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NEW BLOG POST! Single and Fearless: After four months of a wonderful relationship gone horribly awry, I'm back where I started: Single. Of course I'm laughing at myself.

Read it:

#dating #relationships #love #single #breakups <3
After four months of a wonderful relationship gone horribly awry, I'm back where I started: Single. Of course I'm laughing at myself.
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Fuck you I thought I was ass hole no bitch
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A bunch of sneak-peak selfies from behind-the-scenes of my photoshoot today!! <3
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New blog post! You should, erm, probably not move in with my roomie and me. Here's why:

#funny   #blog   #humor  
You should probably not move in with my roomie and me. We're disgusting.
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Another piece I'm working on. #art   #illustration   #drawing   #pencil  
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I couldn't sleep last night, so I drew something instead.

#art   #drawing   #artist   #wip   #doodle   #pencil   #graphite  
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Your work is beauutiful , want to see more of it.
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I've got something AMAZING coming up. TL;DR? Be a part of my next big project here:

And for those of you with a little extra time on your hands, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on how the exciting adventure I'm about to embark upon came to be. :)


It's crazy to think that 14 years ago, the Internet was a completely different landscape. In 2001, site parallax scrolling sounded more like a high-tech Star Trek feature than a basic staple of web design. As for the social economy, Google+ was nowhere to be found, and "Likes" or "Shares" a la Facebook were still just inklings of an idea buried deep in the minds of today's tech super-gods.

When I look at the modern competitive landscape, I find 19 year olds becoming famous on YouTube or 13 year olds rising to Internet stardom for filming themselves singing on their smartphones, these standard mobile devices equipped with cameras and microphones so powerful you can edit your own videos on the go! What happened to touch-tone Nokia mobile phones with Snake?! LG Chocolates and exciting new "slim" inventions like Motorola Razrs?!

Now, everything is touch-screen, smart, and sleek. Everything is fast, easy, convenient, and readily available. If you can't get the job done fast and cheap from one source, you move on to the next.

Your options are limitless.

I've worked with a number of clients as a social media and branding consultant, and the amount of talent I stumble across while conducting basic industry research never ceases to astound me. For hiring managers, the world today is so connected that it's nearly impossible to find someone who doesn't meet your exact criteria.

Social media is a subcategory now being taught in college communications classes. There are more software and mobile developers/engineers being aggressively hired than ever before. Where once, you could only point to 3 or 4 big-name bloggers, you can now easily point to several successful Internet personalities by the thousands.


When I try to imagine where my brand fits into all of this, I sort of just ... Laugh. Because having to choose any one thing at this point just sounds like way too much work. There are too many questions to answer, and not enough time to focus on my own marketing. Where should I go from here, I ask myself? What steps should I take next? What's my next "big idea"?

And more importantly, what the hell am I going to do with 350,000+ Facebook followers, 120k+ Google+ followers, and more across the social web?

You have no idea how many influential people I've reached out to over the years while trying to answer this exact question. Big name actors, award-winning directors, globally-recognized authors, top tier tech founders, billionaires, astronauts, YouTube stars -- you name 'em; we've talked.

But all the sound advice in the world doesn't amount to anything without execution, and for me, I've found that my main problem has always been:

I have way too many viable options.

My brand is one that has grown over time through organic nurturing, and because of that, and because I've never had any real direction in terms of the things I've done for the public (and since it's all just been fun, free content with no real profit in mind), I've been able to just be "me" without slotting myself into a single niche. And it's been great! I love being able to just do what I want, when I want, say what I want, and blab or ramble or blurt, and have that be perfectly okay!

But when other marketers look at what I've built online, they message me and say, "You are wasting solid real estate here, Cheri. You need to capitalize on this. You need to make money off of everything you've built."

Then I look at everything I've created and think, "Okay ... But how?"

Being a digital branding strategist myself, I find it incredibly easy to evaluate other brands and build goal-driven strategies for them that result in millions of dollars in revenue, with long-lasting and positive ROI (whatever that happens to encompass -- money, customers, investor attention, etc).

But each time I've looked at my own brand in the past, my mind has just ... Gone completely blank.
Isn't that weird?

It's time to change that.

For the past few weeks, I've had a cool idea cooking in this crazy brain of mine that I am super pumped to share with you all, and I am absolutely determined to see it come to light.

Want to be a part of the madness?
Of course you do.

Sign up here:

It's coming.

~ Sherilynn "Cheri" Macale
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beautiful figure..
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Want early access to the amazing photos from my shoot with +Jeremy Cortez Photography? Sign up for my VIP mailing list and get them delivered straight to your inbox!
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Don't forget to add me on Snapchat at "heycheri" to catch all the awesome behind-the-scenes clips from my photoshoot with Jeremy Cortez Photography today!
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«««Como ariaaa para florecerte tu corazon»»»porque tu estassssss muyyyyyyyyyy hermosa pero completamente linnnnnnnda que me gustas mucho pero muchisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimo.....?
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Took my #motorcycle out for a ride around the Bay Area yesterday. <3 Check out this view of the Golden Gate Bridge!
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you are not alone
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Pictured: Yours truly leaving my mark in the +Hashimoto Contemporary sketchbook. There was so much amazing work there that night -- I couldn't help but walk away inspired!

PS. My hair looks totally butt in this picture, but this was such an awesome gallery show -- who cares. Congratulations to Ken Harman, one of San Francisco's finest contemporary art curators, on yet another amazing opening night. You keep throwing them; I'll keep coming.
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Looking nice
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You guys, I'm obsessed with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I play it almost every single day. Omfg. If any of you play and want to play with me, let me know!

#FFXIV   #Gaming   #MMORPG  
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i want to play with you

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Director of Social Engagement at Monsoon Company / Blogger / Artist / Sometimes-Model
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