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Let's Go! Disability services: Inspired to live your life, your way
Let's Go! Disability services: Inspired to live your life, your way

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Do all people with epilepsy have to avoid flashing lights? Can you swallow your tongue while having a seizure?

With 100 million people living with #epilepsy across the world, we think it’s pretty important that people understand this condition.

​​With that in mind, we’ve rounded up and debunked 6 of the most common epilepsy myths for you.

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We all love a TV binge, but the sad truth is, we don’t often see characters with a disability in our favourite shows – pretty unfair huh?

But, on a more positive note, a handful of high-profile TV shows have recently introduced characters with a disability into their storylines!

Let’s take a look at these characters, and where you can check them out for yourself. #disability #accessiblemedia

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Did you know that the inventor of braille was a 15 year old boy? Not many people know much about how braille was created, or Louis Braille’s story. Read on and we’ll fill you in on this amazing tale.

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Did you know that people with a disability are still almost twice as likely to be unemployed​?

These days, more and more people with disabilities are joining the Australian workforce. But while many businesses are recognising the value of a diverse workforce, we still have a long way to go. ​

So here's five good reasons companies should hire someone with a disability.

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You have probably seen and heard the term ‘mindfulness’ across your Facebook page, in the news, and as a hot topic with your yogi friends. But did you know that mindfulness can be helpful for your mental health including those with mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety? Here are 10 top benefits of mindfulness and also some simple techniques to try yourself! #mindfulness #mentalhealth

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Imagine having a disability but being called a hypochondriac, faker, or lazy because people couldn’t ‘see’ it. This is what people with invisible disabilities can face when using an accessible toilet, parking, or even just going about their day to day. To clear up the confusion, here are five things about invisible disabilities you need to know. #InvisibleDisabilities

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We often hear stories about people reading or seeing something about #autism and thinking to themselves, “That’s me!”.

It's actually not uncommon for people to have gone through life without a diagnosis, some saying they just had a feeling they didn’t quite “fit in".

In our new blog we take a deeper look into receiving an autism diagnosis as an adult. 

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We’ve all felt anxious – but there’s a big difference between everyday stress and an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses in Australia, but despite this, there are still many myths surrounding anxiety about. So we're setting the record straight on seven of the most common. #anxiety   #mentalhealth  

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"I know – only too well – how common human rights violations are for people with disability. Multiple forms of rights violations occur every day, in every state and territory, in aspects of life most people take for granted, such as housing, employment, and access to public transport." - Leigh Creighton, House with No Steps Peer Mentor #humanrights   #disability  

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"For me, summer crawls into my life, leaving me counting the days until I can drag myself out of hibernation."

Summer is definitely here, meaning beaches, ice cream, and thongs! But for Melissa who has MS, summer leaves her exhausted. Everyone is affected by the heat, but for people with disabilities it can be especially hard.

For those feeling the heat, our guest blogger, Melissa (Physiotherapist, Pilates and Yoga teacher), offers 8 tips to help stay cool. #summer   #MS   #multiplesclerosis   #disability  
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