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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.7.1

== Tournament Rules ==
- Riptide has been removed from tournament rules
- Night Hound has been removed from tournament rules

== Hero Balance ==

+ Mines are quicker to place now and can reach lethal levels with lower amounts of mines. These changes are aimed at lessening the burst damage of throwing mines at enemy players and making players have to use more mines to gain high lethality.
 Spider Mines (E)
- Spider mines no longer block creep spawns.
- Magic Damage reduced from 175/250/325/400 to 125/200/275/350
* Total damage with 6 Spider Mines reduced from 1050/1500/1950/2400 to 750/1200/1650/2100
- Now have a 1 second arming time when they reach their destination
- Cooldown between placing mines increased from 3.5 to 5 seconds

+ Some more tweaks to lessen the amount of high damage and in turn high sustain Hellbringer is achieving.
 Evil Presence (E)
- Passive heal from all damage dealt by Hellbringer reduced from 15/20/25/30% to 8/16/24/32%

 Summon Malphas (R)
- Malphas Move Speed lowered from 375/400/425 to 350/375/400

 Keeper of the Forest
+ A sizable buff to an underwhelming start. These changes should help the usability of Nature's Sentinel outside the ultimate combo.
 Nature's Sentinel (W)
- Cast time reduced from 250 to 100
- Increased cast range from 300 to 450
- Increased attack radius from 200 to 350
- Damage rescaled from 30 from each branch to 25 + 5% of Keeper's Attack Damage

 Night Hound
+ We wanted to bring something unique to how you played a stealth hero with Night Hound. The charge system combined with the level one Invisibility was causing a high amount of frustration. It was clear we needed to change one or the other. We have something in testing that could be better in the future, but it will need the appropriate time to make sure it is exactly what we want for Night Hound.
 Invisibility (R)
- Can now be leveled at 1/6/11
- Charge system removed
- Fade Time increased from 2.5/2/1.5 to 3.5/2.5/1.5
- Now grants 0/6/12 Agility

+ Parallax can achieve a monster amount of high damage but with that high damage we wanted a high cost. With these changes he should be able to make it through the earlier game a bit easier and make use of his high mobility.
- Base Intelligence increased from 24 to 26
- Intelligence gain per level increased from 2.4 to 2.7

 Fulcrum Shift (Q)
- Range increased from 700 to 900
- Leash range increased from 1100 to 1200
- Damage increased from 0/45/65/65/85 to 0/65/85/85/105

 Ionic Dash (W)
- Range increased from 725 to 925

 Earthshatter (R)
- Initial mana cost decreased from 125/200/275 to 100/175/250
- Mana cost per second decreased from 5% to 3% of Parallax's max mana pool
- Cooldown reduced from 90/75/60 seconds to 70/60/50 seconds

+ Riptide's ultimate did not quite hit the mark in use and feel. The adjustments below should make it much better in both those categories.
 Eye of the Storm (R)
- Now makes Riptide Magic Immune
- Turning is now twice as easy

 War Beast
+ War Beast was gaining too much free gold from Battle Cry and the strengths that this provides should have a higher cost, these changes will address this.
 Battle Cry (W)
- Mana cost increased from 15/10/5/0 to 25/20/15/10

+ Wildsoul is a unique hero due to his "two hero feel" and 12 inventory slots to fill. We want Wildsoul to be able to achieve a higher farm so he can attempt to fill those slots; however, he was gaining too much sustainability and damage for free. These changes are aimed at making Wildsoul easier to deal with and have clear weaknesses.
 Bear Form (R)
- Shared Health does not work if Booboo is outside of leash range
- Armor reduced from 5/10/15 to 3/5/7

- Armor lowered from 5 to 3

 Alpha Male (Q)
- No longer works on Kongor
- Removed boosted 25% damage to heroes with level 4 Summon Booboo
- Deals 25% more damage to non hero-units
- Now deals 25% more damage to creeps when boosted with level 4 Summon Booboo (total 50% to all neutrals and creeps)

 Swipe (W)
- Lowered slow from 75% to 50%
- Is now leveled at Level 3 of Summon Booboo

 Frenzy (E)
- Magic Armor and Armor while boosted lowered from 5 to 3
- Frenzy is now leveled at Level 2 of Summon Booboo

== Item Balance==

 Veiled Rot
- Initial stock in store properly reduced from 5 to 3 to match the patch notes from 3.7.0

 Lex Talionis
+ This change is meant to deter players from abusing it with the courier
- Mana Cost increased from 0 to 5

== Community ==

= 8-Bit Avatars =
- Heroes of Newerth's 8-Bit Collection is about more than reminiscing about some of your earliest gaming conquests; it's about laying the foundation for new ones. That's why we're taking 25% of all revenue generated from the 8-Bit set and using it to help fund Heroes of Newerth's upcoming eSports event, DreamHack Summer 2015. In addition to contributing to HoN eSports, when you collect 8-Bit avatars you will be eligible for exclusive 8-Bit perks.
Currently available
*  Big Boss Bubbles
*  LightGunblade
*  Paku Devourer
*  Game Master Puppet Master
*  Pixelkeeper
*  DDRhapsody

Coming this patch:
*  Doctor Gamer

Product Perks
* For owning the first 2/4/6/8 8-Bit Avatars, you can claim the 8-Bit Ward/Courier/Taunt/Announcer for FREE.
To take part in the 8-Bit experience and track your journey across the map of Arcadia, head here

= A.R.M.S. Collection =
- The futuristic A.R.M.S Collection has been available exclusively in Plinko since March 10th. Similar to the 8-Bit Avatars, 25% of all revenue generated from Plinko will be used to help fund Heroes of Newerth's upcoming eSports event, DreamHack Summer 2015.
Currently available
*  Invader Kane
*  Savior Hammerstorm
*  Savior Rally
*  Savior Pebbles
*  Invader Ravenor
*  Savior Legionnaire
*  Savior Solstice
*  Invader Dampeer
*Savior Emerald Warden

Coming this patch to the DreamHack Chest
* Savior Predator

Product perks
* Collect all 10 A.R.M.S. Avatars and you can claim the 11th, Gold Collection A.R.M.S. avatar for FREE.
For more information about the A.R.M.S. Collection, head here.

== Matchmaking Maps & Modes ==

Forests of Caldavar
- All Pick
- Single Draft
- Balanced Random

Mid Wars
- Blind Ban
- All Random

- Blind Ban

== New Content ==

New War Effort Trophy Avatar: Flint Beastwood
- The only way to get this rare, auspicious avatar is to be ranked among The War Effort's top 50 at the end of each 28-day cycle, so keep checking that leaderboard and completing those quests! Even the staff can't get the Trophy avatars!

New 8-Bit Doctor Repulsor Avatar: Doctor Gamer - Released on May 22
- Dr. Gamer didn't always have a PhD in video gaming -he started out as a console-loving kid in his parents' basement in Arcadia, and as he matured his skill level and choice of electronic entertainment evolved right along with him until he became the smartest, most strategic gamer in all of Arcadia. Now that he has access to Newerth it's time to give these combative heathens a doctorate-level schooling in proper gaming, and maybe do some digging into this eSports thing the Game Master told him about...

New 8-Bit Taunt: Rage Kid
- Save your monitor by letting the Rage Kid Taunt handle the tantrums for you. Now breathe...

New Gold Edition A.R.M.S. Pestilence Avatar: Invader Pestilence - Released on June 1
- When Pestilence abandoned the Moon Queen and her hive to side with the Hellbourne, he expected his soldier beetles to follow. Instead, they tried to bring his head back to the queen to prove their loyalty. Pestilence annihilated his entire army and fled to Hell's Keep, where the Electrician was delighted at the opportunity to create a brigade of insect shock troopers inspired by the vicious Pestilence. Technology failed him until the breakthrough of the A.R.M.S. Invader suits, which the Electrician used to create this prototype, a robotic scourge obedient to the ruthless hive mind of Pestilence.

New Silhouette Black Legion Avatar: Hexa - Released on May 20
- Chosen from the silent hunters of the Hidden Village of the Scout, Hexa of the Black Legion prefers to execute her assassination jobs as a solo operator -

New Master of Arms Black Legion Avatar: Waru - Released on May 27
- Waru may be the most valuable member of the Black Legion (except for Unum, if you happen to be bleeding out at the moment). He can switch from blistering covering fire to accurate kill shots without breaking stride, and when Quintan's ax gets dull from cracking too many skulls or Troika's flamethrower sputters out, it's Waru who pulls a replacement from his pack to keep every member of the Black Legion in the fight. It doesn't matter to Waru who gets the kills as long as they happen on the enemy's side.

New Kane Black Legion Avatar: Septar - Released on May 29
- Septar is the brash wildcard of the Black Legion. He was accused of deserting his former unit of Jeraziah's Royal Guard the night before a battle, but when the King advanced into enemy territory at dawn he and his soldiers found Septar waiting among dozens of enemy dead. “Thought I’d save you all the trouble,” Septar said.
He has elite skills in melee combat and a tendency to seek out the most powerful opponent among the enemy ranks and challenge him to single combat. Since the Hellbourne has no honor, this ends up with him fighting dozens of enemies, which suits him fine, as long as his chainsword doesn't bog down.

