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【5 Steps for a ready Spring Tour】
Before you head outside for your first ride of spring, spend some time getting your bike ready for the road. These basic bike tips will help ensure a safe, efficient ride all season. Hongjin industrial wish you enjoy the spring bike tour.

Tune-up task #1: Clean your bike.

A clean bike extends the life of all its components, just as a clean car lasts longer.

What to do: Use a basic biodegradable cleaner such as detergent, a towel and an old toothbrush to clean everything: the frame, chain, chain rings, cassette, derailleurs, pedals, brakes, and seat. Make an effort to use as little water as possible. Also, remove the seat post (the tube connected to your seat that slides into the frame) and after cleaning it, and add a small amount of bicycle grease before reattaching it. This grease will last longer than oil, which dries out faster, and will also act as a barrier against rust in the seat tube.

Tune-up task #2: Inspect your brake system.

Brakes are a vital component of all bikes because they provide control over the speed you travel. Controlling speed reduces the likelihood of being in an accident. Brakes also permit the cyclist to maneuver while turning, riding up and down hills and avoiding debris or other obstacles.

What to do: First, check the brake pads, the rectangular rubberized component that actually rubs against the metal tire rim. Just like the brakes in your car, bicycle brakes wear down over time and need to be replaced. Use a flashlight to assess if the pads are wearing evenly.

Tune-up task #3: Watch your wheels.

Wheels or rims hold your tires in place and provide stability and smoothness while riding. Your bike would not move without rims because they allow consistent contact between the tires and road surface.

What to do: Clean the wheels with rubbing alcohol and a clean, dry cloth. Inspect the rims for nicks, scrapes, dents or other damage. Next, elevate one end of the bike and spin the wheel. The wheel should move smoothly, without wobbling. Repeat for the other wheel.

Tune-up task #4: Inspect the drivetrain.

A bike’s drivetrain includes the pedals, chain, chainring, derailleur (the device that moves the chain to make riding easier or harder) and rear wheel cassette (all the little teeth in the center of the rear wheel).

What to do: You will need a partner or bike stand to assist with this part of the tune-up. Raise the rear wheel and spin as you did when checking the wheels (task #3 above). This time, shift through all the gears. Shifting should be smooth and easy to perform. Inspect the chain, chainrings, derailleur and cassette for damage (excessive wear, missing teeth, dents, scrapes, etc.). Note that small chainrings wear out sooner than large chainrings and that chains are the most frequently replaced component of the drivetrain.

Tune-up task #5: Add lubricant.

Oil lubricant coats the chain and other components of the drivetrain, helping them last longer and work more efficiently. Lube also reduces accumulation of dirt and grime, which helps increase performance of the moving parts.

What to do: Apply lubricant evenly to the chain while slowly rotating the pedals in a counterclockwise direction. Also, remember to lube moving parts on the derailleur, the pivot point on the brake levers and any exposed cable wire. Remember to wipe off any excess oil with a clean, dry rag, especially on the chain.

Now that your springtime tune-up is finished, you're almost ready to ride.
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【How to Choose new garden furniture to ready for spring】—— Hongjin Industrial
Nothing is more comfortable than that you lie on the garden furniture sets, along with hundreds of flowers in full bloom. People tend to enjoy such beauties, while it is still a big problem for most people to choose the best outdoor furniture. I guess no one is willing to sit on terrified furniture outsides, which greatly damages our good mood in the coming spring.

Catch up this spring, Hongjin Industrial gathers several tips for your coming spring.

1. Know your wood types

Wood furniture falls into three categories: solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood.

Solid wood furniture is typically more expensive than other types and looks great, but can be susceptible to scratches and water rings. Veneers have an inexpensive wood base covered by several thin layers of better-quality wood. Because of the cheaper core, veneers aren’t as expensive as solid wood pieces. Particle board and composite wood pieces are made from a combination of wood pulp, plastics, and resin, basically the scraps of the furniture world. These are the cheapest type of wood furniture and can look decent, but won’t hold up for decades.

