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Larry Hryb hung out with 4 people.Laura Massey, Eric Neustadter, Stephen Toulouse, and Dan Amrich
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Larry Hryb was in a video call with 4 others
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ARGH that hoodie makes me JEALOUS
sweet insert coin tees for the win
The wonders of the internet...
I assume Larry did something wrong
Oh good, I thought it was a Windows 8 crash on me
lol and the wonder that is the internet= DEAD FEED!
It's really funny Larry "Due to the wonders of the internet......."
Wow it froze right as Larry said "The wonder that is the Internet..."
LOL, "the wonders of the internet".
lol soon as he tweeted that it died lol
Can one join this from the plus app on once cream sandwich?
Nice... you should do the show this way and capture it for a video podcast!
I'm skipping out on a Castle rerun for this :)
Hi e, I remember on an old show you said you use a capture card to record game footage. What kinda card is it? I'm looking to get one myself. Thanks!
This is better than the podcast!
first time trying out the hangout pretty cool
That sounds like the candied bacon I had last week in Bellevue.
I came in at "free bacon." I think I am missing the best stuff already.
Brad E
Wow can't believe I caught this live.
This is pretty awesome the way it works.
Hello everyone. Hope everyone loved the Halo 4 info as much as I did!
Its Bri
Hello everyone! :)
This is so worth skipping homework for
What did everyone think about the Assassins Creed III trailer?
Yay! Stepto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
And he still isn't using headphones...
Did Laura say anything about the Earthquake in San Fran this morning? Or was she not there for it?
a little echo, but still good sound
you guys play the new behemoth game at gdc ?
Mass effect 3 t minus 1 hour and 45 mins cant wait almost midnight here
there's definite frame rate lag but oh well
It`s 00:14 in Brazil and I have college class tomorrow at 7 am !!
it's like watching a japanese movie when dan is talking
LOL The lag is out of this world hahahaha
someone needs better internet....just sayin
Yeah, it's totally frozen for us.
Grr... can't hangout thru iPhone or Android app. Boo.
Woohooo good evening guys...
Can people hear Cthulhu squeaking his toys? He's in the room...
i havent heard it yet man
this is even better then an aftershow
Stepto, are you going to be a dance instructor?
What's the point of having hangout on the iPhone if I can't use it. This stinks. 
Almost finished reading Stepto's book and its great!!! can't recommend it enough
You guys need to set a live stream up on the console...
How did you get to where you are? Do you just work for Microsoft doing Xbox shows?
Sorry, e, couldn't resist :)
DJ Spin
Then how do you convey that to the public / your fans?
So Halo 4. The addition of some kind of unlock system worries me. :/
i liked his tweet, i worked at microsoft....nuff said
ok ok E is god so larry is second in command
The Stars are off tonight, tomorrow they play the Nucks
yay stepto is back....well sort of.
Larry's cam refocusing all the time is kinda bugging me
I feel like that towel on south park, cause I have no clue what's going on guys... Lol
Picking mine up tomorrow yaaa
I'm a tech-tard, am I supposed to be seeing and hearing them? 
Should I get me3 even though I haven't beat 1 or played 2 ? :(
Oh that cover is immediately being flipped. How many discs this time?
Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 did that too!!! Flippable Covers
Very cool feature for a game.
David, go pick up ME1 and ME2 and play them back to back then play me3
Im going to wait at gamestop for me3 in like a half hour cant wait.
Android phone on 4G cant connect either:(
Live and Uncut... You guys are doing a great job...
I haven't touched Mass Effect since the first one
am I the only one that is experiencing +Laura Massey cutting out? I can't only hear her when she speaks in bursts.
My brother and i are getting ready to head out and midnight release here in hour and a half
I am super intrigued by Forza Horizon...the dev team cred is huge
I beat the first planet you go to on the first one, and haven't played it past that yet.
Got a ME3 problem though. Solid threesome for multiplayer. 2 Geezers 63+ and myself. Need a fourth that just likes to have a fun playing and working together. Anyone interested hit me up gamertag hoopchi
Can't wait for the lineup of Windows Phone games!
no she is cutting in and out with me too
Larry...what is the name of your new pup?:)
does this edition bring back the red ring?! Hey ohhhhhh! :D
Can you guys talk about Trials Evolution yet? I'm dying to play it and there has been 0% talk of a launch date. 
is xbox ever gonna bring back mech assault??????
Does it come with a free trial for those new to the live service
Is that White color still technically "Chill", or is it now Just White?
Does Laura sound choppy to anyone else?
Hey! One of swords is here! Greetings Dan! 
