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AdventureQuest 3D Official T-Shirt has arrived! The AQ3D t-shirt gives you a way to display your love of Lore, dragons, and looking AWESOME! You’ll get more rewards than just looking like a Hero, though! Your t-shirt comes with 4 HeroPoints, a new in-game currency which lets you unlock exclusive gear inside our games when you buy merchandise. AQ3D EARLY ACCESS is also included and a sweet AQ3D Exclusive In-Game Item Hero's Wrap of Honor Cape!!!!
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Meet Rivensylth, The Faerie Dragon. This amazing dragon came to life when it was hand-drawn and painted by the artists of Artix Entertainment: Dage the Evil, Thyton, and of course Oishii. Originally designed for the "An AdventureQuest & Cookie Clicker Collaboration" idle game Adventure Quest Dragons. It also graced the September page of the 2015 AECalendar.
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2016 calendars getting packed and ready to ship out to their new homes!
Take One Down And Pass It Around... One lucky order will get the very first signed calendar!!!
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Greetings Heroes! 

The 2016 Calendar (The Best One Yet) is on sale at HeroMart! There are two versions Regular and The Collector's Edition. 
Collector's Edition comes with a copy of signed calendar and a signed 12" x 18" Collector's Edition Print, only limited amount available these will NOT be reprinted! 

This years AQW Class is Infinity Knight and it comes with a quest to collect two sets of armors "Chrono Infinity Knight Armor" and "Infinity Knight Armor" and 2016 Achievement Badge! 

Other In-Game Items Included 
DragonFable: Archivist Class, 
AdventureQuest: Infinity Knight Lance 
MechQuest: TBA soon 
EpicDuel: TBA soon 
Keep an eye out on the product page for the latest information. 

Also, the 2015 Calendar has only a very limited amount of copies left and once they are gone it's gone along with the Chrono DragonKnight Class for ever! 

If you have questions, please tweet me at 

Shop Smart, Shop HeroMart. You got that? 

Online Indie shop of Artix Entertainment t-shirts, music and books for kids 10+, teens, and adults. All products produced, packed and shipped from the Undergro
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Wild Panda Appeared! We hear they are becoming very scarce, you better catch one for yourself before it gets away! All sizes are restocked!!!
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The Mystical Mage. It currently resides on the July page of the 2016 AECalendar. This breathtaking art was hand-drawn and painted by the artist of Artix Entertainment: Dage the Evil.
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Hello HeroMart Shoppers, will the owner of the green i mean if your USPS Tracking says "NOT FOUND" do not worry It is correct and USPS will update it soon!
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Details on the 2016 Calendar of epicness!
DageTheEvil, Thyton, & Circa are doing an amazing job! Coming soon
By Artix Krieger on Wednesday, October 14, 2015. We are building this years new Calendar! Thyton was painting at the lab into the wee hours of the night... so I took a picture of what he is working on with my cell phone. YUP! A repainting of the classic DragonFable login screen focing on the ...
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The official online store for Artix Entertainment
Rare Items for the Real World! is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are considering altering time and space so it can be open more.
HeroMart promises to deliver epic loot for the real world. Fulfill your wardrobe...and destiny!... at Remember that if you're going to shop smart... Shop HeroMart!
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HeroMart is the official real-life item shop of Artix Entertainment. The friendly team that creates your favorite online adventure games also packs the boxes and ships your real-life loot straight from the Secret Underground Lab! Fulfill your destiny... and your wardrobe!... !