New POGs Avatar: Deadwood
- These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes & Optimizations ==

- Patchwork Devourer's hook trail now displays properly

- Malphas avatars are no longer missing ability icons
- Evil Presence minion can no longer be teleported to via Post Haste

 Master of Arms
- Fixed an issue that prevented Master of Arms from taunting his opponents

- Shenlong's Forced Evolution skill icon now displays a dragon icon again

- Earthshatter slow state is no longer transferrable by Parasite's Facehug
* Fixes the infinite Earthshatter slow state duration

- Using 2 Staccato skills in Rift Wars will no longer inflict a significantly higher than intended amount of damage

- Iron Tremble's Boris Movement Speed is now properly set to 400 at all levels

- No longer denies himself if Booboo's Mixed Damage kills Wildsoul
- Hatchet now properly works with Alpha Male

Resolved an issue that caused the following animations to loop improperly.
- Deadwood walking animation
- Grinex walking animation with Rift Stalk
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Hero Spotlight: Parallax, The Artificer
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.6.7

== General ==

Songkran Mid Wars Map

- Newerth celebrates the Thai New Year with an updated Mid Wars map! Enjoy these new features for a limited time only!
- Songkran Fun & Games: Water Balloons & Trebuchets
* A water balloon spawns every 30 seconds opposite the rune
* Players can grab this balloon and bring it to their trebuchet to reload it
* Attacking your trebuchet launches water balloons at the enemy team's shoreline
* Units hit by balloons are slowed per hit and take magic damage
* Trebuchets target random heroes and show where balloons will land

- Map Updates
* New Songkran music added for the Mid Wars map and its lobby: Celebrate Songkran with the ancient music of Thailand
* New top jungle camp with waterfalls
* Water updated to a more clear and pleasant teal color
* Textures, lights, particle effects, foliage and terrain have all been updated and tweaked
* Boss area has been updated with new statues and props

New Songkran Mid Wars Boss: Songkranstein

- Transmutanstein is in full Songkran celebration mode and he's loaded up with water, clouds of white powder and flower petals to power-cleanse any bad spirits who wander into his festival site
- Q: Sleeping Powder
* Songkranstein shoots a blast of colored powder into the air
* After a few seconds, the powder comes back down in an AOE around the boss
* Any unit caught in the AOE slows down, then falls asleep for 3 seconds

- W: Water Cannon
* Songkranstein sprays a blast of water toward a hero
* All units caught in the blast are pushed in its direction, taking damage at the end

- E: Geysers
* Spawns geysers at random locations in the Songkranstein pit
* If a unit is on a geyser when it explodes, they are thrown out of the pit

- R: Water Spouts
* Songkranstein sprays three streams of water in different directions that rotate around him slowly enough for heroes to avoid
* Units caught in the stream are pushed back and suffer magic damage
* Units are trapped in the pit during this time by a wall created by Songkranstein
* The only way to leave the pit is to blink out or get ejected by a Geyser

Mid Wars
- Duplicate Heroes Banning Pick is now a default mode in Matchmaking

== The War Effort ==

- As the battle rages across Newerth, questers are continually finding new, lucrative opportunities!
* In this Cycle, complete your missions to earn an assortment of Gold and Silver as well as POG Soulstealer and this cycle's exclusive avatar, Minerva Silhouette
* This cycle's reward for those questers who top the leaderboard is the coveted Trophy Swiftblade

- New War Effort Silhouette Avatar: Minerva
* Nothing prepares you for combat on Newerth quite like being ripped out of your mother's womb (also your aunt's) and devoured by your father Jupiter, then springing out of his forehead holding a complete arsenal of weapons. With all of this considered, it makes complete sense that Minerva is the goddess of wisdom, arts, trade, and strategy. In the war between the Legion and Hellbourne she chooses to devote her artistic talents to carving up the enemy, loves to trade blades for kills, and most of her strategies revolve around stealing worshipers from her Greek counterpart Athena. The first chance she gets to snag that fluffy owl away from the daughter of Zeus, consider it grappled.
* Claim Minerva by opening the final chest in this cycle of the War Effort!

== New Content ==

- New Gold Edition Songkran Engineer Avatar: Soaker Rosie release date April 13
* Soaker Rosie is locked, loaded and ready to drench the battlefield with her arsenal of watery weapons. Her appetite for fun is infectious and she has everyone joining in the incredible festivities, but make no mistake, she is a killer shot with her blundersoaker and has no shortage of water balloons to hurl your way!

- New Songkran Magmus Avatar: Tidal Magmus release date April 8
* With Songkran underway and festivities in full swing, the tide itself has come to join in the festivities. This colorful, hulking elemental has been drenching everyone and generally causing unadulterated fun. Help everyone cool down by letting out an eruption of water and wash those daemons away!

- New Songkran Riptide Avatar: Chalawan release date April 15
* Chalawan is a terrifying and elusive creature due to its ability to shapeshift from a beautiful woman into a murderous creature. Seducing unsuspecting warriors and luring them down to the river for a swim, Chalawan transforms into a monstrous crocodile and her victims are never seen again. Be careful where you dip your toes...

- New 8-Bit Bubbles Avatar: Big Boss release date April 17
* The electronic realm of Arcadia has been sealed away from the passage of time for decades due to a defensive shield coded by the Quarter Masters. This shield has kept them isolated and safe from the chaos of Newerth, but 8-Bit Kane accidentally sliced through the power cord during his headstrong rush through the shield to join the fray. Now all the characters of Arcadia are free to roam Newerth while the Quarter Masters duct-tape the cord, jostle consoles and blow into cartridges in a frantic attempt to reactivate the shield.
* As soon as the shield went down, Big Boss Bubbles erupted from his castle and continued his relentless pursuit of two goals: Marrying Aquarius, the heavenly body he believes is destined to be his bride, and ridding the world of plumbers. In a cruel twist of irony, Big Boss doesn't quite understand how HoN works and has no idea he'll never be in a game with another Bubbles avatar. But that won't stop him from hunting plumbers during his search, and he'll do his best to clog up pipes and flood the map to call these damned wrench-turners out of hiding.

- New 8-Bit Gunblade Avatar: LightGunblade release date April 10
* There are only so many pixelated ducks, gangsters, and prison camp guards one can shoot before boredom sets in, so when the shield containing Arcadia collapsed LightGunblade coiled his cords, packed his guns and grappled his way into Newerth as quickly as possible. The plethora of new, challenging targets made his trigger fingers twitch with anticipation, and as soon as they pop up out of the weeds, consider them blasted. The same goes for that damned dog if he doesn't stop snickering.
* LightGunblade will say random taunt lines when getting hero kills and random lines of anger when respawning.

- New 8-Bit Ward: 8-Bit Ward release date April 17
* This exclusive ward will keep a giant 8-Bit eye out for any dangerous pixels headed your way. Claim it by owning Big Boss Bubbles and LightGunblade!

- New A.R.M.S. Dampeer Avatar: Invader Dampeer release date on April 22
* Dampeer is not known for armor of any kind -- or clothes, for that matter -- so the Electrician was surprised when the life-sucking creature enlisted for the first wave of the Invader suits. His motivation was simple: if the Legion soldiers will be wearing armor impervious to his claws, how will he get to their blood and innards? The obvious solution is to don an enhanced weapon system just as powerful, with claws strong enough to open the Savior suits like cans of delicious gallantry.

- New POGs Avatar: Soulstealer
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

- New 8-bit music added for the Caldavar map and its lobby: During the invasion of the Arcadians, the great Preserver of Songs noticed a lack of bleeps and bloops in the new land. With the power of circuitry and sound chips, the Preserver brought the tunes of Arcadia into Newerth.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- The AFK timer is properly reset for a player when damage is dealt by that player
- Leaver items are now properly upgradeable

Blitz Mode
- Mimics, illusions and player-controlled units are now properly affected by the Blitz Mode state at all points of the game (rather than just at the beginning of the game)
- Couriers now heal properly at the allied well

- Abaddon no longer loses his pet dragon visual after respawning if Sear is leveled
* Pet dragon visual is present only if the player has the Three Judges avatar set bonus

- Harcoon Bushwack head side-edge parts of the model no longer disappear at certain angles

- Default Defiler hand visual effects are now properly applied to both hands, e.g. Revenant's Defile

- Osiris Electrician's voice cast sounds increased for Cleansing Shock
- Cleansing Shock no longer kills ally illusions

 Emerald Warden
- Summon Gawain will no longer be added to the Rift Wars skill pool

- Fixed visuals for Essence Link not displaying properly if the target was morphed by Kuldra's Sheepstick

- B.A.N.G. now has the proper charge regain timer for Blitz mode (1.6 seconds)

- Hand in Hand now properly grants assists when healing allies

- Earthroc Pebbles visuals now properly sync with the current level of Enlarge for each level of his ultimate

 Plague Rider
- Cursed Shield visual effects are shown properly on units that are hexed

- Fixed the missing rainbow while charging from Rainbow Rampage

 Sir Benzington
- Drop Bearzington now has a yellow color scheme when Staff of the Master is in his inventory

- Skiver Valkyrie's Javelin length increased to match other Valkyrie avatars' Javelins

 Geometer's Bane
- Visual purple effects now propagate to illusions correctly when Geometer's Bane is activated

- The following skill and item usages no longer puts Striders on cooldown:
* Courier's Delivery subability
* Courier's Homeward Bound subability
* Bottle
* Ioyn Stone
* Health Potion
* Lex Talionis
* Mana Potion
* Blight Stones
* Ward of Sight
* Ward of Revelation
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oops :)  I was running the test script from within the Update directory...

Towards the end of the file:

            #DOWNLOAD THE FILE!!!
            d = os.path.dirname(i)

it should be:

            #DOWNLOAD THE FILE!!!
            d = os.path.dirname(i)
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.6.6

== New Content ==

- New Moon Queen Event Avatar: Gisele, Garena Star League Moon Queen release date: March 25
* Once a year the elite combatants of Newerth clash on the ultimate battlefield, the Garena Star League, and Gisele is tired of cheering from the booths! She carries the full power of the spectacular event with an arsenal of stars, lights, and lasers to dazzle the crowd and leave her enemies wishing they'd opted for the VIP access!

