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A title update is out today for Skyrim. It adds Kinect voice support to the game!
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so now Skyrim won't understand me as well as my xbox. ;)
It's like I can't get it all. I have it on the PC, and mods are great - but I want the Kinect functionality!!!!!
+Robert Martin I dunno, kinect vs a mod turning all the dragons into my little ponies? I might side with pony
I thought this was supposed to come out last week? <.<
In other words, it now takes 6+ months for DLC to come out (Skyrim came out 11/11/11, it's now May 2012). Is this a ploy to keep users from reselling their games?
+Pedro Vera Shivering Isles took forever to come out too..... - The fact is if DLC comes out too soon, gamers complain 1. it should of been on the disc; 2. It must of been cut out for it to be ready so fast.

and if it takes "too long" your response is seen.

I think the difference is some devs will have whole sandboxes and development enviroments which allow for the creation of content easily and quickly - we know this is the fact for skyrim / fallout games as they then go onto release parts of these SDK's to the PC user community anyway. As these have been created already it massively shortens the time to produce good quality DLC if you already know what your wanting to create.

However, to those who say "it should of been in the original game because theres a path/bridge/road/quest/random NPC who mentions it/symbol on the ground/weird sound you here/some textures in the original game....." how many games must there be that had these "link" points into DLC, for DLC that never arrived? Just because a dev made sure they had some explanation for how some DLC links into your main game doesn't mean the DLC should of been on the disc. It simply means they planned ahead and thought of you as a gamer, who wants the immersion breaking experience that some DLC offers where it infact is unconnected completely to the main game?


Yes - Some developers take the mick with DLC. They do cut stuff out of the main game / story, and the only way to stop this is vote with your feet/money.
+Tim Bowers is right, dammit. Plus come to think of it, had they released that DLC within a month of launch meant people getting the game for Christmas would have been overwhelmed by a game that is huge by any measure, combined with a DLC that would be much bigger than DLC for other games.
its fun but I noticed I don't talk good LOL. currently working on talking better
I feel better that the DLC isn't just waiting in the wings to be released shortly after the game. It probably means it was all in development in the first place and should have made it into the original game. First day DLC and shortly after release DLC leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
+Tim Bowers and +Pedro Vera, I'm always pleasantly surprised to read courteous discussions between strangers on Google+. That doesn't happen much elsewhere. Kudos to you both.
Great to see it came out! Boo that the day I have time to play skyrim is the day I have to play on a monitor with no speakers. Can't wait to sound like a blithering idiot shouting in dragon language instead of pressing buttons.
Or see what it will do with those of us with really thick accents.

kinect: uh? English, do you speak it?
kinect: you might as well return me to the store.
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