2. Check drawers and cabinets

Open the drawers and cabinets. Make sure the drawer pulls all the way out, latches properly, and then shuts evenly. Make sure doors open, remain in an open position (instead of snapping closed while you’re trying to get something out of the cabinet), and shut again. Check the handles and knobs. They should fit tightly and not jiggle or turn.

3. Avoid nails and glue

Look for wood joined at ends and corners, not glued or nailed in. Known in the manufacturing world as wood joinery, these pieces are studier and can take more weight.

4. Consider your lifestyle

Let your lifestyle determine what colors and fabrics you choose. For example, if you have a large, hyper dog constantly climbing on the furniture. If you brought home a white suede couch, it would be torn apart and stained in minutes. If you have kids or pets, stick with dark colors and stain-resistant tough fabrics like linen or tweed.

5. Inspect the legs

The legs should be heavy, wood, and jointed to the frame of the sofa or chair, not nailed. Plastic, rubber, or metal legs don’t look as nice, can tear up your floors, and won’t hold up as well. Same goes for nailed-in wood legs. If you’re spending more than $1,000 on a sofa, look for one with a fifth leg in the middle. They provide extra support – you won’t find them on many cheaper sofas.

6. Check the springs

If you like firm sofas, look for one with traditional coiled springs. If you want a softer feel, go with zigzag coils. Before you buy, take off the cushions and press down on the base of the sofa. The coils should push down and spring back into place immediately.

7. Test the cushions

Look for firm cushions with a removable cover matching on both sides. Firm cushions hold up better over time. Fully covered cushions cost a bit more than ones with the pattern on one side and a plain white or tan backing, but they’ll last longer and wear evenly if you can flip them over every few months. Find removable covers that are easily washable.

Get all these tips; now freely choose outdoor furniture on our website. You can also get full of money saving tips and advice about furniture in Hongjin Industrial.
Get more outdoor furniture information click Hongjin Industrial here:
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【Smart bedroom decorating ideas】——Hongjin Industrial
Bedroom is place where you want to relax and for making it peaceful its interior must match your requirement.

1. Choosing the best furniture and furnishing is the most important thing. Curtains, carpets, bed sheets and other furnishing related items should be of high quality material. Apart from the material the look, design and the color should be pleasing to the eyes and blend with the room environment.

2. Choosing the best color for the bedroom walls decides the overall look of the room. Colors in pastel color category are considered as one of the best and trendiest choices nowadays. Choosing mild colors is also a good choice for a master bedroom if one desires to set up a romantic atmosphere.

3. If you ought to design a teen bedroom then it varies as both girls and boys have different taste and styles. Girls like girlish designs like, walls with bright color while as boys prefer funky looks.

4. Give a personal feel to your bedroom; decorate it with what you like. Decorate it with items you share a personal feeling with like a family photo, things that bring back memories. You should always consider what you like to decorate it with and what you don’t.

5. Wall decorations are also a part of designing features nowadays. You can choose from many wall decorations that suit your room and give it an elegant look.

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【Tools & Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Easy!】——China Supplier Hongjin Industrial
Whenever the snow starts to melt, I'm always excited to tackle some organizing projects and a little spring cleaning. But it can be overwhelming. Start by finding a great list of places to focus on, and choose what is most important for you to get organized (and clean) this year. You'll definitely feel satisfied as you make your way through that list and get some extra projects done! Here are some ideas to help you.

Dust Your Home

If you don't have a set of microfiber cloths yet, then you don't know what you're missing out on. I love them, especially Hongjin Multipurpose Square Microfiber Cleaning Cloth! They make it so easy to pick up the dust, and clean surfaces without it just getting spread around. They're also great for cleaning your car, too!

Clean the Blinds

Your blinds in your home are something you don't often think about. Getting a tool to help you clean them quickly and easily makes it seem much less overwhelming! I love these blind tools because they have microfiber cloths on them already for you to use

Wash the Windows

Another important part of spring cleaning is window washing. A window washing tool is a great thing to have on hand for making it an easier job. Especially if you have lots of small windows. For larger windows, you can use microfiber glass cleaning cloths.

Clean the Grout

Don't forget about cleaning the grout in your bathrooms and even in between the tiles in your kitchen floor! Get a good scrubber tool-Hongjin 4'' Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning Tools Scraper, or have a steam cleaner to clean those tough places that scrubbing just won't clean.