New Event Wards: Garena Star League Wards

- GSL Trophy Ward: A dazzling GSL star floating above the ultimate tournament trophy: the Doom Bringer! This ward will be available for purchase from the store

- Sync eSports: The electric Sync logo floating above a furious digital storm.

- Snoop Dog: The fierce DDog logo floating above a burning team banner.

- New Event Courier: Garena Star League Courier
* The last thing you need during the GSL 2015 tournament is delayed delivery of your items, and the GSL postman will make sure you get them ASAP!

- New Event Icon: Garena Star League Icon
* Show your support for GSL 2015 by rocking this account icon!

- New Gold Edition Witch Slayer Avatar: Sacrilege release date: April 3
* The elite Witch Slayer named Jonathan Wry embarked upon a mission to carry the purifying Sun Chalice to the Scar and pour its contents into the depths of the Underworld so Newerth could finally begin to heal. With each step closer to the Scar, Wry could feel the corruption taking root within his body, his soul. This mission would cost him his life, but sacrifice had always been prized by Sol's chosen. As he tipped the chalice toward the Scar, a beautiful woman with a dragon draped across her shoulders made him pause, made him doubt, and this was all the corruption needed to complete its infestation. Jonathan Wry became Sacrilege, and the Legion's greatest Witch Slayer now hunted his former brothers and sisters for Calamity's twisted version of Sol's prophecy.

* This Gold Edition avatar changes from pure to corrupted as you level up and features new effects for Graveyard, Power Drain, and Silver Bullet. In addition, any boots will give him glowing, corrupted footprints.

- New Drunken Master April Fool's Day Holiday Edition Avatar: Drunken Fool release date: April 1
* No matter what happens on the battlefield against the brutal, merciless Hellbourne, there is one man in Adkarna who never gets depressed. This may have something to do with the fact that he never gets sober, but we'll never know. The Drunken Fool is the full-time professional Jester of the Royal Family, but because Jeraziah hates fun and Ophelia rarely sets foot in the Capital, the Fool spends most of his time making sure the wine cellar does not gather cobwebs and honing his stage combat skills against the gilded mirrors throughout the castle. "How feeble and wobbly these enemies are! Have at you, bleruuughzzzzz..."

- New Thunderbringer Easter Holiday Edition Avatar: Fluffybringer release date: April 5
* Fluffybringer loves three things: Easter egg hunts, bad puns and electricity. This gives the annual festival in Newerth a bit of a 'shocking' twist and is sure to liven the mood for a while. Don't let his name or appearance fool you though; there is nothing fluffy and sweet about about him if he catches you stealing his eggs or cheating on the Easter egg hunt-he'll have no qualms steaming you like a cup of hot chocolate.

- New POGs Avatar: Legionnaire
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Music and Sounds ==

- New music added in for Caldavar and Midwars' maps
- New lobby music
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Does not have a fast Internet to download the piece stops and does not want to complete the download Alabh I do not want a full size 19 Mega Site I want her to be a load of 3.3 GB
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.6.4 - Deadlift, the Necrofury!

== New Hero ==

New Hellbourne Strength Hero: Deadlift - Releases 2/24
* Deadlift is a corrupted melee hero with the power to raise the dead -even dead allied heroes!
* For complete lore on Deadlift and his avatars, please visit

- Ability 1: Death Grip
* Target a location to begin channelling, dealing 75/150/225/300 Magic Damage in a line and Immobilizing the first enemy hero hit for up to 2.5/3/3.5/4 seconds depending on channel duration
* Activate again while channelling to turn the wave toward your cursor

- Ability 2: Onslaught
* Target an enemy unit or structure to force all nearby non-hero units to attack the target for 5 seconds
* The target receives up to an 80% tapering movement speed slow over 1.5 seconds depending on how many units were in the target area
* Grants attackers 50/75/100/125% Attack Speed and max Movespeed for the duration

- Ability 3: The Dead Shall Rise
* Target location to summon 2 undead units and deal 90/110/130/150 Magic Damage to enemy heroes, consuming 8% of your maximum health
* Passively makes nearby units that die rise and fight for you for 20/30/40/50 seconds with a limit of 3/4/5/6 undead. They deal 50/75/100/125% of their Attack Damage and take 200% damage

- Ability 4: Resurrection
* Target a Gravestone that was left by a dying ally to revive them at 50/75/100% health and mana after a full 4/3/2 second channel.

- New Debut Edition Deadlift Alt Avatar: The Great Druid Deadlift - Releases 2/24
* The Great Druid is the master of the forests of Newerth and a friend to all of nature, from the World Tree to the Sefir Tree.

- New Deadlift Alt Avatar: Medevac Deadlift - Releases 2/24
* Medic! This avatar can be a lifesaver on the battlefield-literally.

== General ==

- HonTV button has been removed
- Removed Bring them Back feature
- New Lobby music: "A death does not become an end"
- New In-game music: "Death is the Answer"

== New Content ==

- New Deadlift Ward
* Get a better look at all the enemies who will soon need fresh graves with the Deadlift ward!

- New Ultimate Valkyrie URSA Corps Avatar: Brunhild Valkyrie, Commander of the URSA Corps - Releases 2/27
* Ultimate Valkyrie leads her URSA warriors in the fight against all enemies of justice, both Legion and Hellbourne
* For complete lore on Brunhild, please visit

- New Monkey King Avatar: Lu Bu - Releases 3/6
* Lu Bu descends from the clouds of the Monastery of the Way with the elusive skills of an elite Guardian, yet he is burning to stand before the advancing enemy and send them back to the craters and crypts from which they crawled.

- New Maliken Avatar: Cao Cao - Releases 3/9
* Cao Cao is a shrewd, crafty leader who designed the flawless, impenetrable security of the Monastery of the Way who now carries those strategies to the enemies of Newerth. He prefers to remain calm and collected during battle, but if his fellow Guardians are threatened, the wrath of the Sang-La Mountain spirits may possess him...

- New A.R.M.S. Kane Avatar: Invader Kane - Not Stated Yet
* As soon as Kane heard about the Invader Suits he elbowed his way to the front of the line for the first fittings. Anything that offers more opportunities to close with the enemy and bash him into submission is welcome in Kane's arsenal, though he laments the fact that the helmet messes up his hair and his victims cannot see his smirking face as they die. Their loss.

New Ward Bundle: Classic Jungle Heroes - Releases 3/2

- Tempest
* Display your elemental superiority with the Tempest ward!

- Keeper of the Forest
* Observe nature in all its glory with the Keeper of the Forest ward!

- Parasite
* Infest the map with Parasite wards to see who needs a facehug!

- Ophelia
* Spread your judgement, touch, and wrath across the map with the Ophelia ward!

- Solstice
* Grab this ward and extend your shining rays into the darkest corners of Newerth!

- War Beast
* Show your Hellhounds where the cowards are hiding with the War Beast ward!

- Cthulhuphant
* You can't trample 'em or hook 'em if you can't see 'em. Make sure you can with the Cthulhuphant ward!

- New War Effort Reward Taunt: Treasure Chest Taunt - Note: Second Cycle begins on 3/10
* Complete the second cycle of The War Effort to claim this booty-filled taunt!

- New POGs Avatar: Voodoo Jester
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bots ==

- New Bot:  Succubus
* Authored by Anakonda
* Includes rune bottling, puzzlebox usage, and teamfight aggression
* Anakonda receives 6800 gold coins, an alt avatar of his choice, and another Robot Courier forum award!

- Earn gold rewards for contributing on the bot subforums!
* Create your own bot, or review submission code! All of these bots were vetted by community contributors and the Community Bot Team. Join us on the bot forums or on IRC and earn gold!

- See the Bots forum for the current Bounty List!

== Community Event Team==

CET - Bringing you HoN related events with huge prizes!

- New Flavor Tooltips implementation:  Prophet
* Debilitate: I sell wedding doves too. - Submitted by: Clytemnestra
* Invigorate: Why do birds heal? - Submitted by: KiroJateau_
* Persecution: Angry Birds! - Submitted by: KiroJateau_
* Shared Fate: Their fate is sealed. - Submitted by: Spastard

- Click here to participate in their events! Make sure to participate in their HoNiversary Map Contest and get your content implemented!

