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London, 2014
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Thank you for your great and useful website.
Thank you for the wonderful site which have a great information for all learners.
Thanks for your effort. Your tutorials are very easy to understand and i will inform everyone who interested in programming to study your Website.
M Musa
Your site has been an invaluable resource to me
M Musa
Thats great
Thanks for the feedback, Teresa. Much appreciated. Happy New Year for you and yours!
Your site is wenderful ithink it is better if you add c++ and c# and also video tutorial any way ur site ope my eyes in programing thank u 
Hi Dude.  I am learning java from your site homeandlearn.. I must admit that tutorials are very friendly , starting from very basics. This is of a kind i'd been searching for about 3 months. I already knew a bit of java but wanted to start from basics once again with the help of netbeans. Your site proves to be boon for this. But as i was learning , i found some errors. They are very small errors. But i really do appreciate your website so ,instinctively , i want to make it better in any possible ways. As i am still learning, i will provide you errors with time, if there are  anymore. One was when you discuss getting started with java. Under section how things work in java 4th line written that after javac has finished compiling the Java Byte Code ..... . . . . . .I think it must be " after javac has finished compiling the source code......."

In "running your java programmes" section last line of second para and output shown after running the file has problems. In line it should not be "Run Main Programme" rather it should be  "Run Main project". Output Error(Picture) : It's second line is My First Project. It appears that you already have written System.out.println("My First Project") which you mentioned in next section. Therefore picture must be replaced with correct picture. You can leave comment. I just hope to make your website better than the best.  Immediate action will be appreciated. Thank You. 

Your Friend
Rohit Hill
Many thanks for the feedback, Rohit -  very much appreciated! I'll look into the errors you pointed out when I get the chance.
Thank you very much. I tried your Java tutorial. As i am beginner to learn java, this well organised tutorials help me so much.
I appreciated your work very much.
Hello. First of all, thank you for your amazing tutorials. I'm building a project for school in java, and I used tutorial that explains connection to java database. All is well, but tutorial works only in localhost mode. I need my database portable (by using embedded driver). I'm new to programming, so I have no idea how to change my code so it connects to database without netbeans. It's such a shame, since GUI I made using this tutorials does exactly what I need... If anyone knows how to solve this, I would appriciate it very much...
(Older versions of Netbeans allows me to generate GUI based on database, and it works very well as portable app, problem is that is almost impossible to change that GUI, code is way to complex for me to keep up...)
sir, i want to really thank you for the great impact which you have demonstrated through your online tutorials which i am one of the beneficiaries.
i have also created a standard web site based on HTML5 without javascript on it.but i believe JavaScript  will be the next tutorial i will start every soon.
sir, i  am having a little challenge with php and html script which i created a database with only field names as first and last, database called brighton, table called infor in wamp5 server.so when  i insert the values through the php script it will also be inserted in the table but when i try to insert it in the HTML web page form i created it will only add blank record in the table without inserting what i wrote in the text box.
here is the code for the two
i am using NOTEPAD++

$password ="bright";
$last =$_post['last'];

$con =mysql_connect("localhost","chibuike","bright");

die('could not connect:'.mysql_error());


$query ="INSERT INTO info( first, last) VALUES('$first','$last')";

mysql_query ($query);

echo "<script type ="text/javascript'>\n";
echo "alert ('you are successfully registered');\n";
echo "</script>";


<h1>my first webpage <h1>
<FORM NAME="form1" METHOD ="POST" action ="insert.php">
firstname:<input type ="text" name ="first"><br>
lastname:<input type ="text" name ="last"><br>
<input type ="submit">
the exact please is the line that reads 
$query ="INSERT INTO info( first, last) VALUES('$first','$last')";
so when i use the name i wanted to be in the database field record as VALUE('John,'Frank')";
it will drop successfully but when i use
 of VALUES('$first','$last')"; it will create an empty record at the table even when i must have typed the names in the HTML WEB PAGE FORM.
"Java for beginners" tutorial, "The Structure of Java Code" has a code left when comments removed:  package javaapplication2;

public class JavaApplication2 {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
it gives an error since last curly bracket is also removed and code is open.

God, i HATE errors,  red herrings and etc in tutorials! they make  simple things looking so hard, because you must find  bugs or google  itself
Thanks so much for posting all of these tutorials! They've helped me out greatly in learning Java. However, in regards to Java, I was wondering if it would be possible to explain the code in your answer for Programming Exercise 10. 
Im not a high school may I can study a computer course? 
rob c
I've been reading some of your tutorials on Java. I just want to say I stand up and applaud you! Very few people understand the difficulty beginners have. Your attention to detail and understanding is excellent. I'm going to use this to teach. Thank you very much!
Very usefull tutorials. But one sugestion: in the Visual C# .NET tutorial, is missing "Finding Records in a DataSet" lesson (by mistake i guess). In the android application is there 
actually i cannot find a words to thank you sir for this great great great efforts, i cannot believe that there is someone could easily explain like you. actually i'm started programming because of you sir.

thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks
Visit Egypt, 
Thanks for your Tutorials, Love them

I've just completed the C# .NET tutorial. Incredibly helpful and informative. Do you have any suggestions for a next step? I'd love to learn more
Hello! I would like to thank you for Java tutorial.I am almost done learning it. The tutorial is incredible and helpful. I was also wondering if you know good websites for C and SQL for beginners. Thanks
Thank you very much for your C# Tutorial!
It was very useful and comprehensive and gave me a good introduction to C#!
Tristan (from Germany)
Just to tell you special thanks to your teaching tutorials .It helped me so much as a beginner .It is so comprehensive from scratch it likes to give birth a baby ,care him till become mature.Thank you God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen
sir i am visited your website , i really love it very much .all course are in sequence mannar but sir need ebook or book .plz give any idea about how to buy your book and other mterial. thanks alot plz reply me.
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