Sherilynn Macale hung out with 1 person.Robert Bowling
Discussing how to get into the gaming industry with Robert Bowling!
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Did you choose a custom thumbnail for the hangout or did they just change it?
David H
Word is that they changed it.
Sorry on mobile +Sherilynn Macale . Wont be able to participate. However ask for me "do you think mobile.gaming will be a bigger.factor in future brand initiatives for marketing or do you think that gaming for enjoyment/ onthe go (see playstations recent device) will be what will drive mobile.gaming?"
Can someone do me a favor and post the YouTube link for this broadcast in the comments so I can watch it later? I'd do it myself, but I'm on mobile.
Thanks everyone for watching, listening in, and hanging out with us! The broadcast will go live ASAP, along with all of the links to +Robert Bowling's info etc. :)
It was broadcasting live on YouTube as well the instant you hit broadcast. When you ended it, it posted the video, all of it. You need the link to see it until you make it public, though.
+Sherilynn Macale We can see the video right here at g+ as above. But, go to your YT channel, select My Videos, then see this video.. it will say UNLISTED.. select PUBLIC.. Bingo you are done..

Add some tags in the normal way .. maybe some names.. like Robert Balling, Borling Bowling lol ..:)
Sorry I couldn't be more detailed; typing and moving. I'm still at #NAB2012 and on my way to the media lounge.
+Katherine Gramann I think when the video does get replaced with the recorded version it should have something saying it is pre-recorded like what Livestream does.
+Mike Downes Lmao. I've had several more videos up there in the past. I've owned that account forever. I actually have several YouTube channels, in fact. CheriTV, MakeupByCheri, HeyCheri, etc ... But I'm making this video private and moving it to the Identified channel. :3
+Sherilynn Macale I have no clue what you are talking about .. but loving the My Life as Cheri stuff you did.. I was watching the one in the museum with the Giraffes last night ..
Lmfao. Bah. I don't do those anymore. I was just experimenting back when I blogged for myself more regularly. :)
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