Sorry I haven't posted for a while - I get really lazy with social networking sites!
Currently working on updating the VB NET and C# NET courses for the Visual Studio Express 2012 versions. They won't be on the site for a month or so, though. The next full course will, hopefully, be one with Windows 8 phones and tablets in mind. So you'll be able to write your own apps for the Windows store. I thought about doing a course for iPhones/iPads, but to be honest Objective-C is not a language I know well. I know you can write apps for Android/iPhone using Javascript/HTML5/CSS with the excellent Titanium, and that would be my preferred way of doing things, so maybe next year!
Just want to reply to those who don't like the fact the some of the code is actually images on the site, so you can't copy and paste. I appreciated how frustrating this can be but, honestly, you'll learn more typing it all out for yourself. You can copy and paste from the eBook versions of the course, however. Even so, I still recommend typing it all out for yourself.
Thanks to everyone who has left a comment, and for all your support of the site - really appreciated it!

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