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

 Blitz Mode
- Autoattacks that damage self will no longer deal extra autoattack damage to self (e.g. Maliken's Sword of the Damned's Enchanted Flames)

- Updated textures and sounds for Clown Devourer

- Mangler Engineer's Steam Turret spawn projectile now matches the turret model

- Pentinent Lodestone properly retains its 3D portrait after using Shatterstorm
- Heap Lodestone properly displays the body in the 3D portrait after using Shatterstorm
- No longer has white textures on his shoulder pieces or his drill weapon while on Low graphics settings

- Sword of the Damned stances now propagate to illusions correctly on all alt avatars
* Bonus damage on Enchanted Flames still does not function on illusions since it provides direct +damage

 Master of Arms
- Master of Bows' illusion attack sounds now match Master of Bows' attack sounds

- Capricorn Ophelia's Nature's Wrath no longer causes white textures to appear on the target on the Mac client with medium graphics settings

- Infest No longer mistakenly heals Parasite if the Infested Creep is insta-killed by another source
* The Consume subability on the Infested Creep still heals Parasite properly

- Arbinger Silhouette's Relentless Salvo attack projectile now has the correct model

- Golden Valkyrie textures and effects have been updated

 Harkons Blade
- No longer applies the magic armor debuff when the attack misses

- No longer applies its debuff on all of Moon Queen's Multi-Strike bounces

The following items indicate their current level via charges.
*  Codex
*  Lex Talionis
*  Puzzlebox
*  Riftshards
*  Shieldbreaker

- Certain abilities such as War Beast's Battle Cry now properly give assist gold
- Illusions will no longer leave visual model parts behind when killed
- Skill selection should no longer transfer to different units
- When using the select avatar icon on the hero pick screen it will no longer select the regular avatar if you select an Alt Avatar
- Ward slot now displays properly if the minimap is swapped to the right side of the UI
- Silver coins are now displayed properly in Midwars and other matchmaking maps
- The ladder and quest button while viewing the ladder have been spaced properly
- Dying to neutral creeps no longer ends your kill streak
* When the opposing team kills you after you die to neutral creeps, kill streak bonuses will be properly awarded to the enemy team

- Skills with different max level values (4 for regular skills, 3 for ultimate skills) should now auto-level properly in Hero Guides
* Example: Flux's Polarity Swap (E), Tarot's Luck of the Draw (R)
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.6.3

== New Content ==

- New War Effort Reward Avatar: Trophy Fayde
* The only way to get this rare, auspicious avatar is to be ranked among The War Effort's top 25 at the end of each 28-day cycle, so keep checking that leaderboard and completing those quests! Even the staff can't get her!

- New Ultimate Avatar: Blackwal Salforis
When Maliken Grimm sent emissaries across Newerth uniting man under a single banner, he traveled in person to Lord Salforis in his mountain fortress of Blackwal. At that time, the Baron of Blackwal was considered one of the most powerful sorcerers and generals among men. He had not been seen upon a battlefield in years, and rumors spread he had discovered a magic that would end the wars of Man and Beast.

What Maliken found within the fortress caused him and his men to seal it from the outside and pray it was never reopened. In his chambers, Salforis sat upon a throne of corpses in a room full of the dead, commanding them to rise. He cursed Maliken for allowing his unborn children to unleash the Hellbourne, rantings Maliken could not comprehend at the time.

For decades, Salforis raved at his rotting corpses until the necromantic energies from the opening Scar filled him and empowered his sorcery. Now he ravages the battlefields, harvesting corpses and souls for his private army. What his plans are when that army grows large enough, only he knows.

Human Form (Level 1-6):
This is Lord Salforis in his human form when he first began exploring the dark art of necromancy. The corruption has already taken seed within him, but he is still in control of his mind and soul.

* Human Form weapon
* Human Form armor
* Mors Certissima features Human Form Salforis heads
* Life Tap features Human Form weapon
* Dark Lord's Presence shows human hands reaching out of the ground
Corrupted Form (Level 7-12)
* Corrupted Form weapon
* Corrupted Form armor
* Mors Certissima features corrupted skulls
* Life Tap features corrupted shards
* Dark Lord's Presence shows corrupted hands reaching out of the ground

Necromonger Form (13+)
* Necromonger Form weapon
* Necromonger Form armor
* Mors Certissima features necromonger skulls
* Life Tap features necrotic shards
* Dark Lord's Presence shows necromonger hands reaching out of the ground
-  Upgraded Boots
* Boots and footsteps glow with corrupted energy

-  Blood Chalice
* Blood drips from armor creases & weapon

-  Dawnbringer
* Dawnbringer effects are added to weapon

-  Staff of the Master
* Weapon is replaced with a Staff of the Master

-  Shrunken Head
* Dangling shrunken heads are added to his weapon as trophies

- New Holiday Edition Pandamonium Avatar: Green Wood Ram
* The Green Wood Ram welcomes the Chinese New Year with dynamic positivity and creativity, and after the tumultuous Year of the Horse he is eager to bring peace and harmony to Newerth! His primary method will be to use his green wooden dragon staff, gifted to him by the World Tree, to generously unleash his positive energy and celebratory mood upon the enemy until he is at peace.

- New Courier: Sheep Courier (Chinese New Year 2/19 Promo item)
* Celebrate the Chinese New Year by delivering adorable fluffiness with this sheep courier!

- New Empath Avatar: Diao Chan
* The Sang-La Mountains have always produced legendary warriors, and with Calamity's attempt to begin the Third Corruption wreaking havoc throughout Newerth the Shao Temple has sent the elite Guardians of the Monastery of the Way to help thwart this dire threat to Newerth.
* Diao Chan feels the tragic disharmony of Newerth, pushed to a critical level by the arrival of Calamity and the tortured souls of All Hells. She moves as one with her fellow Guardians of the Monastery of the Way, and woe be to the enemies who amass before her with the intent of harming her allies and home.

- New Nomad Avatar: Zhang Fei
* Zhang Feid keeps to himself while at the Monastery of the Way, meditating and contemplating his relationship with all things of the world. However, when the time for battle comes, he concentrates on the relationship of his blade with the skulls of his enemies. This relationship is always short and messy.

- New Holiday Edition Wretched Hag Avatar: Lady Sita
* Sita is the consort of Pra Ram, the hero of the Thai Ramakian epic myth. Pra Ram is the incarnation of the Hindu Deity Vishnu Narayan, born on Earth in order to punish the Demon Yaksa Tosagan and to fight for the return of Sita, who is esteemed as a paragon of spousal and feminine virtues for all Hindu women and is known for her dedication, self-sacrifice, courage and purity.
* After Pra Ram rescued her, Sita refused to leave the battle and chose instead to prove her courage and dedication to preserving the human race. She began by walking across burning coals to show she carried no impurities from her imprisonment, and when she emerged unharmed from the flames she knew she had a powerful weapon to use against the evil forces of Newerth.

Note: This avatar has two versions, and purchasing one adds both to your account.
- English Voice: Lady Sita
- Thai Voice: Ramayana Sita

- New A.R.M.S. Avatar: Savior Rally
* The Savior Advanced Robotic Mobile Suits (or A.R.M.S.) were discovered in a sealed military bunker buried nearly a mile below the City of Iron, unearthed by the dwarves scraping every shred of ore from the endless tunnels and caverns. They seem to have been created by a previous civilization in a time of great conflict, designed to carry elite warriors into battle and protect them from harm while allowing them to carry weapons far beyond the capability of mere humans.
* Rally has always stood in the front ranks of the Legion's vanguard, and when the call came for volunteers to test the newly discovered Savior suits he stepped forward without hesitation. If these A.R.M.S. will aid in the war against the Hellbourne, this master of motivation will gladly be the shining example for others to follow.

- New POGs Avatar: Kraken
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Tournament Mode: After a pause is issued, there is a 3-second delay before the team that called the pause can unpause the game
* This prevents accidental unpauses that would occur after pausing in Tournament Mode since pauses are instant

- Self-denies or denying an allied hero will no longer grant gold to the allied team

- Items will no longer disappear when building 2 items at the same time with a full or nearly full inventory

- Death effects for all avatars no longer linger after the death animation ends

 Forsaken Archer
- Sinew Forsaken Archer's Crippling Volley now plays the proper sound when starting to cast the ability

- Frosty the Iceman's bored animation no longer causes overhead buffs to sink into his body

- Slickz Grinex no longer plays an infinite animation loop if a target disjoints his Shadow Step

- Shards of Harkon: No longer hits the same target twice in the same cast if Moira dies before the after first wave of Shards is launched, but before it impacts a target

- Noxious Nightcrawler sound adjusted to match visuals

- Forced Evolution sound no longer plays again if illusions are created while Forced Evolution form is up

- Magic & Superior Magic lifesteal only functions if the damage is dealt on an enemy hero
* Before, it was applying for all heroes, including self & ally heroes. In other words, Martyr could lifesteal damage off allies with his new Guardian Angel

- Ghost of Christmas transformation sounds now play properly

 War Beast
- Metamorphosis sound no longer plays again if illusions are created while Metamorphosis form is up
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.6.2

== General ==

New Game Mode: Blitz Mode
- Blitz Mode comes to Newerth with one goal in mind: to inject as much chaos into your HoN experience as possible! Blitz mode encourages an onslaught of offensive action with:
* 80% Reduced cooldowns
* 80% Reduced mana costs
* 40% Reduced stunned durations
* 40% Reduced debuff durations
* Auto attacks deal double damage
* All heroes gain:
* +5 Health Regeneration
* +5 Mana Regeneration
* +30 Attack Speed
* +50 Movement Speed
- This new mode is a playable option on Grimm's Crossing, and will be available for a limited time; make sure to give it a shot before it rushes off!

New Feature: The War Effort
- The War Effort is a brand new feature designed to reward players for completing daily quests in Heroes of Newerth.
- Each day, quests will be available to complete for reputation points that are used to fill a player's War Effort satchel or chest. Once enough reputation points are accumulated to fill a satchel or chest, they can be exchanged for in-game content.
- Each quest completed will also be recorded on a monthly leaderboard. Those who complete the most quests at the end of each War Effort cycle will receive additional rewards.
- There's a variety of loot to be earned for those who support The War Effort. Each cycle, a combination of up to 14 satchels and/or chests can be exchanged for content.
- Those who earn enough reputation points to open the final chest will be rewarded with the Treasure of Champions (ToC), which is a War Effort exclusive piece of content. The first War Effort cycle's ToC will be Treasure Hunter Hag!
- The spoils of war don't stop there, though. For The War Efforts' biggest contributors, a golden opportunity awaits, as the top 25 questers will be rewarded with an illustrious Trophy Avatar.
- Seriously, only 25 players will have access to these Trophy Avatars - not even our staff can use them! Fayde will be the first Trophy Avatar up for grabs.
- But you don't need to be the very best to still secure some loot from the leaderboard; here's what you will receive if you are in the top 5000 questers for a cycle:
Top 10 players: A Cycle 1 Chat Icon, Trophy Avatar Fayde and 390 Gold Coins.
Rank 11 - 25: A Cycle 1 Chat Icon and Trophy Avatar Fayde
Rank 26 - 100: A Cycle 1 Chat Icon and 200 Gold
Rank 101 - 250: A Cycle 1 Chat Icon and 500 Silver
Rank 251 - 1000: A Cycle 1 Chat Icon and 250 Silver
Rank 1001 - 5000: A Cycle 1 Chat Icon
- For more information about The War Effort, head here:

- Blackwal and Dead eye gang music added to the game for the Forest of Caldavar map.

