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Wonder if that means the people working are going to get a pay cut?  Hope not.
As a Federal Postal Employee, it doesn't look good. And from what I see, Management has to better utilize who they have working there, instead of allowing some employees to get paid and do little to absolutely nothing at all.
I think it's odd people expect the postal service to ever turn a profit.  Tons of government agencies don't make money, that's why we pay taxes.
It's not "cooking the books" if they tell you what they're doing...
What ever the term is the USPS was doing just fine until Congress started pushing policies that made it not sustainable.
Yeah, and this cutting of Saturdays is a ploy to get congress to rescind some of the ludicrous bill  a Republican Congress passed that mandated that the Postal Service pay retirement pensions 75 years out in only a few years.  This effectively bankrupted the Post Office who cannot raise postage without congressional approval.  Guess who is digging their heels in on this....
The article you pointed at outlines this and doesn't say anything about the Postal Service "becoming extinct".  In fact, if it did go away completely, the for profit delivery services would have to develop (or be given) the infrastructure that they currently use, that the Postal Service is forced to provide them.  If the Post Office goes away the consumer will lose, considering no tax dollars currently go to the US Postal Service, there is no reason why it should have been given these cement shoes by congress if they truly acted on behalf of the people they represent.
+Filamerick Solar
You "bid" on routes at the post office in the Bay Area? I thought the USPS was straight salary, no commission?
+Posi X Mosh I'm a mail handler in Oakland, but this no Saturday delivery is gonna hurt everyone, not only the carriers. And yes we all get paid salary, not commission in the post office.
I can't even remember the last time I looked forward to a mail delivery? If they need to cut Saturday delivery, totally cool by me. Closed down Wednesday too and get rid of stamps while your at it...
I use the postal service so infrequently these days, I was frankly unaware they still delivered on Saturdays. 
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