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Sounds like good news for the future Windows 8 tablets, can't wait. :)
I'm baffled honestly. I can't see the long game for the product. This isn't meant as a "hater" comment, but I'm intrigued by the notion that the nook is investment worthy, especially with Windows 8 Tablet/PCs just around the corner. I'm hoping this is an attempt to build a base for Windows 8 tablets, and not a toe in the water test that if they don't get a bite of X% the project will go away without ever being debuted.
Oooooooooooooooh. This is interesting.
+Eden Soto no one is going to buy their books from Microsoft. Pretty much no one buys them from Apple, and Microsoft would do even worse than that. I think partnering on this one makes a lot of sense, from both sides.
This move makes sense to me at least. What doesn't make sense is the fact that I pay for Xbox Live and rent/buy from Zune very often, so why is it that I have to watch some lame commercials on EVERY dashboard slide? I have been a dedicated Xbox Fanboy from day 1 with over 70k gamerscore. What is the deal with all the advertising on a GOLD Account? Honestly I didn't mind it when it was really gamer focused, but I just watched a McDonalds commercial, seriously whats up with that? If I wanted this garbage invading my gamer space I would be on PS3. Speak out for us Major, this is VERY unwanted!
Other than the beer commercials (yeah.. Coors gag How about some Yeungling or regional microbreweries).. the advertising has been for the most part geek related, game related, or silent and I could just ignore. It hasn't been "horrible."
+Jean LaValley , you don't think it's horrible that you pay for a service that puts Nerf, Mazda, McDonalds, ect. ads in? I'm with you on beer, movie, game commercials, etc. My point was to be selective, consider the users. Every time I am scrolling through the dashboard tiles and I hear "I'm Loving It" I feel like turning off my 360. +1 on microbrew comment too, I had a Victory HopDevil yesterday!
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