Put Together a Spring Cleaning Bucket

One thing that helps me is to put all my tools I use for spring cleaning together in a Hongjin Household Cleaning Tools Plastic Mop Bucket with Wringer. Include things like rags, gloves, and your spray bottles, so when it's time to get to work, everything is in one place.

Organize Everything!

Spring cleaning wouldn't work without a little organizing too. Use this time to clean out kids' clothes, organize a linen closet, or spend extra time devoted to space you've your garage! Invest in some organizing bins to help you get on top of the clutter and help your home feel more organized.

More From Hongjin Industrial

Nothing makes your day better than a beautiful, inviting home. Visit Hongjin Industrial for more cleaning tools here:
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【How to Purchase the Right Type of Screwdriver?】— Hongjin Industrial
Most people will tell you screwdrivers come in two different types: straight blades and Phillip’s head. The truth is, there’s much more to keep in mind when buying a quality screwdriver, including grip, tips, and other considerations, such as functionality.

Screwdriver Quality

Quality screwdrivers feature alloy-steel shanks, grit-blasted tips, nickel-chrome finishes, and sturdy plastic handles. For those who have used a screwdriver that came away from a job with a twisted flat head or damaged tip because of a stubborn screw, then they know the advantage of a quality product. Don’t settle for less than alloy-steel shanks-anything else can potentially be a waste of money. Pay more for a top quality screwdriver and it will last a lifetime with proper use.

Screwdriver Grip

Another important consideration in buying a screwdriver is grip configuration. Screwdriver grip type is a matter of personal preference; however, the screwdriver should not hurt the user’s hand under extreme exertion. Common screwdriver grip styles have recessed slots around the handle, rubber padded grips, rounded handles with grip inserts, and contoured four-sided handles.

Screwdriver Tips - Straight-edged, Philips & More

Common screwdrivers feature more that the two conventional tips. A straight, also referred to as a slotted tip, screwdriver has a straight, tapered tip that fits a slot on a matching screw top. Phillips screwdrivers, named after inventor Henry F. Phillips, have a pointed cross-head tip that matches a self-centering, cross-head screw top. Other screwdriver tips include the hex head, square head, and Torx head models, each with unique applications.

Additional Screwdriver Considerations

In addition to the information above, functionality is also good to keep in mind, and there are two specific types of screwdrivers that come to mind: a nut driver and a multi-tip screwdriver. A hand tool called a nut driver looks very similar to a screwdriver. But, instead of a head designed to twist a screw, a small socket is affixed to the end of the shaft and the tool is used to drive small nuts or bolts in the same manner as tightening or loosening a screw. Additionally, multi-tip screwdrivers are available, allowing convenient tip changes for different applications. Multi-tip screwdrivers come with simple or extensive collections of driver bits. Some multi-tips have the interchangeable tips stored in or attached to the handle of the screwdriver. Other multi-tip screwdrivers come as part of a kit with numerous bit options available.

Hongjin industrial has professional experts to help you find the best screwdrivers. 
Get more information click Hongjin Web here:
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【How to Cleaning Hot Equipment — Teflon bristle】—— Hongjin Industrial
Choose the best brush for your specific application. To prevent bacteria growth, synthetic materials are the best choice with high quality natural materials a good alternate.


Excellent abrasion resistance, shear/break strength, and bristle bend recovery. Very good chemical resistance and sustains temperatures up to 350°F. Best choice for abrasive, rough use.

Tynex© A Nylon

DuPont filament with silicon carbide in each bristle is designed for use in general light scrubbing to heavy-duty scrubbing and stripping. Tynex© A Nylon cleans floors faster and reaches into grout lines for thorough cleaning.


Excellent chemical resistance, ultra violet light resistance, and bristle bend recovery. Very good abrasion resistance, and tear/break strength. Sustains temperatures up to 350˚F. Best choice for all around use and for extreme exposure to cleaning chemicals.