== Hero & Item Balance ==

- Dragon's Path: Now grants charges to Mana Battery/Power Supply
* Also fixes a bug where Moira's Mana Sunder doesn't get triggered for Dragon's Path
- Dragon's Path: Mana cost increased from 20/25/30/35 to 40 at all levels
- Funeral Pyre: Cooldown increased from 16/12/8/4 to 20/15/10/5 seconds
* Cooldown for hitting creeps increased accordingly from 8/6/4/2 to 10/7.5/5/2.5 seconds
- Funeral Pyre: Debuff duration lowered from 30/60/90/120 to 30 seconds on enemy heroes
* Buff still lasts 30/60/90/120 seconds on self

 Doctor Repulsor
- Base Strength reduced from 19 to 17

- Eyes glow green while in Stone Hide to make it more apparent (From community member Katieeee)

- Power Overwhelming: Max charges decreased from 120 to 100

- Shadow: Swap cooldown increased from 8/6/4 seconds to 10/8/6 seconds

 Bound Eye
- Can now be purchased by the courier and will be disabled until dropped or transferred. Once dropped or transferred it can no longer be picked up again by the courier (From community member Syllab)

 Shrunken Head
- Now shows the amount of seconds it will last as charges on the item (10/9/8/7/6/5) (From community member RandomOnions)

 Sol's Bulwark
- Armor increased from 5 to 6

== New Content ==

- New War Effort Wretched Hag Avatar: Treasure Hunter Hag
* This wildly adventurous treasure hunter will not be satisfied until she has explored every uncharted area of Newerth for hidden riches, and even those areas assumed to be picked clean often relinquish long-lost fortunes to her relentless questing.
* She spends more time in the dark, wild areas of Newerth than the soft cities, and as a result she has more friends among the bats than people. These winged friends flock to her familiar torch, guide her through treacherous territory and protect her from those who would steal her hard-won treasures.

- New Blackwal Avatars
* The Legion have no dead to bury. This is not because they are winning the war, or lose no warriors to the Hellbourne's blades and claws -it is because Lord Salforis and his Carrion Harvesters are gathering the dead and hauling them back to the grisly depths of Blackwal, where Salforis performs his abhorrent rituals to reanimate the corpses to raise his personal army of the dead.

- New Blackwal Pyromancer Avatar: Brimstone
* Brimstone Pyromancer is an affront to the Sacred Order, the men and women whose complete devotion to Sol grants them power over the miracle of flame. His blessed spirit had ascended to the afterlife, but once his body was reanimated by Salforis' fell sorcery his soul was dragged into Purgatory to witness his former vessel commit acts of merciless depravity as he spews Hellfire: corrupted flames that consume the soul and flesh alike.

- New Blackwal Engineer Avatar: Mangler
* Lord Salforis has long experimented with necromancy and reanimation, but the fragility of dead flesh always has confounded him. When his Carrion Harvesters brought him the corpse of a Legion Engineer, the Baron of Blackwal saw an opportunity to augment his ranks of the undead with machinery that cannot be killed. The corrupted Mangler was born within the tombs of Blackwal, and the Legion will wish he'd stayed there.

- New Gold Edition Blackwal Kinesis Avatar: Necrosis
* Any sorcerer who feels drawn to the insidious necromantic arts and wants to learn from the master will eventually make the pilgrimage to Blackwal, where they will thrive or perish. Others, like Necrosis, will have their unwilling corpses dragged from the battlefield by the Carrion Harvesters and dumped into the Tombs of Travail, where they will awaken to an agonizing new existence that is neither life nor death. Necrosis had once been a Disciple of the Way, harnessing the energy of life that flows through all things, but Salforis has shown him the undercurrent beneath that flow -- the undertow of death and decay -- that is quickly rising to the surface of Newerth. Necrosis embraced it like a maggot feeding on dead flesh, and now he carries the power of dead against his former brothers in arms.

- New Blackwal Tarot Avatar: Death Dealer
* When Lord Salforis learned that the nomadic tribes which sometimes skirted along the fringe of Blackwal had a chosen few who could see the future, he ordered his Carrion Harvesters to scour the realm until they found one. His shambling soldiers did as he asked and dragged the terrified woman before the Baron of Blackwal, who demanded the oracle tell him if he would live forever. The poor gypsy was confounded. It felt as though her own life was being stolen in the presence of Salforis, and every whisper from her divination told her the hulking brute of a man was already dead. When she finally found her voice and courage and said as much, Salforis was so enraged he called forth the grasping hands of his Undying. They tore at the oracle's flesh and soul, but Salforis would not let them pull the life from her completely until she told him what she saw when she sought the manner of her own death. Only when she screamed “This! Here!” did he grant her death, though it was a brief respite, for he immediately reanimated her corpse to serve as his personal soothsayer of doom.

- New A.R.M.S. Hammerstorm Avatar: Savior Hammerstorm
* The Savior Advanced Robotic Mobile Suits (or A.R.M.S.) were discovered in a sealed military bunker buried nearly a mile below the City of Iron, unearthed by the dwarves scraping every shred of ore from the endless tunnels and caverns. They seem to have been created by a previous civilization in a time of great conflict, designed to carry elite warriors into battle and protect them from harm while allowing them to carry weapons far beyond the capability of mere humans.
Even Hammerstorm knows there is one thing stronger than the hammer -- the forge. By wrapping himself in the mysterious metallic armor found beneath the City of Iron, he constructs a new, impervious version of the famed, stoic warrior. And the suit lets him carry a bigger hammer, so forget the other stuff.

- New Tempest Skin: Golden Poseidon
* Poseidon is ready to take his rightful place ahead of Hades and Zeus, and when that's done he'll challenge Athena for the role of official protector of her beloved Athens (if he can find the blasted place...). In preparation for these lofty positions, the God of the Sea has assembled a dazzling suit of golden armor from the endless treasures offered to him via the sunken ships strewn across his ocean floor. It's so kind of his worshipers to sail during his tantrums -- breaking ships into splinters always seems to cheer him up.

- New POGs Avatar: Jeraziah
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Alt avatar models and effects now propagate to illusions correctly

- Hell on Newerth now has a display timer to display when charges are going to be removed
* Also removed a state that had to be used on Balphagore and substituted that with identical timer functionality

- Balance of Power now has a display timer to indicate when the regeneration state will be re-applied if Kane gets damaged

- Wish for Wealth now has a display timer

- Fixed Insanitarius' cooldown incorrectly resetting back to 5 seconds if toggled off on the same frame it would normally go off cooldown
- Display timer is now shown when activated to indicate the item's internal cooldown when toggled on

 Shrunken Head
- Now has charges to display the magic immunity duration of its next activation

== Community suggestions ==

- Daemonic Breastplate:
  Sol's Bulwark is now the first item in the autobuy sequence.

- Kuldra's Sheepstick:
  Blessed Orb is now the first item in the autobuy sequence.

- Tablet of Command:
  Major Totem is now the first item in the autobuy sequence.

-   Void Talisman:
Moved from the Relics shop to the Protective shop.
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.7.0

== New Game Mode ==

Capture the Flag
- It's finally here! After taking the gold medal in Heroes of Newerth's Sol's Theatre Contest, Capture the Flag (previously known as Greenlands) is making its debut in HoN's Matchmaking.
- The HoN design team and SBT have been working hand-in-hand with the map's creators, HyperXewl and Kawaiiiii to test and polish the map ensuring that it meets the community's expectations.
- In addition to the rigorous testing, the map received a complete makeover from the Content team and now looks as smooth as it plays.
- Capture the Flag map information and tips are shown while loading and queueing for a Capture the Flag game
- Here is a list of the rules for Capture the Flag and how it differs from Forests of Caldavar:
* To see the Sol's Theatre Competition, head here.

