I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search. -- Too bad I was using the touchpad on my 11" MacBook Air and not a mouse, or I would've DESTROYED these Zerglings!

Whose idea was it to create this game, BTW, Google?
+Satyajeet Salgar? ;P

Nice integration with Google+. Real clever.
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That's a bit on the challenging side with a trackpad. :)
Coming from a big StarCraft fan this was a nifty surprise, the Os even moved like Zerglings haha :D
Definitely one of their better easter eggs. =)
+Abdulla Fadhel +Wes Graham Same! I love that Google appealed to gamers with this new one. Similar to the Star Fox Barrel Roll Easter Egg, yeah? That one went over really well -- I wonder if they noticed the trend/well-received popularity and decided to put in more of those gaming elements?
Google competed in the After Hours Gaming League in SC2, they didn't last long though. Epic won vs. IBM.
I'd say they have more than a couple of SC-players ;)
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