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The Mass Effect 3 demo is now available on Xbox LIVE
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Do we need a code, or is it just a straight download?
You can just download it now
+Larry Hryb here's the thing... I don't want to spoil myself, is there anything in the Demo that will directly benefit me in the full game in a few weeks? Like do they have any bonuses etc that are earned by playing the demo?
+Josh Maxson The only bonuses I've heard of are for playing the KoA: Reckoning demo. I'm with you, the only way I'd play this demo is if it had ME3 bonuses. Otherwise I'm just waiting until midnight March 5th.
Very excited for M3 (dl'ing the demo now)... but have been quite enamoured with Star Wars: The Old Republic since - as it is created by Bioware - it has proven to be Mass Effect like story telling... but with 8 times the stories (1 for each class).

Am I going to leave Mass Effect for SW TOR... no. but now I have the 8 stories in TOR plus the Mass Effect story... and 9 is definitely better.
Greg R
There is no game I am looking forward to more than this one (perhaps ever) but I've been doing everything in my power to avoid seeing or reading anything that would spoil any plot details or other surprises. Really looking forward to ME3 but I think I'll pass on this Demo.
Hmm I'm not sure if I want to play the demo now. I've been avoiding spoilers too but 3 weeks seems like a long time now!

What to do, what to do!
+Priyesh D and +Henry Averette III Yeah I'm not going to DL the Demo... it's got the opening attack on earth and then plays some mid-game levels... too spoilery for me. If it was just the multiplayer bits then I'd get it but I couldn't bear the temptation and with the full release only three weeks I think I better just stay away. I've still got one last ME1-2 playthrough to finish yet, my Male Renegade Adept with lots of team casualties...
+Josh Maxson Good idea, I think I'll just finish my ME2 playthroughs instead.
+Josh Maxson Good idea. I finished a final run through ME1 & 2 back in October. Male Paragon Solider with no one left behind.
I've barely started ME2, by the time I finished ME2 I'll be able to buy ME3 on the cheaps.
hmmmmm.Valentines Day.....that's going to be tricky ;-)
Sorry but this early access lark and ESP mp for buying BF3 is just a farce. Jesus EA and Bioware get a grip. Wouldn't mind if it was actual game but it's a demo. Since when so we get excited and wet our pants for a demo. 
I don't need no stinking demo. I already bought this game in my mind after finishing the first Mass Effect years ago.
kim k
finished 1+2 three times each
sooo gooood!
am gonna go MIA for this .......:D
Does anyone know if this demo is the same one that has the coop in it? thanks!
kim k
omg i cant wait for this game.....:D
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