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Ooo! It's Caption Contest Tuesday!
Your boss just called you in for an emergency meeting, and he doesn't look very happy. Comment with why you think you might be in trouble at work and you could win an Identified iPhone 4 case (US only)! Get creative, and feel free to enter more than once.
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Well, he is smoking in the work place, so he is in violation of the law. Plus, it looks like he is touching himself, so he is bordering on sexual harassment. I'd say, he is the one in trouble. 
He is mad cause I quit, cause I #boycottapple  - and I am laughing at him cause I put a blow up cigar in his cigar box and this is the one
My new facial recognition software identified him as a cauliflower.
"So, I saw you at the Occupy Rally yesterday. Nice pictures on the Google + Events page. Working here is like a labor camp? You're FIRED!"
boss is mad because he heard his daughter was spotted in the broom closet with me over lunch
"No, Boss, I cannot read your mind".
It looks like you have been having trouble with your TPS reports. Did you get the memo?
"I won't say what you were caught doing at work, just look at my right fist and where my left hand is... You're Fired! (and has been banned from this office!)"
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