Pick Mode:
- Blind Ban
- At the start of the game there is a time for item purchasing where a player cannot leave the base (20 seconds)
- Each team has a flag located in its respective base
* Right-clicking the enemy flag picks it up
* Dying while carrying the enemy flag drops it at your current location
* If on the ground, the flag auto-returns to its base after 10 seconds
* Right-clicking your team's flag instantly returns it to your base

- Special states while carrying the flag:
* Grants the other team vision of you at all times (you are revealed as well)
* Portal Key cannot be used
* Instantly teleporting over 2000 units drops the flag
* Incoming damage is amplified and the longer you hold the flag, the more damage you take
* Healing received and Health Regeneration are reduced by 50%

- Players may drop the flag using a new ability called Flag Drop
* The default hotkey for Flag Drop is 'i'
* This does not reset the damage multiplier
* Ability has a 20-second cooldown

- A flag capture (or cap) occurs when you carry the enemy flag to your base while your flag is in place
- Right-clicking your flag pedestal while holding the enemy flag scores the flag capture
- You cannot capture the flag if the enemy has taken your flag
- A flag capture earns a point for the capping team and resets the location of the enemy flag back to their base
- 5 flag captures for one team equals victory

Additional Rules:
- Hero or creep kills are worth 0 XP and a minor amount of gold
- All players are given a static 660 GPM and 156 experience per minute throughout the game
* All players hit max level at the 25 minute mark
- Capturing a flag awards all players on the capping team 350 gold
- An indestructible, unselectable tower guards each base; it hits very hard but is slow and non-lethal
- Shops are in each base and at the respawn points
- Wells are outside of the bases and are usable by both teams, but heroes in the wells take significantly increased damage (+170% damage taken)
- There are two hard neutral camps; one each side of the map
- A rune spawns every 60 seconds in the center of the map
* Haste rune cannot appear
- The courier starts the game flying and is invulnerable, invisible, and gives no vision for your team

== New Hero ==

New Hellbourne Intelligence Hero: Parallax the Artificer
- The Artificers are an alien race who gestate within asteroids hurtling through space. When the asteroids impact a planet the Artificers emerge and begin to dismantle the world by disrupting it with the dark matter within their Fulcrums.
Parallax the Artificer has cratered on Newerth after destroying Andromeda's home planet of Ambia centuries ago, and the Hellbourne corruption oozing from the Scar senses an opportunity to coalesce with this dark matter and spread beyond Newerth.

- Ability 1: Fulcrum Shift
* Parallax forces the Fulcrum to move toward a target location dealing magic damage to targets along the way.
* Target location to move the Fulcrum to that location, consuming a charge. Enemies hit along its path are dealt (10% Max Mana + 0/65/75/75/85) Magic Damage. Max of 1/1/1/2/2 charges that refresh every 9/8/7/6/5 seconds.

- Ability 2: Ionic Dash
* Parallax uses the power of the Fulcrum to quickly send himself to its location, dealing magic damage and silencing enemy units along the way.
* Activate to dash towards the Fulcrum, dealing 75/95/115/135 Magic Damage and silencing enemies hit along the way for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds. Hitting an enemy hero with Ionic Dash will reset the cooldown of the ability.

- Ability 3: Dark Mana
* The Fulcrum's hunger for destruction rewards Parallax's aggression with extra Max Mana.
* Passively grants a charge when damaging enemy heroes with abilities; each charge gives 2/5/8/11 Max Mana.
* Enemy heroes within a 225 radius of the Fulcrum will lose mana per second equal to 8 +0.5 per charge.
* 20% of charges are lost on death, up to a maximum of 5 charges.

- Ability 4: Earthshatter
* Parallax uses his connection with the Fulcrum to create a powerful field around himself and the Fulcrum, dealing massive magic damage to enemy heroes inside of it.
* Activate to create an area tether between Parallax and the Fulcrum.
* While active, enemy heroes within the area are dealt Magic Damage per second based on the difference between Parallax's Max Mana and the enemy hero's.
* While active, Parallax's Movement Speed is increased by 5/10/15% and enemy heroes within the area are slowed by up to 30%.
* Drains 5 % Max Mana per second.

- New Parallax Avatar: Thai Warrior
* Thai Warrior Parallax is a mobile hub of blessings and celebration for the Thai New Year. Wherever he goes, the party goes with him and he's very happy and excited to spread the cleansing, jasmine-scented waters and protective white powders of these sacred rites. Happy New Year, and may this celebration refresh all good things in your life and bring you blessings for the coming year!

- New Parallax Avatar: High Priestess
* The High Priestess of Arasunia is the Mother to all Sisters of the Sacred Order, guiding them in the pure ways of Sol and performing the divine rituals that welcome all lost souls into the fold. She carries with her a blessed ossuary containing the crumbled, ashen remains of the first High Priestess, Saint Eliana, who traveled Newerth with a bottomless skin of holy water and consecrated the lands upon which the Chapels of Sol would grow. Now the High Priestess must use the ossuary as a weapon, wielding its holy powers to destroy the Hellbourne and the daemonic corruption that permeates the soil they tread upon.

- New lobby music for the Parallax release
- Removed 8-bit music from the maps

== General ==
NOTE: Please uninstall any active mods as this patch includes massive changes. Mods are likely to break until they are updated.

= Multi-Unit Control AI =
+ Multi-Unit Control (MUC) heroes like Tundra, Tremble and Ophelia have always required more time and finesse to play at a high level. This has caused a lot of players to move aways from these heroes when they could enjoy them if it did not require as much from the player. The following changes are aimed at reducing the tediousness of playing a MUC hero, but still allows players with excellent micromanagement skills to maximize hero's potential if they want to micromanage.
- All heroes and items that would allow the player access to another controllable unit will have the option of automated or manual control
- Any unit under automated control will follow the player wherever they go and mimic their commands
- If your hero attacks an enemy hero, then your other units will use their active abilities (if they have some) on that hero
- You can turn off automation by deselecting the option (new button next to glyph and taunt) or by selecting the unit and manually giving them a command

= MMR Compression and Decay System =
+ This tweak to our matchmaking system is aimed at top-end players in order to relieve some of their long queue times. To accomplish this we have compressed everyone above 1800 MMR down to 1800 and implemented an MMR decay system to players above 1800. Starting in June the top 100 players on the ladder every month will now get to show off a unique name color to signify their achievement.
+ While this is just a quick fix to top-end queue times, we are also looking at similar solutions for the opposite end of the MMR range as well as adjusting our matching algorithm for these groups. We will also soon be delving into the creation of a much larger project that will aim for shorter queue times and an improved matchmaking experience as a whole.
- All players above 1800 MMR have had their MMR adjusted to 1800
- Players above 1800 MMR who have not played 5 games in any 10-day period will experience MMR decay at a rate of up to 1% of their rating per day until they are back down to 1800 MMR

= MMR Adjustments =
+ In an effort to remove negativity before the match has even started, we have removed the visibility of how much MMR a player may gain or lose in the match they are in. This will still be visible with the change in MMR after a match ends.
- MMR gain and loss amounts are no longer visible in the hero pick screen

= Guide System Rework =
+ With massive hero changes incoming and new ways to play arising, we will need our guides to reflect this. We decided to not only update every guide in the game to the current retail patch but also simplify and change how the in-game guides work. With this patch you will see a streamlined guide system that tells you exactly what you need to crush your enemies with some options for both offensive and defensive builds. A big thanks to all the SBT players who submitted their guides for this system!
- Introduced new Hero Guide structure
- Removed all existing guides
- Updated default guides for all heroes

= Leaver Strike System =
+ The Leaver Strike System, in tandem with the current leaver percentage, will further ensure the integrity of games played in the matchmaking system
- Strikes are earned when a player disconnects from a game and is terminated (can no longer rejoin) from a matchmaking game. This does not apply if the game is conceded or if a player can normally leave a match with no penalty.
- The player can gain several strikes, the first being forgiven. Subsequent strikes will ban the player from matchmaking for an increasingly longer duration. Ranging from 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on how many strikes the player has gotten on their account.
- 10 days from the player's first strike, the strike count will be cleared out and they start from 0 strikes again.
* Strike 1: Forgiven
* Strike 2: 30 mins
* Strike 3: 1 hour
* Strike 4: 2 hours
* Strike 5: 4 hours
* Strike 6+: 10 hours

= Skillshot Hit Percentages =
+ This has been a feature that players have asked for since the beginning of HoN. It is now a reality, so make sure to brag when you hit every shot! We are open to suggestions for which abilities you would like tracked.
- We now track certain skillshots and display your accuracy with them in chat when you hit someone
* Only counts as a hit when you hit a hero
* Chat message is only displayed to the person playing the hero
- The following abilities are tracked:
* Devourer's Guttling Hook
* Valkyrie's Javelin of Light
* Gauntlet's Grapple

= Smartcasting =
+ This option allows casting abilities by pressing the ability button without the following click.
- Smartcasting is now available in the options menu.
- Self-Cast feature will be added in the future.

= Tower Aggression Indicators =
+ There will now be a much more pronounced effect when a tower attacks your hero, allowing players to know exactly when they are being attacked.
- A new "Alert" sound is now played when you have drawn tower aggression
- A new red circle on the ground appears when you have drawn tower aggression, showing you the range of the tower

= Significant Optimizations =
- Loading into the game should be about 50% faster
- Numerous memory optimizations to the client and UI resulting in a reduced memory footprint
- Significant improvements to game server performance and stability such that the in game experience should be greatly improved for players
- The game should no longer freeze for a split-second when the game switches to a new music track
- Darkened the loading screen background to reduce on-screen clutter

== Maps ==

= Map Editor =
- Fixed a potential for memory corruption and crashing when using the water tool
- The water tool now properly updates water, fixing needing to restart the client to see changes made
- Reworked the water tool to be easier to use, especially when trying to only modify existing water
- Right clicking with the water tool now erases/resets properties for existing water
- Fixed a handful of string/translation issues with the water tool
- The sound tool now works the first time you try to use it
- Changed how the sound tool plays placed sounds which fixes most sounds on a map not playing when they should
- Added a visual indicator for the falloff area of sounds
- Fixed the clone behavior of the bot metadata tool so that it properly re-selects the cloned nodes
- The cliff tool now works the first time you try to use it
- Fixed a memory leak in the cliff tool
- Fixed some situations in which the cliff tool would delete cliff pieces added by the same operation while trying to add more cliff pieces
- Added a checkbox to the system bar to enable/disable drawing the navigation grid
- Entities now always properly update/create path blockers as you edit them
- Fixed Water/Fog markers not being properly removed if you deleted them while hovering them
- Made the entities dialogue wider so it is easier to use
- The foliage tool now properly updates size/scale/density changes on all areas of the map

+ Added undo/redo support using CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y for all the tools supported by our editor including:
- Blocker tool
- Deform tool
- Foliage tool
- Tile Definitions
- Paint tool
- Water tool
- Sound tool
- Bot tool
- Entity Tool
- Cliff Tool

= Map Help Tips =
- Maps will now display a tip in the bottom right corner for 20 seconds
* Clicking on the tip will open a help window that will explain mechanics about the current map
- The following maps have Help Tips added:
* Forests of Caldavar
* Mid Wars
* Grimm’s Crossing
* Capture the Flag
* The Grimm Hunt
* Rift Wars
* Darkwood Vale
* Watchtower

= Map Changes =
Forests of Caldavar
- The Forests have been improved in many ways:
* Ground textures updated
* Water effects enhanced
* Foliage cleaned up
* New wooden boat!
* Kongor has donned his birthday suit
* HoNiversary Decorations added: Check the entire map for festive 5th HoNiversary decorations!

