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Natural, Holistic Beauty & Acne Treatment
Natural, Holistic Beauty & Acne Treatment

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I'm having a holiday sale on ... well everything... get 20% off everything in the High on Health store and 50% off consultations <3

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One of my favorite raw chefs, THE raw chef actually , has released a FREE mini-course on how to make raw chocolate. So cool.

I make raw chocolate all the time (in fact I eat some kind of raw cacao every day), but I still can't compare what I make to naughty convectional chocolate. So I'm looking forward to doing this course and improving on my chocolate making.

I think everyone might be getting homemade raw chocolates from me for christmas, haha. And hey, the course is free!!!!!

You can go here to check it out:

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FRIENDS! Here is my new website, enjoy :) xoxoxoxo

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Acne is a largely misunderstood condition, and hormonal health is still a great mystery even to the top endocrinologists of the world. So no wonder there are still so many of us out there who still get acne.

I’ve been working with helping others to naturally treat their acne for close to seven years, after I healed my own severe acne that came out of nowhere at the age of 27.

After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of this year (my grandmother and aunt are both breast cancer survivors too), I decided to research hormonal health to try to help her and to work on the prevention in myself and my three sisters. That research led me to an opening up of a wealth of new information about acne and hormones. I was so fascinated by this new knowledge that I spent two months dedicated to my research on hormones and acne.

Part of the outcome of that research was the creation of a new website, which I now feel is the most cutting edge and up to date information and treatment advice for healing acne in adult women (women over the age of 17).

And to celebrate the launch of the website, I’m running a free webinar on hormonal acne.

If you are a woman over the age of 17 and you are getting acne, then I encourage you to join the webinar because 95% of the time there is a hormonal link. And that hormonal link is not always “elevated levels of the testosterone hormone androgens”, which many websites will tell you that it is. It can be, and it usually is, a lot more complicated than that. My desire is to educate as many adult women as I can on the topic of their hormonal health in relation to their acne so that they can finally get relief from their skin condition.

Please pass on the information of this webinar to any women you know who are dealing with acne, no matter how mild or severe.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an online talk. All you need to do is turn up and listen. You can also ask questions if you like!

What if I can’t make the time?

That’s okay, I’ll be providing a file that you can watch on YouTube. But you must book in anyway to ensure that you get the email notification of where to find the recording.
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