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If you missed the Hangout with me +Eric Neustadter +Laura Massey and +Stephen Toulouse last the train wreck here
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Major Nelson you don't have plush animals?
No I stop caring about them when I was ten! ;)
Dαn J
I don't know how I keep missing these. One of these days I'm going to catch you guys on.
Dαn J
Ahh man, I even missed the Ghost recon beta? Now that really bites. lol
you guys missed out on the meme fun towards the end of the hangout!
Hangouts are intriguing. So, I am thinking that the video cuts to to the person that talks, or had someone edited the video?
That audio at Pax reminded me of the early 1990s and some geek trying to record a show. Lol. I couldn't believe that Lary Hyrb the audio expert let that happen.
Is there a way to be notified when Major Nelson starts a hangout?
Twitter and Facebook have apps on the 360. Is there plans on adding google plus to the console allowing us to spool the hangouts straight to the console. The kinect with it's built in mic would also be great use to host the hangout.

Skype on the 360 would also be a great addition. Most mobiles in the UK can run Skype so you could literally call mobiles for free from your console. Integration with gamertags would be interesting.
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