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Good news if you're in India - I've lowered the price for the VB NET book. It was £5.49, which is about 475 INR. The new price for Indian students is £1.49, or about 130 INR. Hope this helps! (I'll do a similar deal for the C# NET book, if this works out.) The page is here on the site:

I'd be interested to hear from those in other countries where you feel the price of the VB NET PDF is too high. Maybe I can do a similar deal!

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hello Sir ! do you have any books on Java ?
Did you buy an eBook and get the wrong one, Ramesh?
sir yet to buy a book , i like to buy it but with a practical guidance in it please.
are there free ppt 2007-2010 courses in your internet.
please try to add mobile application course also
Is the book going to be available in the same price as of that in the near future for Indians.
Your site is great for Learners. I being a computer applications student find that your site is too easy and is written in a simple language so that any person can learn it. Hats off to you..................
Please sir, am one of your student on, my name is adeniji samuel kehinde.........i wrote your exam on webdesign and i got please i need an ebook on php..........come on the site to read is a little difficult for me sir....because am working
Z. Awan
What 'bout Pakistan? The price's even higher here than in India, yet a lot of people want your books!
pls i want java and php do i get it am in Ghana Africa
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