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i really enjoyed all of the inside xbox stuff. i also get that things change. i hope all of the affected folks land on their feet.
I am seeing IGN app showing Playstation Coversation "inside Xbox"---I mean in the Xbox...
DJ Spin
+Larry Hryb Larry, I may have missed this, but does Xbox plan on archiving the previous "Inside Xbox" segments? Would be nice to at least go back through from time to time.
Nearly every xbox arcade game my family and I have purchased was due to your shows, and many of the kinect games we purchased were due to the Kinect show. Guess we won't know when something looks cool now.
+DJ Spin Many of them will be available on the dashboard - not for how long though.
DJ Spin
Thanks +Larry Hryb ... I hope in light of Inside Xbox sunsetting, that folks associated with the program can be shifted around and kept on in another capacity. Those segments have helped a lot of gamers in the community and their work (and yours) was appreciated.
I really enjoyed the Inside Xbox programming (and watched them on Youtube). It is sad to see the programming go, but I hope everyone involved will continue to work on projects that they like.
I am glad that you, E, and Laura will continue your podcast. best wishes to all of the casts and crew affected.
+Larry Hryb I hate to see that did a great job and it was great while it lasted! I hope Microsoft changes their mind in the future about their decision on this.
I am not affected. I'll continue to do what I do...just not on the dashboard as much.
Not happy to hear this. Lots of great people contributed to those segments over the years. I really hope they land on their feet.
I guess the IGN app is replacing all of the Inside Xbox content. That's a shame. IGN's quality of content when it comes to video is no where close to what you were producing in house. How can this be a $$$ issue when many of us are paying Microsoft $60 a year just to play the games we already spend $60 a pop on. Blows my mind how the big corporations play games with their people.

Microsoft .. don't let your roots dry up just to gain more fruit. Your roots are what help you produce the fruit. Lose the roots and you'll lose the fruit.
Major Nelson, we appreciate you and your team!
At least now you won't have to set yourself on fire again. Good luck to your team.
It only says US, you can always move to Australia, the first beer is on me
Is the UK one still on then ?
UK one is still about for the time being it seems. I hope it stays because it's a good watch.
I hope they keep you on Larry! Good luck!
Bummer, I definitely will miss this content.
That really sucks. I enjoyed all that content lined up under Inside Xbox.
+Larry Hryb This really reeks. One would think that Inside Xbox and IGN could exist symbiotically. I've found a lot of really fun games via Inside Xbox that I can honestly say I would have missed otherwise (Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet leaps to mind). I will definitely miss this content.
Larry isn't going anywhere so all is well.
Larry, thanks for all the great content over the years. The Xbox and your personal brand have skyrocketed as a result. Hope to keep seeing you producing great stuff, just perhaps in a different guise. Be well!
I've been a fan ever since Lego Indiana Jones came out and Larry dressed up as indy and ran around a farm. I will miss the show a lot
wait...that was the only thing i actually watched...does this have anything to do with the new IGN channel?
+Ryan Treit and the team did a great job on the videos. We had some great times. Thanks for all the comments. In other news, anyone want my Crazy Larry jacket ;)
Well something wasn't working , otherwise they wouldn't have canned it? Id have thought the amount of money rolling in, something should stay put.
No more Major's Minute??? This is just plain wrong... I will really miss this show, and all of Inside Xbox for that matter... At least we still have your podcast... you will keep producing your podcast, right?
Man! I'm tired of embracing change. Keep us updated Larry.
Larry, can I've brutally honest? IX got buried in the new dash. Seriously, that should be "pinned" to the home screen. I always looked forward to MM, IM segments, and I like the OXM ones too. It stunk when I had to go find them. Seriously, for gamers and new console owners, those videos connected you to the brand!!!!!!
New game coming out? IX.
Game sale? MM! (crazy Larry) lol
Tips and tricks - IM.
How to use console???!!! XBOX 101

I'll be honest, the Kinect Show I found rather annoying, and What to Watch or What to Play I didn't learn anything new.

Here's a way for you and E and Laura to build an underground guerilla army of G+ hangout devotees...

All the best mi amigo
Thanks for all the kind words....I just chatted w/ the team affected and they appreciate the support.
Been with the box since day one, really, really going to miss Inside XBox actually had gotten a third generation to start watching it.
I guess I never thought About how important the ix shows were till you said they were not going to be there anymore. They were what set xblive apart from other consoles IMO. They were harder to find on the Xbox but still watched them on my phone. Not sure how I am going to feel without you guys great coverage of events. Things do change hope to see you all at e3 at least.
Just now seeing this Larry, we'll miss you on Major's Minute, but hopefully Microsoft has something greater in store for you;)
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