Mid Wars
- The Snotter Boss is back!

All Maps
- HoNiversary Party Creeps

== Hero Balance ==

The following heroes have been added to Tournament Rules:
-  Kane
-  Calamity
-  Tarot

The following heroes have been removed from Tournament Rules:
- Keeper of the Forest
-  Hellbringer
-  Wildsoul

+ Emerald Red is a great asset for Power Throw, but we felt that her other abilities needed to shine with Emerald Red as well. With these changes, Emerald Red will bring more game-changing power to her entire skillset.
 Emerald Lightning (Q)
- Mana cost reduced from 100/110/120/130 to 80/95/110/125
- Emerald Red effect: Max potential number of targets affected increased from 1/2/3/4 to 2/4/6/8
* Stun duration still caps at 5 seconds
- Emerald Red effect: Emerald Lightning debuff duration on enemies increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds
* Matches the buff duration on Aluna

 Deja Vu (E)
- Mana cost reduced from 100/110/120/130 to 70/80/90/100
- Emerald Red effect: When Aluna returns to her location with the third activation of the skill (if she returns), she will be stealthed for 3 seconds

 Emerald Red (R)
- Mana cost reduced from 75 to 50

+ Arachna received some much-needed quality of life improvement to her Webbed Shot, removing the item restrictions and further accentuating her laning strength.
 Webbed Shot (Q)
- Cooldown removed for early levels
- No longer considered an Attack Modifier

+ Armadon has always been known for his Spine Burst spam and will be seeing more Spine Burst procs with these changes. Players will also experience reduced mandatory button mashing when they have sufficient mana during mid/late-game.
 Spine Burst (W)
- No longer has a Cast Time and is non-interrupting
- Can now be toggled (right-clicked) to cast immediately when off cooldown

 Armordillo (R)
- Damage reduction required to trigger an instance of Spine Burst decreased from 250 to 150

+ Artillery was heavily limited by his LRM in many ways. This change is aimed at allowing the hero to be more mobile and use his LRM in more hit-and-run type tactics.
- Intelligence growth per level increased from 1.4 to 1.5

 LRM (Q)
- Implemented a charge system on his LRM
- Each rocket equals one charge; maximum of 20. Charges are refreshed every 0.5s (even during channelling)
- Mana cost: 10 base mana cost, 4 per rocket fired
- The spell can be channeled until there is no ammo left or until Artillery runs out of mana (cooldown is removed)
- Grants 1% bonus damage for each rocket fired after the first one for a given channel instance
* It is rewarding to stand still, but you don't waste your spell if you have to move

 Homing Missile (R)
- Mana cost decreased from 150/175/200 to 125/150/175

+ Balphagore is a very strong team-oriented push hero that has fallen off due to a lot of unnecessary micro and Hell on Newerth didn't quite hit the mark later on in the game. These changes are aimed at bringing the power level of Hell on Newerth to a stronger place in the current meta. Micromanagement issues are alleviated with the new Multi-Unit Control AI.
 Regurgitate (Q)
- Cone angle for hitting enemies in front of self increased from 100 to 120 degrees

 Demonic Pathogen (W)
- Now grants 1 charge to Hell of Newerth every 0.5 seconds for every enemy hero affected
* If Hell of Newerth is on cooldown, reduces its cooldown by 1 second in the same interval instead

 Corpse Conversion (E)
- Cast action time lowered from 300 to 200 ms

 Hell on Newerth (R)
- Amount of charges given for nearby enemy spell casts reduced from 0.75 times the percentage of mana spent to 0.5 times the percentage of mana spent
- Now has a static 90 second cooldown at all 3 stages instead of 35/60/120
- Now always slows and spawns Volatile minions regardless of charges (instead of in stages)
- Now deals a base amount of 200/250/300 Magic Damage
- Charges now increase the damage by 1/2/3 per charge up to a maximum of 300/450/600 total Magic Damage (100 charges max)
- While on cooldown, now reduces the cooldown by 1 second for every 50 mana spent by nearby enemy heroes
- Volatile Minion health changed from 350 to 300/450/600

+ A boost to games in which Behemoth sees a bit more farm. This will see its largest impact in Mid Wars while still being a solid buff for normal mode as well.
 Enrage (W)
- Bonus Base Damage increased from 50/100/150/200% to 100/175/275/375%

+ Bombardier has fallen off significantly due to high skill requirements with subpar rewards. The changes here are aimed at limiting the frustrations of playing the hero and increasing his power level so he can compete with other hard nukers.
 Bombardment (W)
- Now has 1/1/1/2 charges

 Boom Dust (E)
- Action type changed from Target Entity to Target Position
- Target a 250 radius area to apply Boom Dust to 2 units closest to the center of the area
- Max charges decreased from 4 to 2
* Total maximum of units affected is still 4
- Charge refresh time increased from 4 seconds to 8 seconds

+ A minor tweak to bring her a little closer to where she should be.
 Dragon's Path (W)
- Cooldown increased from 2.5 to 3 seconds

 Corrupted Disciple
+ Some quality of life changes for our most loyal disciple.
 Electric Tide (Q)
- Radius increased from 700 to 800
* Expansion and contraction time remain the same
- Clearvision increased from 700 to 800

 Corrupted Conduit (W)
- Cast action time reduced from 400ms to 300ms
- Break range increased from 700 to 800

+ Deadlift has shown a significant amount of popularity and is hitting most of our marks, however the 0 mana cost nuke on The Dead Shall Rise was not enough of a risk for Deadlift and caused too much frustration when playing against it.
 Onslaught (W)
- No longer deals a high amount of damage when you kill someone

 The Dead Shall Rise (E)
- Health Cost removed, added a Mana Cost of 60 instead

 Demented Shaman
+ Demented Shaman is a top-tier support hero who has fallen off in most of our regions. These quality of life changes are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of his abilities in certain situations. Seriously, this hero should be played more!
 Unbreakable (W)
- Cooldown lowered from 45/35/25/15 to 30/25/20/15 seconds
- No longer has an extra frame of delay if he casts it on himself

 Storm Cloud (R)
- Radius increased from 600 to 700

+ Players will no longer be forced to put an early point in Cadaver Armor to begin gaining charges.
 Cadaver Armor (E)
- One point in this skill is automatically acquired at the start of the game, granting the Strength gain passive effects
* Skill now has 5 levels

 Doctor Repulsor
+ Another small tweak to Doctor Repulsor that makes him weaker against other ranged heroes, while doing very little to affect his dominance against melee heroes.
- Attack Range lowered from 500 to 450

 Emerald Warden
+ We wanted to bring Emerald Warden's traps more to the forefront of the hero. The new trigger sub-ability will also now allow players to exert a little more control over their traps as well.
 Hunter's Command (W)
- Magic Damage increased from 60/120/180/240 to 90/155/220/285

 Overgrowth (E)
- Overgrowth trap now has the ability to forcefully trigger itself to go off
- Max number of Overgrowth traps increased from 3 to 5

+ Having to leave your lane to set up mines left the player underleveled. Additionally, Engineer was often not around to gain the experience from mine kills. Therefore, changes were made to allow Engineer players a better way of utilizing their mines without spending so much time out of lane.
 Spider Mines (E)
- Action type changed from Self Position to Target Position
- Cast range increased from 0 to 450
- Max charges increased from 1/2/2/3 to 1/2/3/4
- Max number of mines on the map reduced from 9 to 6
- Charge refresh time reduced from 25 seconds to 15 seconds
- Increase arming time from 1 second to 1.5 seconds
- Magic Damage increased from 150/200/250/300 to 175/250/325/400
- "Destroy Spider Mine" self-destruct ability on the Mine itself moved from the Q slot to the E slot
* Consistency with other self-destruct abilities on gadgets

 The Gladiator
+ Gladiator brings a unique kit to the game and the excitement of playing with and against him can be felt by everyone. We have systematically buffed this hero patch after patch and we feel this will finally put him where we want him. The new use of Call to Arms will allow Gladiator players to more accurately hit the ability and be more useful in team fights. The early mana pool increase allows Gladiator to be played in a support/roamer role if desired, opening up a wider range of play styles.
- Base Intelligence increased from 16 to 18
- Intelligence growth per level increased from 1.5 to 2.0

 Pitfall (Q)
- Damage changed from 0.15s intervals to frame (0.05s) intervals
* Same total damage, this was just a consistency change

