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Ibrahim Elawadi (Himtox)
Digital Engagement Engineer and Data Advocate
Digital Engagement Engineer and Data Advocate

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وفي هذه الأجواء العصيبة  :D ، يسرني إخباركم أنني فزت بحمد الله وتوفيقه بالمركز الرابع في المسابقة الدولية “أرض وسماء” للتصوير الفلكي 2014.
Glad to announce that I won 4th Place in the International Earth and Sky Photo Contest 2014.
المسابقة هي أحد أكثر مسابقات التصوير الفلكي احتراماً في العالم، ويتم تنظيمها من برنامج دولي اسمه “العالم في المساء” بالتعاون مع المرصد الفلكي الوطني في أمريكا ومبادرة فلكيون بلا حدود. شارك في مسابقة هذا العام أكثر من 1,000 صورة من 55 دولة، وهي المرة الأولى التي تشارك فيها صور من مصر في المسابقة، وهي كذلك المرة الأولى التي يفوز فيها مصور عربي. 
صورتي الفائزة هنا:
وهنا إعلان نتيجة المسابقة:
أنصحكم بزيارتها موقع المسابقة والاستمتاع بمجموعة ساحرة من الصور، والتي لا أعلم صراحةً كيف وضعوا صورتي بينها 
The contest is one of the most respected Astrophotography contests in the world, organised by The World at Night program, National Optical Astronomy Observatory in US and Astronomers Without Borders initiative .
The winning image:
The results page:

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يستحق المتابعة

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جمال العمارة الإسلامية في سقف المسجد الأزرق في اسطنبول..
Beauty of Islamic Architecture in Blue Mosque Ceiling, Istanbul

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Tropical Paradise with Turtles by Vitaliy Sokol

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NASA's Retro Drawings of Human Mars Missions! (1985-1997)
"Commissioned by NASA, these artists' concepts show how the agency once envisioned putting humans on the Red Planet. While some technology in the imagery evolved as NASA scientists learned more about Mars, many of the concepts still hold true in the agency's modern-day mock-ups for a 2030 manned mission!"

Credit: NASA, +Mashable
Artists: Pat Rawlings, Ren Wicks, Mark Dowman,
John Frassanito and Associates

Read original Mashable article at:

+NASA +Johnson Space Center 

#Mars #NASA #Art #Drawings #Human #Missions
NASA's Retro Drawings of Human Mars Missions!
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3 Ideas From Oreo to Infuse Creativity & Fun Into Your Social Media Content

Long after generating worldwide kudos for the Daily Twist campaign and famed real-time marketing “dunk in the dark” sensations, Oreo continues to offer up engaging moments of wonder on their social media channels.

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Mirror Spider : Nicky Bay captured this shimmering spider as it transformed itself from a somewhat rhinestone-studded arachnid into a solid wall of spider mirror. The shiny, reflective patches on this spider’s abdomen may be produced by guanine crystals, which can be a source of structural color in arthropods. Also commonly referred to as a “sequined” spider, the arachnid is a member of the Thwaitesia genus. In a post on his website, Bay described how the shiny patches were initially quite small, perhaps because the spider was agitated. But as it chilled out, the spider's mirrored patches grew and grew, eventually forming a mesh of beautiful silver cells.

Article Link and more pics:

#arachnid #spider #mirror #science #scienceeveryday #biology  
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Facebook Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Successful small businesses have created a variety of best practices to follow that their counterparts can use in their Facebook Marketing campaigns. The following section includes some effective, real-life examples of Facebook Marketing examples. The objective behind sharing these examples is to help small business owners take inspiration from them and come up with their own creative and valuable Facebook Marketing plan. 
+Annetta Powell Online  #facebookmarketing  

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