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Huge Mother Jones scoop: Cruz was an attorney with clients - Shocka! Old and busted: Lawyer jokes. New hotness: Agenda journalist jokes. At Mother Jones, David Corn blows the lid off of Ted Cruz’ career as an attorney before going into public service.  Did you know that Cruz represented clients as an attorney, who actually needed legal services?  Commence pearl clutching! After serving over five years as the state of Texas’ top […] Read this post »
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Not interested in Mother Jones, the consumers of that social media's site are too depressing to the point of reducing human intelligence and survival options.
Reason to post was to PLEASE consider another comment program that is NOT dependent of Facebook and controlled narrative. Seriously reconsider your business model, respectfully... Of course ;-)
Mother Jones will being doing Donald Trump's laundry when he becomes President.    
To the management of Hot Air, your website comment section is dependent on Facebook.
I refuse to give Facebook tracking capabilities. That would make me a hypocrite. Like your web site, as it is right now. Just my opinion.
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