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Another post - twice in one year! I must be on a roll!

I've been adding updating courses these last few months. Excel and Word courses are now updated to 2013 versions. Both the NET courses (VB and C#) are now up-to-date. Lots of my time has actually been spent on somebody else's site (my brother's). Seriously, never tell your friends and relatives you can programme!

Lots of request for ASP NET. To be honest, I don't have a great deal of love for ASP. I am playing around with it, though. I have Microsoft's Web Matrix here and do like how easy Master Pages make updating your site. One of these days I may even get around to actually writing a course.

I'm also playing around with Excel VBA, and am writing some beginners stuff.

The big news is that I've scraped the Home and Learn exam site. (That's the smaller site and definitely NOT the main one.) It wasn't getting that many visitors, but was taking up a lot of time. There was no money in it so I decided to wield the axe. Many apologies to those of you were actually enjoying taking the course questions. Hopefully, I can integrate the questions into the main site. I've made a start on this - in ASP NET!
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I am a tutor in Glasgow, Scotland and am wondering if it would be alright to reproduce your Java course to use with my classes, mostly made up of teenagers, next year.  If this is okay, I would, of course, keep all of your copyright symbols on the handouts.

Many Thanks,

Michael Griffiths
I am vithunan from Sri Lanka, i have been learning C#.NET and JAVA. your site has been really helpful for my studies. thank you 
Are you going to write any new book proximately? I'm looking for an Android course!!
I've just bought your pdf right now. I can't find the project what I want. I can't remember what keywords I used. I seriously want to get your project so that I can make exercise.
please provide J2SE and J2EE in expand form .....these are most usable and puzzling language and a big platform for any ambitious programmer .....lot of thanks for your valuable efforts@
Please sir, am one of your student on, my name is adeniji samuel kehinde.........i wrote your exam on webdesign and i got please i need an ebook on php..........come on the site to read is a little difficult for me sir....because am working
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sir i am  getting this message while connecting my java form with data base how could i rectify iy
sir , can u make a pdf file of all your tutorials mean 1 pdf contain complete tutorials of C# and the other one contain complete tutorials of excel etc will help a lot.Thank you
Tnx,your website is indeed a platform to learn and u are the best,may God reward u abundantly.
Hello sir want to get in touch with your lectures .how can I in touch with them 
good day sir, God bless you for the wonderful jobs u have been doing, am one of your student I studied WEB DESIGN, AND NOW I WANT TO STUDY PROGRAMMING PHP OR JAVA, BUT I CANT BE COMING ONLINE, I NEED AN EBOOK ON THAT.     my course director is Mark Kay, I got my certificate on Nov 2012.
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