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One of Asia's premier cultural events happening in Hong Kong
One of Asia's premier cultural events happening in Hong Kong

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Our deep sorrow over the passing of Dr Lam Kar-sing, great master of 20th Century Cantonese opera and Honorary Artistic Advisor in Wu Song the Tiger Killer (2014 HKAF).
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‪TADA! Our ‪#‎HKAF2016‬ Festival Highlights brochures and new website are published! Browse our first 22 programmes now. 
Stay tuned for our full line-up in October! 
#‎第44屆香港藝術節‬ 的網站已經更新!
‪#‎whatcomesafter‬ ‪#‎FestivalHighlights‬ ‪#‎newprogrammes‬ ‪#‎Opera‬ ‪#‎Music‬ ‪#‎WorldMusic‬ ‪#‎Theatre‬ ‪#‎Dance‬ ‪#‎Circus‬ ‪#‎歌劇‬ ‪#‎音樂‬ ‪#‎戲劇‬ ‪#‎舞蹈‬ ‪#‎雜技

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Get ready for what comes after! 

#areyouready #whatcomesafter #HKAF2016

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Mark your calendars! Our #FestivalHighlights will be available at URBTIX outlets starting next Tuesday (28/7)! Get your copy and read about what new, exciting programmes will be coming to #2016HKAF next year!
經過一輪籌備,我們快將公佈更多節目預告,預載 #第44屆香港藝術節 部份節目的書册及網站 ─ 下 星 期 即 將 面 世!

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As ballet superstar Sylvie Guillem prepares new work to take on her final tour before her retirement at the end of the year, let’s take a look at her latest interview and her career-defining performances over the past 30 years. 一代舞壇芭蕾巨星 Sylvie Guillem 今年年底正式告別三十多年的舞蹈事業。Guillem 曾參與2007年香港藝術節,與 Akram Khan 演出《聖獸舞姬》。現分享這篇 Guillem 個人專訪,載有她的舞蹈生涯回顧及告別巡迴籌備工作。
Guillem performed Sacred Monster with Akram Khan at the HKAF in 2007.

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The word ‘unfriend’ – a modern day vocab stemming from Facebook? Wrong! Turns out Shakespeare already invented this word 400 years ago in his play, King Lear. Quite a visionary, isn’t he? Tune in for more as we mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death next year!
#HKAF2016   #shakespeare  

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在找您呀!香港藝術節現正為2016年的〈新銳舞台系列〉新製作招募演員 ( 詳情及報名表格: )!

== 內容 ==
導演/編劇:鄧智堅 // 編劇:陳冠而 // 主要演員:朱栢謙
演出日期 : 2016 年 2 月至 3 月

== 對象 ==
男/女演員,年約 19 至 26 歲,具至少兩年舞台演出經驗,操流利廣東話。

請於 2015年6月12日(五) 截止前報名及share 給愛演戲的朋友!
#HKAF2016 #casting #audition

== 更多 ==

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【20/3 - 講座 Distinguished Talk】
Meeting Deborah Borda - President and CEO of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

The Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) announced that LA Phil President and CEO Deborah Borda will join the Center as a Hauser Leader-in-Residence. Borda is the first arts executive to hold the post! 
Don't miss the chance to meet Borda in ‪#‎HKAF2015‬, which she will be sharing her stellar career in arts management.
哈佛大學近日宣佈,享譽樂界的洛杉磯愛樂主席兼行政總裁——Deborah Borda 快於年底於該校兼任講師,她更是首位藝術管理人獲邀任Harvard Kennedy School駐校領袖。
如果你對藝術管理有興趣,不用跑到 Harvard,藝術節特別邀請了 Borda 來港分享心得,名額有限,勿失良機!

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