Flagged Polystyrene

A specially treated type of Polystyrene that has excellent bristle bend recovery and tear/break strength. Very good chemical resistance and fine bristle tip design resists matting for use up to 180˚F. Best choice for floor sweeps and brooms.


Has excellent bristle bend recovery and tear/break strength. Very good chemical resistance for general use up to 180˚F. Best choice for floor sweeps and brooms.

Teflon© Fryer Brush & Clean Out Rod

Excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and shear/break strength. Very good chemical resistance and bristle bend recovery. Sustains temperatures up to 300°F. Best choice for high heat uses.

From cleaning equipment to basting meats, different types of kitchen brush play a role in many everyday kitchen tasks. Utilize a fryer brush and clean out rod in your routine cleaning process to remove buildup from the frypot and element, protecting your fryer and your product. Food service professional, fryer cleaning’s best friend, that is Teflon bristle.

If you are happened to find the unique brush for your fryer cleaning, than here we are.
Teflon bristle detail click Hongjin Industrial web:
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【Road bike trends 2016: Conservatism is a thing of the past】——Hongjin Industrial
Anyone looking at the latest road bike innovations will quickly see that the words racing bikes and conservatism should no longer be used in the same sentence.

The road bike industry has always been innovative and creative. However, until recently new product developments were primarily concerned with saving weight without compromising on rigidity. The bike road bike industry has now reached a point where it’s hard to see further significant weight gains being made. Road bikes that weigh around, or even under six kilograms without any sacrifices on stiffness or functionality are no longer a rarity.

Hitting the bottom of the weight saving scale now means that there is more room for new and different types of road bike innovations. 2016 is going to be a particularly exciting year for the road bike industry. Innovation frequency has increased significantly in the road bike segment. It started a few years ago with the introduction of electronic gear shifting systems, which made big waves in the road bike scene. This was followed by a large number of innovations.

2016 is going to see more new technological innovations than we have witnessed for many years. The most obvious development is disc brakes, which many market observers feel believe could supersede standard rim brakes in a few years.

One reason for this is the advances in lightweight road bike design. Now that many pro riders, and road cycling enthusiasts in general, are opting for carbon rims, caliper brakes are reaching their limit. Wet conditions in particular cause problems due to the smooth surface of carbon rims – reliable braking performance with rim brakes is virtually impossible. Whereas disc brakes, on the other hand, perform well in the wet. In addition road bikes with disc brakes are no longer much heavier than comparable models with rim brakes.

Road bikes to get larger volume tyres

28 mm is not going to be the new standard for road bikes – the coming year will continue to see most models with (already slightly wider) 25-mm tyres. However, larger-volume tyres are steadily gaining traction and many future road bike frames and forks will have clearance for 28-mm tyres. Why? Because road cyclists are no longer opposed to comfort. The difference in rolling resistance between skinny and wide road bike tyres is hardly worth mentioning, and yet wider tyres are significantly more comfortable. Especially because the new wider top-of-the range tubeless road tyres allow these benefits to achieve their full potential.

Fans of wider tyres, will also appreciate innovations for 2016 in the new road bike segment known as gravel bikes. The trend arrived from the US, where many cyclists are racing on gravel tracks as a traffic-free alternative to riding on highways. At first sight, these bikes look like standard road bikes. A closer look reveals many details carried over from mountain bikes.
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【What to consider when choosing PPE?】 —— Hongjin Industrial
Companies should make a lot of considerations when choosing PPE for their employees. PPE comes in many forms and shapes for different uses hence; the considerations vary from one PPE to the other. However, the most important thing is to check if the PPE meets standards acceptable by the law.

The most vital points of assessment before choosing and purchasing PPE is to consider, who is exposed and to what? How long are they exposed for? How much are they exposed to? These questions would significantly help in choosing the correct PPE for each job to be performed.

Some guidelines that can help when selecting PPE include:

· Choose products which are marked in accordance with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations.

· Choose equipment that suits the user – consider the size, fit and weight of the PPE. When employees have a chance to participate in the selection, it is more likely they will use it.

· If more than one item of PPE is worn at the same time, make sure they can be used simultaneously. For example, wearing safety glasses may disturb the seal of a respirator which may result in air-leaks.

