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The Elusive 18th Grand Slam - Roger Federer
Tennis was a new realm of entertainment for me. I had never taken interest in any other game than Cricket. But the year of 2001 and especially, the Federer and Sampras game was the one to which intrigued me and have been following the game since. Sampras an...

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And The Trek Starts
Waiting at the pick up point for more than 40 mins was not helping with the restlessness. But I'm not among the elite group of people who can emote that easily. My restlessness was buried deep down and usually doesn't see the day light. But, in my mind, I w...

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Is cricket really shadowing other sports in India?
I recently read a blog post by someone who believes that other sports in India aren't getting the same recognition and appreciation despite various sports person achieving great heights in their field of sport. I, for one, am fed of these comparisons where ...

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We Are (G)Root !!!!! - English Challenge in Ashes
At the start of this decade, the world of cricket saw some promising new corps making a statement on the international stage. However, one of the most promising and consistent performers over the last few years is none other than Joe Root. Joe Root, like hi...

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Why Pay MRP?
The first thing I should tell about me sharing about the following information is that I'm not paid to do it. I'm just happy to share the information and I hope this information helps explore the benefits too. So, I believe these days you are not counted to...

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Rise of the Challengers - Bangladesh
As the umpire adjudged Mustafizur LBW, it marked an Indian win and also concluded the India vs Bangladesh ODI series. Though, the win was a saving grace for the Indian team, however, it being the high point of the 3 ODI match series wasn't something which f...

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Take a Break - Ooty and Coonoor
It isn't difficult to find eateries in cities where tourists line up all year long. Ooty and Coonoor is one of these places. Though, being the hardcore North India food lover, it isn't easy for me to adjust to the South Indian food and their eating culture....

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Miniclip - The Vicious Circle
One day, you think you have a few hours to kill and doesn't have any thing good to do. Everything around you is pushing you towards boredom and nothing in real life is exiting enough. You, then, decide to take on the virtual world to seek help. You find Min...

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