling the first run of the product via rewards.
I see your point, a little like the stock market in advance... Just a more "refined" way of gambling
It will be interesting to see the reaction to the first wave of disappointing results
Upvote for the IRC chat idea!
WooHoo!! I want a beta key.
You should pick me, it`s 11.30 here in Brazil and I have a thermodynamics test tomorrow !
Can't seem to post over in the cover it live stream.
Krogan Vanguard (Battlemaster) is a complete beast. Nearly indestructible!!
laura is giving of weird looks to other people! :D
Why continue winning a "console war" when you can create a single hub for all entertainment (games, movies, tv, music, etc)? It's purely good business!
check out Swords and Sworcery EP laura its good and on iOS. awesome music
That video was probably the most impressive use of Kinect I've seen so far.
Dragon shouts are awesome, but being able to use Kinect to manage inventory and allies is groundbreaking. Can't wait to see more of this for RPGs.
But you can't see it until AFTER the drawing
im annoyed at Drawsomething at the moment - all my colours are gone
Laura you need faster internet or something?
I'm on Wifi. In the lobby of my office. Not the fastest. ;)
have one you you guys ever went to brazil ??? or want to travel to my country !?
Uggggh, I got the Ray Stevens joke...#Old
Ah ok - Laura that makes sense (about wifi).
Thanks = )
I`ve being to seattle, it`s pretty awesome too, the space needle and bumpershoot festival !!!
when more live tv applications on Xbox360
do you need to set the auto swap on the vid again - it seems to be stuck
when more live tv applications on Xbox360 please
+Larry Hryb Nope. Still stuck
still on the one and only stepto
yeap killing the feed works weird
He who fights with demons must take care that he not become one. Stare long into the Stepto, and the Stepto stares long into you...
ya metoo killed and its still stepto hour! wave to us stepto! the camera loves you!!
I just closed my eyes and I CAN STILL SEE HIS HEAD
it's only one feed. it's always going to show Stepto it's broken
The number of Tupac hologram videos is too damn high!
Will there be a preview of the new Xbox 360 dashboard and if so when?
I have one minion from the despicable me movie
Will there be a preview of the new Xbox 360 dashboard and if so when?
Candied bacon is too much? Candied baconbits then. Bam, perfect compromise.
hey larry give us you splosion man facial expression
15 lbs of Candy building blocks in Minecraft colors
Q: Why is my Caramel DeLight now called a Samoa? (or) Why are my Trefoils® now called Shortbreads?

A: Girl Scout Councils choose their licensed baker, either Little Brownie Bakers or ABC Bakers. Each of the bakers owns its cookie names, except THIN MINTS® and TREFOILS®, which GSUSA owns. So a cookie like the Trefoil / Shortbread may look and taste similar, but your local Girl Scout council determines which one will be on the market when they select their baker.
larry give us you splosion man facial expression
Maybe in the future there will be a hologram of Halo: Reach Fire Extinguisher Guy
Thanks letting us be part of the show with you guys!
Thanks all..I hope you had fun! We'll figure out an IRC server or something better for the comments.
was fun...just waiting on the stepto memes to come in!
i am going nut with the meme generator LOL
+Larry Hryb "This video is private", is that on purpose? I'm in the wrong tz to participate live.
Knew I forgot something last night.
make the feed public please Maj....for the people that missed the fun! (of making memes for stepto!)
Gah, I forgot as well. Was too busy saving the galaxy from Reapers...
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