· Instruct and train people about how to use PPE e.g. consider offering training to employees about for example, how to remove gloves without contaminating their skin.

Poorly fitting eye and face protection will not offer the necessary protection. Fitting of goggles and safety spectacles should be done by someone skilled in the procedure. Prescribed safety spectacles should be fitted only by qualified optical personnel. Devices with adjustable features should be fitted on an individual basis to provide a comfortable fit that maintains the device’s proper position. Eye protection from dust and chemical splash should form a protective seal when fitted properly. Make sure the eye protection chosen has the right combination of impact/dust/splash/molten metal eye protection for the task and fits the user properly.

Welding helmets and face shields must be properly fitted to ensure that they do not fall off during work operations. Some safety helmets are fitted with specially-designed eye or hearing protection. Check if they fitted properly before purchasing. Don’t forget neck protection like scarves for use during welding.

Purchase the right hearing protectors for the right type of work and make sure workers know how to wear or use them. Choose protectors that reduce noise to an acceptable level, while allowing for safety and communication. First assess the nature of job so you know what to purchase.

Hongjin Industrial can offer a full range of ready gloves including, Rigger, Gripper, PVC Work gloves and many Gauntlets. Most importantly we have the experience and the knowledge to create your own exclusive range as we have for so many market leaders. We can offer a full service from brief, design and sampling, through to Production QA and delivery. In addition to our extensive range of hand protection, we are also experiences in the supply of work ware to companies, business and the individual.

Check with Hongjin Industrial on what PPE is appropriate, explain the job to us, you will find the most appropriate PPE for you.
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【Cleaning and Janitorial Solution】—— Hongjin Industrial
#cleaning #solutions
Having the right supplies and equipment makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning, in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency. Use this list to stock up, and then create cleaning kits to place around your area for easy access.

Must-Have Cleaning Solutions
Some cleaners suit multiple surfaces in your home, hotel, restaurant and etc., while others work for just one. Purchase the following:

All-purpose cleaner — This type of cleaner works on most countertops, sinks and stovetops. If you have granite or marble countertops, purchase a product made specifically for those materials to avoid doing damage over time. The same rule applies to a glass stovetop, which requires a special glass polish.

Glass cleaner — Opt for a streak-free formula to clean your mirrors, windows and other glass with less effort.

Tile and grout cleaner — An acid-based, scrub-free solution works best on bathtub and shower tile, as well as toilets. You will want something mild for your tile floors, though, as acid can eat away at the tile itself and grout. Most tile manufacturers recommend regular removal of loose dust and dirt through damp mopping, with use of a neutral-pH cleaner only when necessary, such as to clean up spills, etc.

Wood cleaner — When cleaning wood furniture, opt for a polish made for the type of finish on your wood. Floors with a polyurethane seal need only a solution of warm water and a mild dishwashing soap to come clean after sweeping or dry mopping. In general, though, you will want to use as little water as possible when cleaning wood.

Must-Have Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools also vary by surface, with some being too abrasive for certain uses. Choose the following from Hongjin Industrial:

Microfiber cloth — Microfibers are mostly made of polyester, and, unlike cotton, they leave no lint behind. They are usually knitted and very soft, making them generally safe for use on relatively soft surfaces such as paint or wood. Make sure the cloths haven’t latched onto a small piece of grit that could cause a scratch.

Extendible duster — No matter your height, you will be able to reach the tops of the ceiling fans in your home with one of these handy cleaning tools.

Scrubby sponges — The sponge side works well for most cleanups, while the scrubby side helps you tackle tougher jobs. These work in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Toilet brush — Having a brush that cleans your toilet, and only your toilet, helps curb the spread of germs to other surfaces.

Bucket — Using a bucket, as opposed to filling a sink with cleaning, makes it much easier to tackle floors.

Microfiber mop — This tool works for many types of hard surface flooring.

Floor Scraper — These narrow brushes help you free grout lines of debris, resulting in longer-lasting grout.

Rubber gloves—Protect your hands while cleaning, especially when using acid-based cleaners or if you suffer from skin sensitivity.

Other specialty cleaning products and tools you might need:


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Merry Christmas
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