Friendly reminder:
I'm speaking today at San Francisco State University's downtown campus about social media, marketing, technology, and the Internet! Come to my panel, then stay to meet me in person. :3 Derp dee derp!
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Come to Denver and maybe. ;) Good luck and have fun.
the one on the right is hotter than then one on the left :)
Jon Dye
Would love to hear if you have a speaking engagement somewhere in North Texas. So you know, just make sure to let me know if that ever happens.
You should have someone do a Google Hangout of it.
Wish I would have read this before I caught the 5 back to the Richmond. Have fun though!
I wish u all the bestand you need to post a video of ur speech.
Sorry guys! No video. I wish there was -- I had such a great time. Received sweet applause and everything, and there was a line of people waiting to talk to me! And some of my fans had stopped by to wait outside the conference just to meet me. So sweet. I'm so flattered!
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