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Today in 2001 I started at Microsoft. What an amazing 12-years it has been!
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Wouldn't that be 12 years, Larry?
Congrats, Larry! Do we get to see a picture of the bags and bags of M&Ms?
Happy Anniversary!  Keep up the good work.  (and put me in the hardware beta..wink wink)
What was your original job title at MS?
+Larry Hryb, I first got to see you at PAXPrime'10, when you and your team were on the Main Stage showing off new Xbox goodies.  Been following your Blog and podcasts ever since.
Enjoyed every bit of it.  Thanks for the fun and entertainment!
+Eliseo Arias I was hired as the original Editor In Chief of MSN Music. (I worked in the music industry for many years before I made the move) 
Congratulations. I must admit that you seem to have one awesome job.
Congrats! 12 years anywhere is quite a feat these days!!
Happy Anniversary, and thanks very much for all that you do. :)
You joined Microsoft the day Wikipedia launched. 
Congratulations Larry, here's to 12 more.
Happy Anniversary. Hope you have many many more to come. 
Congrats to your great achievement +Larry Hryb. Your the best person for the job and I look forward to seeing good things from you in the future!
Thanks for all the nice words. It's a great feeling to be working with such great people and doing something you love. That alone is a gift. 
Congrats and thanks for your xbox insights! 
When you started 12 years ago, did you think that you would end up doing what you do these days?
I knew I wanted to be involved in the future of in a way, yes. 
Congrats. I just celebrated my 10 years. What a ride.
Yes! I have a 2 month head-start on you at MY employer ;-)
(Congratulations, Larry! We love ya, dude!)
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