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Duane King
Brutally Honest Serial Entrepreneur and Professional Skeptic
Brutally Honest Serial Entrepreneur and Professional Skeptic

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Hamingjusamur Nýtt Ár

I'm wondering when Mozilla will grow some balls and enable "don't track me bro" by default for third party domains.  Its a technically simple problem that is easily solved in a few hours at most, yet oddly they seem to be waiting; I cant help but wondering if they are being being bribed not to.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my life, and its current state is not consistent with the one I want to live.  I just have too must stuff that I'm starting to be a hindered by the ownership of in different ways, and its getting to the point were I honestly just want the space back so I have more room to find/re-arrange  myself.

So for the second time in my life, I have decided to start selling my stuff.. or at least the things I do not see as bringing me or my wife value or joy.

If you have any ideas on how I can best do this, feel free to chime up.  I'm interested in what people think.

Its not fun when a deal doesn't happen, but most of them don't and that is life.  Don't waste time thinking about failed deals, or you will never be able to think about the one that you are working on.

The updates in Java 8 make me slightly more interested in re-learning it.  Problem is, that would take away from my Python time.

I still can not get over how much work and time I save using Ruby's active-record workflow.  And the fact that other languages like php, etc are allowing it is just better.  I just saved myself at least a weeks worth of work; Now if only I could do the same for the creation of the initial DB objects.  That is one thing about Python/Django' ORM I really enjoy.

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This is going to piss of so many different entrenched ISP's.. I love it.

I'm now open to working at the right start-up.

Looking for cool people in the Seattle-Tacoma metro area  to program something fun with.  Let me know if you are interested.

Jr Level Managers only Maintain, but real Leaders promote positive change and growth daily.
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