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#Hoboh is #TheEasyWayToTravel 📩Contact us on to write on our blog !
#Hoboh is #TheEasyWayToTravel 📩Contact us on to write on our blog !

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New #HobohBlog online: #Philippines
"And for all of you lone wolfs, rent a bike, you are in paradise and life is full of adventures! But don’t forget to be respectful, don’t take photos with exotic animals, don’t litter and be a good example for other travel buddies!"
🌎 Traveler : Lisa Sihlberg from Sweden

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new #HobohBlog online : #Algarve

"We decided to rent a camper-van and this turned out for the best because it allowed us to explore southern #Portugal on our terms and in great depth. Our first stop was Praia de Benagil. "

by our traveler Alvin Pastore from Italy

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new #HobohBlog online! #London
"I guess every fan of the Harry Potter series will go straight to Platform 9 3/4. However, let’s not forget there are more places where magic Harry wandered around, and one of them is Leadenhall Market "
by Zofia Krepsztul from Poland

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new #HobohBlog online : #Venice!
"Something that I really like of being a tourist is to lose myself and explore on my own every corner of the place that I am visiting, without having a specific destination, just walking, getting aware of what I can observe along the way and surprising myself with each new detail I find. Clearly, Venice is the perfect place for that."
by our traveler Brisa Battaglino from Argentina

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new #HobohBlog online! #Lyon
"Lyon, along with Berlin, is the capital of the painted walls of Europe and one of the five largest cities in the world of wall paintings. About a hundred paintings decorate the walls of Lyon, including in working-class neighborhoods." by our traveler Daria Denisova from Russia

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new #HobohBlog online : #Jordan
"We decided Madaba would be a good place to stay as we had a late evening arrival and the well regarded Mariam Hotel offered airport pick up. The hotel offers a range of tours at quite competitive price but if you are a solo traveller beware that the opportunity to join with others and share costs is limited due to the huge downturn in visitor numbers to Jordan currently. by our traveler Lizzie Powell from England

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new #HobohBlog online : #NewYork
"Most people think that #NewYork is just #Manhattan. #Brooklyn is now where I live so I’ll tell you the things I love the most from this my new home." by our traveler Sara Fernández Valladares from Spain

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New #HobohBlog online : #GrandCanyonWest
"In this point we can also see a relative new attraction of the Grand Canyon: the “Skywalk”, a glass walkway above the precipice of the canyon. It’s open for a couple more dollars." by our traveler Mariana Menezes from Brazil

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new #HobohBlog online : #Curaçao
"Jan Thiel Beach is very popular, so it took al while before we found an parking spot and got some chairs. The beach had beautifully white sand and the ocean was a very pretty color blue. It was magical. We also snorkeled by a reef there. It was really nice." by our traveler Evi Weterings from Netherlands

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new #HobohBlog online : #Patagonia
" With our sights set on the epic park of Torres del Paine Patagonia Chilena , myself and my bearded pal, Connor, blindly travelled towards the peaks that have summoned so many before us. What follows is a brief #guide for our short and unprepared #journey among the sky-scrapers of #Patagonia." by our traveler Jonas Gillespie from Canada ️
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