Interviewing +Robert Bowling today at 3PM PST!
Curious about how to get into the gaming industry? Want to hear about what it's like behind the scenes of one of the most lucrative franchises on the planet? Today, I'll be interviewing Robert Bowling, former Creative Strategist for the Call of Duty franchise at 3PM PST for +Identified.

Do you have any questions for him?
Please chime in and let me know now! You'll be able to watch the hangout Live On Air here on Google+, but any questions we can get in advance would be fantastic! :)

Get pumped.
See you there.

Oh, and PS -- If you miss the Live interview, don't worry! I'll be sharing the recording via Identified as well.
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1) How much time goes into motion capture?

2) How many people are in the team that work on creating the detailed maps?
Do you believe expansion dlc would work better for popular franchises like COD /Fifa soccer rather than yearly releases?
Oh and what is your opinion on on-disc dlc?
I would love to be in on that interview. I am especially interested in his tips for getting into design
Don't worry guys -- I'll let you all know where the interview will be posted! Don't forget, I interview at 3PM today. The live interview will be here on Google+ On Air!
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