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Borderlands 2 is coming September 18th Borderlands 2 Launch Date Trailer
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I'm so glad they are making a sequel. I spent many awesome hours playing the first one!
"Get ready to joy puke your face off"? I'm not even sure what that means... and yet, deep down inside, I know exactly what it means.

I really dig the nonsensical feel that Gearbox is bringing to the table here. I was already looking forward to the game. Now I'm legit excited.
Can't wait to play multi-player on this.
Finally something I want! :D
Never really got into this title. Is it an FPS or 3rd?
violence doesn't matter 4 games... But anyhow should never encourage that....
Been looking forward to this for a long time... Long live shoot 'n' loot.
Looks great - a little bummed out it appears that they did not add more than 1 active skill per class.
oh i cant wait to play borderlands 2 i played the first one and it was pretty awwwsooome but i think that until than i will continue to play COD and MWF 1, 2, 3,
Whoever put that trailer together wants an award....wasnt too overly keen on the first game, but this has sparked a lot of interest....Gonna be good fun!!
Wicked, I wanna sea moar!
How many more weapons do we have this time exactly? :D
+Armando Santos, 870 GAJILLION!, like the trailer says :D
No, Seriously.

+Robert Caraballo, Maya is a Siren like Lilith, so very likely will phase shift.

+Joe Barbagallo, it is FPS

+Russ Stewart, you could play split screen in the first one, and you could play online. However, you could not play online while split screen. They have not specified if that has changed for Borderlands 2.

+Jose Carlos Canova how do games augment your peripherals? They may, to a very mild extent. Unless you play close enough to the screen to shut out anything else?

+Darren C, if you weren't keen on the first one, then there is no reason to think that this one is going to be wildly different for you. It will be better, but just in the sense that it builds on the first one. Of course the trailer will spark some interest, that's just good marketing.
Was that Joanna Dark at the end? ;D Pretty cool trailer. I'd recommend checking out the newest one for Metal Gear Rising.
+Phillip Petty ehe, they also say "87 Bazillion"... it seems we finally found a relation between ficticious numbers 1 Bazillion = 10 Gajillion :D
Had to be Gearbox to enlighten us.
I am pre-ordering this as soon as I get out of school today! Been waiting forever for this! Thanks for the update.
+Armando Santos, +Robert Caraballo,
Borderlands 1 boasted that there were over 17 million different guns. It never really felt like it because some of the variances were inconsequential. Each gun was made up of about half a dozen components. I think there were over a dozen different variences of each component. And then, most stats were randomly generated within a range. When you did the math, they were not exaggerating. However, the difference between most of these 'possible guns' would be as small as 1 damage point, and then a lot of the guns are weak pieces of crap so you as the user doesn't count them. And like you almost said, the Hellfire alone counted as at least dozens, possibly hundreds or more, of those guns, but people view it as just one gun.

When they say Borderlands 2 has 870 Gajillion possible guns, I don't take it as an exaggeration. They most likely mean 870 million, and using the word Gajillion is just a way to convey that it is an INSANE amount of possibilities, even if it ends up not feeling like it. My guess is that there are a couple more gun types, a decent increase in available components, and perhaps more possible stat combinations. I don't look at the number, I think the additions that the number implies, and that is more than good enough for me.
Couldn't get into the first one. Maybe they'll do something different to attract me this time.
I really loved the humour in the first. I can see Borderlands 2 is going to get a lot of my time.
+Phillip Petty Salvador goes into Gunzerker, wielding two weapons at once. Maya holds the enemies in place and torments them with various skills with the similar-to-a-black-hole object. Axton gets his turret similar to Roland but his is equipped with missiles, which is marked with the Dahl symbol. And Zero gets the ability to cloak himself for CQC. The pre-order only Premium Club comes with the Gearbox Gun Pack, the Vault Relic which gives you more luck "gear-hunting", and the Golden Key enables you to unlock a special mysterious golden weapons chest.
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