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Microsoft has announced it will be closing down new registrations for it's free. (Email)

You can post instruction install  email server with domains? ex: postfix,dovecot....

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I often see one small problem.

If I centminmod default install with php 5.3.x. (after run # 1) then I installed phpmyadmin not faulty when in phpmyadmin.

But if I set the default with php 5.3.x centminmod done. And on the menu centminmod upgrade php version to 5.4.x. Then install phpmyadmin. It always fails when in phpmyadmin.

I fix this by installing centminmod before editing the file and changes in PHP versions before.

I have tried many times with CentOS 6.4 VPS digitalocean 6.5 64bit. And so every time. I'm still not clear in my error, or a php version changes have affected how the install phpmyadmin.

I hope the next version will fix it.

linfo System error.
I cann't install or update addon linfo.

How to remove default site for ip server.
when access to my ip server. Default site not welcome nginx, it be first domain add vhost.

How to recover default site for nginx when access IP.

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Help me. I was installed phpmyadmin. When i access:
How to chmod folder php/session? how to fix?

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