1. Wall Posts of some sort. Mentioning users via + or @ is all fine and dandy, but being able to leave comments directly on someone's profile or page is sorely missed.
2. Mass Tagging for Photos with Face Recognition. If you're anything like me ... You probably have a MILLION pictures that you need to move over from Facebook. In a situation like this, having to individually tag every photo is incredibly tiring. I'd appreciate the convenience of an updated photo tagging feature.
3: Maybe this is just a personal glitch, but ... I've tagged over a hundred photos of myself already, but they aren't showing up in the "Photos Of You" section in my profile. Where there should be 7 or 8 pages of photos (I know, shuttup, don't say it), you're only able to view 2 total pages. Meaning you're missing out on all of my content! I used the "View Profile As ______" section to double check. Would anyone mind checking my photo section and letting me know if there are only 2 viewable pages in the "Photos Of You" area?
4. A way to refer to people with + or @ by Nickname as well as by Full Name (it looks like we're all using Full Names on here).
5. Color schemes! Teehee~. I want pink. Justsaying.
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for #5 I'm pushing for skins- I like that kind of customization
Same. I dig how simple & clean the UI is, but it's always nice to invite users to customize their own experience. I hope they consider it.
They probably will. Still new, so I bet they'll add more things eventually.
#1 - I hope we never have walls actually. My friends can post some really annoying/embarrassing stuff. So I prefer if that never comes back.

#5 - Normally, I'd agree, but I wouldn't want this to become, poor user colour schemes hurt my eyes.
+Rish Talbert My friends post irritating things too, but like Facebook, you have the ability to limit who is able to see your wall posts. I hope they have this same functionality on Google+!

Also, I agree that some Myspace profiles were annoying to view, but I think there's definitely a way that they can limit what sort of customizing we'd be able to achieve. Color schemes would be a simple change. Blue themed G+, Pink themed G+, etc. Also, the ability to view each profile in your own theme. Or to not view anyone's themes at all. Etc. Essentially, a "SWITCH OFF CUSTOMIZATIONS" feature. Make sense?
I really would like some skins, too! Gives you more options to play with & to make your +page unique, instead of just having the standard layout.
A simple thing I want is being able to move make any picture in a photo album the main picture as well organizing your circles without putting numbers and such in front of them. Btw, have you sent them this feedback yet? I'm sure they'll appreciate it.
+Sam Alegria I agree. Setting default photos for our albums would be awesome! A way to organize the order of our photos in general would be great. Simple Dragging & Dropping would be the most user friendly.
I'm with +Rish Talbert on this; at least for now. You can send a "personal message" by limiting a post that you share if you absolutely need to. Besides, I think the no "wall post" approach encourages meaningful discussion over mindless spamming. Granted, only time will tell.
+Patrick Mathewson True. They're probably trying to be "Twitter" in that respect. With only "Mentions" instead of direct profile posts to prevent spamming, since basically everyone can view our profiles on here.
+Sherilynn Macale The problem that I have with that is that I don't want to bother with hiding parts of myself on G+. The circles ensure that I don't have to because people share stuff with me that only certain people can see and vice versa. With Facebook, you can limit views of wallposts and stuff but it's draining to micromanage certain parts of your life constantly, ya know?

I do like your suggestion for their being an on/off button actually. If that were to be implemented, that would be pretty cool. Or even themes like the ones Gmail has.
You can definitely edit your posts. Also, seriously -- Google+ is the only reason I want an Android phone now.
+Sherilynn Macale LOL, no! It's because circles solves that problem without any fuss that I want it to say that way. Plus, you can have a pseudo-wall if you want by resharing whatever your friends share with you. See? Walls aren't necessary lol.
+Rish Talbert I don't want to have to reshare the BS people send me. That's like tooting my own horn! What about a seperate tab on our profile for allowing people to Mention us, Post comments about us, Etc -- and we can limit visibility of that tab via Circle?
+Sherilynn Macale BS eh? Well, maybe you didn't want it on your wall in the first place? :P I know what you mean with regards to tooting your own horn, but I don't really see the need for a wall, personally.

The separate tab for +mentions and posts is a cool idea though. Especially if you can limit visibility via circles.
Hahaha, glad we could come to an agreement xD
Also not sure if the facial feature of picasa carries over to google+ i know the web albums do cause I only added one photo the rest are just link to web albums
just never add ads. please don't they had adwords and ads on youtube, just please. no ads here google?
Picasa has facial recognition and you can link your photos there to show up on your account here. Go to photos and check your privacy settings. Should be something in there if you tinker around :)
I've tinkered around as much as possible, but it really is just glitching. A few other people have reported the same thing. Sucks. :/
I would have to say no to #5. We don't want another MySpace now.
true, not being able to leave a message on someones profile is a bummer
also i want to make it so that people can search for me on here by typing my real name, yet i can use a nickname as a display name

and yes, it is a bit white and boring, perhaps a css generator or something that only you can view
i'm pretty sure they are watching this post, as there are only a few people on google, no jk i'm too lazy
I've sent Google quite a few respectful feedback suggestions. Who knows if they're using them or are annoyed by them?
i can transfer all my fb photos but dont want to i used photograber
lol oh snap look @ Tom bustin out of no where. waves
I like that there isn't a wall, but instead a twitter-esq retweet/share feature. If someone wants you to see something they can share you on their post. If you like what they shared you can share it with your friends. It's not tooting your own horn, its just sharing things you like. With facebook if someone wants you to see something, everyone who can see your wall sees it too. Maybe I don't mind what was posted on my wall, but I don't feel its worth advertising it to the world. If I have an annoying friend who shares dumb stuff with me it doesn't force all my friends to have to see it too, it just dies there. I'm with +Rish Talbert that facebooks limited ability to govern that is too bulky and time consuming. G+ makes it as simple as twitter. It puts you in control of sharing things. Makes it harder for spammers and makes it more work for people who are trying to advertise themeselves. Which is good. I've like facebook less and less the more its moved from a social networking site to a social advertising platform. G+ is set up to be a true friends connecting with friends type platform. I like the way they did sparks instead of how facebook does groups or "pages", whatever they call them. They are annoying.

I agree tho that skins would be nice. But make it like gmail. You skin your own view. Nobody else sees your skin you selected. Its just for you. Otherwise it becomes like myspace. Boo to that.
i don't think you need to tag yourself in every picture, its hard to not know your pretty face
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