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What do you typically wear to job interviews, and why? Do you dress to match certain occasions? Do you have a go-to outfit? And do you have any advice for those who may not know how to dress at all for interviews?
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Care to answer a question for us? -- What do you typically wear to interviews, and why? We'd love to feature your answers in our company blog! Let us know.
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Try to figure out what your immediate boss wears to work, and wear something similar to that. Simply put, you want to look like you'd fit in, whether or not your immediate boss is conducting the interview or not.
Just to throw in my own two cents ... I usually dress pretty formal, but typically, I'll speak with the recruiter, hiring manager, or whoever is on the phone with me inviting me to interview -- and openly ask about what people there typically wear to work, and what the dress code normally is. I'm blunt about what sort of attire to wear to an interview -- employers are usually more than happy to answer this question, in my experience. And besides, it shows a general interest in wanting to impress. Nothing wrong with that.
A suit, always. Better to be over dressed than under. 
I did my first interview today in 5 years and the concept is the same. Dress to impress!
I wore trousers, shirt and tie, formal shoes and a smart jacket (not suit)

My suit sucks and I just feel uncomfortable in it, I have enough to stress about without my suit lol.
Although the job i'm in now I got a call hours before I was due to attend interview and had to come in at short notice wearing my jeans, t-shirt and trainers lol
Toga, everyone is going to remember the guy who wore a toga.
It's really not worth it haha. I just need a whole new suit. Last time I tried it on I just thought "wtf was I thinking"

Well I was thinking "This will do for £99" lol
I've worn a suit to every interview but google, because they said so. I never bought a new one for the occasion unless my old one didn't fit though
Mine was bought solely for my kind of graduation thing, I didn't intend to wear it again lol
Software engineer, and what they said exactly (without being asked) was "Feel free to leave your suit at home - we're business casual here at Google." Since i'm still not really sure what business casual means, I wore a sweater and pants that weren't jeans
rudy s
I always ask, rarely are they taken aback by the question. I usually leave the jacket at home and wear slacks, shirt and a (smart) tie.
(Computer Service Tech) Shirt and tie w/ slacks. I recommend that applicants don't dress down to far even if they say it's OK. You're asking them to hire you and want to make a good impression.
Wow, I don't remember the shoes.. hmm. I probably didn't wear sneakers but I don't really remember. I combed my hair :)
One of my interviewers was in a megadeth t-shirt, so I figured I was ok
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