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Added an Excel VBA course (Macro programming). Suitable for beginners to programming, but you do need some Excel spreadsheet skills before starting. The course is here:
Excel VBA Programming. Home · Getting Started · 8 part section >> · VBA Programming Variables · 6 Part Section >> · Conditional Logic · 9 part section >> · Strings and String Functions · 8 Part Section >> · Programming Loops · 4 Part Section >> · Programming Arrays · 4 Part Section >> ...
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u really hav a awsm site with proper & accurate reasons !! Keep It Up !!
I started my path to PHP and Java from your website some 3 years ago. It was the perfect head start I needed. Thanks, a lot!
awesome tutorial. thx to keep it still free.
Hi, I have just come across your great site.  I want to do the web design course in html, but the link to download the materials doesn't appear to be working? Can you help? Thanks Steph
Just tested the link, Steph - seems to be working OK. Which page on the site wasn't working for you?
Dear Sir,

With no prior programming experience, I've just completed the "Java for beginners" course and did all 10 exercises without any difficulty. Thanks indeed for the course, I have found it very useful, easy-to-follow and fun. Could you give advice on how to proceed with my Java? I would like to reach professional/advanced level as quickly as possible.

Greetings from Hungary,
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