Stooooooooooooooone Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin :P
so E are u going to play civ rev on wp7 o and who is happy about wordament, carcassone and pinball fx 2 coming to wp7
The tree climbing, you know more naturalistic environs as opposed to architecture, its going to be so good.
Did anyone ever figure out how to make G+ auto scroll comments?
Any news on minecraft for the xbox? My son is holding onto his 1600 Ms points card so hard for this game that the inks wearing off! 
All three of my cats are rescued. Big supporter of that too
elder god said hi to the internet
Can you guys talk about the Kinect Nat Geo TV.
im so tired. 4:38 am in austria......
As long as Minecraft comes with some sort of tutorial baked in...I have the PC version but I still haven't gotten started with it because I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do!
not much into the minecraft, sorry lol
Minecraft is for people who don't suck at art and imaginations. I need something with instructions...
Oh, I have an imagination, but there are clearly goals and things you "should" do but I don't know how to interact with the world or where I'm supposed to go.
i am a decent artist and have a good imagination but dont build in games. Halo Forge doesnt entertain me much.
Minecraft is it's most fun when playing on a server with a bunch of people. I host a server for my brothers to go crazy on. They modded it and have things like lasers and nuclear reactors.
How similar is this to Mission:Space at Epcot?
Now I want to party with Major in Vegas
I have to leave a little early but I enjoyed my time here and hope everyone enjoys their night. bye. :)
its falling over and it catches itself...the shuttle
they have 2 options
fun and MORE FUN !
I threw up on that Epcot ride. Seriously.
If you pause the stream how do you catch back up?
well gotta go to the midnight release action guys. see ya laters
I threw up right after I got off, but...yeah, I yuked
MORE SKYLANDERS PLEASE, says the biased man who works for Activision
I protein spill every time I spin around fast
I used to work in Epcot, there is a whole list of these types of terms. "Shot glasses" become "Toothpick holders"
Roger X
I love playing Skylanders with my 9 year old, E! We have them all except Cynder (and the unreleased ones)
I can confirm that "protein spill" Disney euphemism too. I took a behind-the-scenes tour and that was mentioned.
Does google hangout automatically switch camera views when the person starts talking?
Eric; shes cutting out when she talks. Is there anyway to fix it?
probably her hotel net :P
I'm very excited about the upcoming release of Birds of Steel, any chance you folks have any info on this little known gem of a game?
Looks like Google Hangout might just be a better option for podcasting....hmmmm,
I feel like you guys talked about Path of Go on the show. Maybe that was KOXM
Oh ok I figured out how to catch up I think...are they talking about her mic?
I hear you, Laura. The AI pwned me around rather soundly. =)
You know I didn't think they would able to capture team dysfunction in video, but this seems pretty accurate
This is fantastic, thanks for doing this gang!
US hotel internet almost always sucks
Ooooh yeah. Five Guys > In n Out. Believe it!
first burger what? I can't hear
Five Guys kneals before the gods who are IN & OUT Burger
Her mic is cutting in and out because she is using the Apple headset mic. That thing sucks
Forza Horizon? Any more hints?
Hi guys. Was great seeing e at Summit last week. Missed seeing Major, Laura and Stepto.
Act of Valor was filmed entirely on a Canon 5D camera.
I like that camera, e. I am looking to upgrade my crappy cam
Loving the Live Stream Guys! Also the massive collection behind E XD
I wish I could listen live. AT&T reception is too poor here at the Gamestop where I am waiting for ME3 to stream this. PAX Easter in exactly 1 month. See you guys there!
Is there an official name for a pound of dice ? deece ?
So this doesn't quite work on the iPd without video, at least I can read he comments :)
"Tijuana? No, Amazon." LOL
Thats E's quick escape from the 1920's cops.....he just sprinkles that bag behind him when he runs away.....then the cops just run in place on the dice.
I posted this link on reddit so might be getting some extra peeps lagging it up in here :P
I use my PS EYE as a web cam with drivers because I never use it on the playstation.
Hey Jared :D I heard so much cool stuff about the last one I didn't want to miss this one too.
Blame it on the Blame it on the Blame it on the... ;-)
I snagged the dlink 4500 router when it was on sale for 99 on amazon
Larry can we see your wife. Or even a picture? We never get to see your wifes. :(
Almost went with the E4200 when I upgraded about two months back. Went NetGear instead but it was close
I tried the e4200 after E mentioned it but I couldnt get open NAT to save my life. I have 4 360's (5 now, stop making so many special editions!) and the router should have been able to handle up to 4 but for some reason I had no luck.
when is the xbox app coming to android?
I hope that router cleans my dishes for that price
Remko, it does NOT have the new D Pad
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