 Call to Arms (R)
- Targeting mechanic changed: can target anywhere within cast range.
* Chariot still spawns 2000 units behind the targeted position relative to Gladiator. As a result, the Chariot's travel time is unchanged.
- Radius increased from 400 to 450
- Damage from the damage buffer state changed from non-lethal damage to direct HP removal
* Prevents allied Portal Keys from going on cooldown and cancelling Bottle/Health Potion/Mana Potion/Striders, etc.
- Damage buffer duration increased from 5/6/7 seconds to 10 seconds at all levels
- Cooldown increased from 60/50/40 seconds to 70/60/50 seconds

+ Gunblade is a carry who gains farm through ganking. A lot of players want the hero to have a better farming tool, but it must be understood that heroes like him and Arachna should not be farming lanes much. Instead, they should be running around trying to kill heroes with their exceptional abilities. These changes are made to make Gunblade a little more reliable and to smooth out his gameplay experience.
 Crippling Slugs (Q)
- All 3 shots come out regardless of being stunned/silenced/killed midway
* Prevents a partially wasted nuke if stunned or silenced mid-nuke

 Demonic Shield (W)
- Cast action time and cast time reduced to 0
- Can now be used during other orders without interruption

 Lethal Range (E)
- Now grants True Strike when Gunblade attacks a hero within 200 range
- Bonus damage is calculated properly when Gunblade has a Wingbow

+ Hellbringer has suffered from many problems in his lifetime. The major problem was that his skillset was not very active or even visually impactful. A "walking ultimate" to a certain degree, Hellbringer was just not that fun and did not have much impact as a support or solo hero. The new skillset he has received will keep him similar to the old Hellbringer but allows him to be more active, impactful and entertaining. Malphas is now an actual threat on the field, establishing Hellbringer as a new powerhouse in Newerth!
 Demon Strike (Q)
- Reworked
- Charge based ability: 2 charges max, restores 1 charge every 15 seconds, 100 mana cost
- Vector targeting: click location and drag
- Upon use, summons a demon at the target location that slowly lands on the ground (takes 0.6 seconds) and rapidly charges in the target direction, dealing 100/150/200/250 magic damage and applying fear for 1 second to enemies in a line.

 Demonic Wave (W)
- Reworked
- Action type changed from Target Entity to Target Position
- Cast Range increased from 600 to 1250
- Now sends out a slow-moving cone-shaped wave that applies Death Boil to enemy units hit
* Radius starts out at 110 units and ends at 300 units

 Evil Presence (E)
- Reworked
- Summons a passive minion that follows you around and heals you for 15/20/25/30% of all damage dealt to organic enemy units
- Can be activated for 50 mana to send the minion towards a target enemy at max movement speed. Upon reaching the enemy (or after 5 seconds) the minion explodes, slowing enemies in an AoE by 20/30/40/50% and reducing their magic armor by 1/2/3/4 for 5 seconds
* Cast Range of 1200

- This ability has a 15 second cooldown and the healing passive does not work until the minion is revived at the end of the cooldown
- When Hellbringer dies the minion (if present) will explode and apply the effect as well

 Summon Malphas (R)
- Now deals 20/40/60 Magic Damage per second for 3 seconds in addition to the instant 100 Magic Damage upon cast
- Only summons 1 Malphas
* Malphas now has 900/1350/1800 HP, 50/75/100 Attack Damage, 375/400/425 movement speed, 5/10/15 armor, 15/20/25 HP Regeneration and 17 Magic Armor

 Immolate (Q)
- Passive damage increased from 25 to 25/50/75 Magic Damage per second to enemies within a 225 radius

 Burning Sword (W)
- Reworked
- Now passively gives 25/50/75 Attack Speed

 Fire Bomb (E)
- Reworked
- Passively throws a fireball every 3 seconds at the closest enemy hero within a 500 radius, dealing 50/75/100 Magic Damage

+ Kane was intended to be one of the most powerful counter-carries we put into the game. The ability to lock down an enemy carry and not die is something he is very good at. However, a lot of his skills were not adequately fulfilling that niche to make him a serious threat to carries. In addition, his passive skill had very little use outside towers or Face Off. These changes are aimed at making him more impactful against carries and a better source of mobile out-of-combat regeneration for his team.
- Magic Armor lowered from 6.5 to 4.5

 Balance of Power (W)
- Auras now heal 1/2/3/4% of missing HP and Mana
- No longer has a Movement Speed bonus and penalty on Kane for either aura
- Swap duration for auras reduced from 8/6/4/2 seconds to 2 seconds at all levels

 Steel Resolve (E)
- Debuff duration increased from 1.5 seconds to 4 seconds and each autoattack from Kane adds 1 additional charge to the debuff
- The target's autoattacks deal 5/10/15/20% less damage per charge on them
* Kane will deal this amount as Bonus Damage when attacking that target
- Max of 4 charges on any single target

 Face Off (R)
- Duration increased from 2.5/3.5/4.5 seconds to 3.5/4.5/5.5 seconds
- Range increased from 450/550/650 to 650
- Duration of the force-attack state resets when Kane and the target meet (i.e. when the arena is formed)

 Keeper of the Forest
+ Jungling is often a desirable play style in our game and we felt that we were not offering much difference in play styles within the jungle category. Keeper of the Forest's skillset had a lot of overlap with Tempest, who is also a solid jungle hero. With Tempest considered top-tier while Keeper of the Forest was losing traction, we decided to make Keeper of the Forest's second skill (W) more unique. With these changes, Keeper of the Forest is now a solid farmer with some good damage output and sustainability. His ability to carry was also increased.
- Keeper of the Forest has a completely updated and improved base model.

 Nature's Veil (Q)
- Cast Range increased from 500 to 800
- Health Regeneration has been removed.
- Can now be cast on structures.

Animate Forest (W)
- Removed

New ability:  Nature's Sentinel (W)
- Target Position, 300 Cast Range
- 20/30/40/50 Mana Cost, 25/20/15/10 second Cooldown
- Now creates a Sentinel at the target location. These are considered to be real trees by Keeper's other abilities.
- The center tree has 600 health and can be attacked. Dies in 2 hits from heroes and towers regardless of damage. 30/45/60/75 Gold bounty
- Has 1/2/3/4 smaller trees around it that can't be targeted and deal 30 Physical Damage each, prioritizing heroes. They do not attack structures.
- Nature's Sentinel is disabled if the active tree has taken damage.
* Health of the tree is regenerated quickly within 3 seconds of not taking damage.
- Nature's Sentinel's cooldown restarts if the tree is killed

 Entmoot (E)
- Now also heals you for 0.3% of max health per charge on each attack Keeper makes against enemy units (max of 1.5% healed per hit with 5 charges)
* This is not lifesteal, as that heals you based on damage done. This heals you based on your max health only
* Works when you attack structures

+ Goon squad needed to be toned down a bit in terms of sheer utility. The ability to easily siege towers and was not an intended function of the hero. We also noticed hitbox issues with flight that was making skill shots slightly harder to hit.
- Lowered flight height so it is easier to land skill shots against him

 Goon Squad (R)
- No longer deals damage to structures

+ A minor ability change for Maliken that will give him more control over his Sword Throw.
 Sword Throw (Q)
- Changing Sword of the Damned (W) mode while the sword is in mid-flight changes the sword and all effects dynamically.

 Master of Arms
+ Master of Arms is a very fun and effective hero and a lot of you may wonder why we are changing him at all. A lot of his abilities were mismatched to his roles. If he wanted to carry he needed to use the Repeater but the Pulse Cannon's Master's Call? His Pulse Cannon's Charged Shot was massively effective while his Repeater's Blast Shot was useless in the vast majority of scenarios. We decided to spice the hero up a bit and make his Pulse Cannon form a solid choice for early game and his Repeater all about carrying. Two solid play styles of long range harass or close range damage form the play style now. Everything is in the right place and the hero is a ton of fun now!
- Strength decreased from 17 to 15
- Strength per level decreased from 1.8 to 1.5
- Agility per level decreased from 2.6 to 2.5
- Intelligence increased from 18 to 20
- Intelligence per level increased from 2 to 2.4

Pulse Cannon mode renamed to Bulldozer mode

 Charged Shot (Q)
- Cast Range increased from 500 to 800
- Mana cost rescaled from 85/95/105/115 to 100
- Cooldown decreased from 12 to 10 seconds
- Stun duration decreased from 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds to 1/1.2/1.4/1.6 seconds
- Damage decreased from 75/125/175/225 to 50/100/150/200

 Bulldozer (E)
- Adds 75/75/100/125/150 Attack range and 0/10/20/30/40 Attack damage, but reduces Attack Speed by 20%

 Master's Call (R)
- Now grants a 250/350/450 post-mitigation Damage Shield for 10 seconds

Repeater mode renamed to Cheetah mode

 Blast Shot (Q)
- Reworked
- Cast Range of 550
- Mana Cost of 80
- Fires a projectile that deals 100/150/200/250 Magic Damage and immobilizes the target for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds on impact

 Cheetah (E)
- Reduces Attack Damage by 20% only against heroes and increases Attack Speed by 0/100/200/300/400
* Can shoot 12 bullets before needing to reload
* Reloading takes 4 seconds

Master's Call renamed to Adrenaline Kryo Enhancer

 Adrenaline Kryo Enhancer (R)
- Now grants 75/125/175 Movement Speed, 50/75/100 Cast Speed and 20/40/60 Damage for 5 seconds

 Monkey King
+ Monkey King has seen a fair share of the nerf bat because of how hard and frustrating it was to play against him. We took it a bit too far on increasing his overall mana consumption. This did not affect the frustration of playing against the hero all that much. Therefore, the mana cost of Vault was reduced.
 Heavenly Vault (W)
- Mana cost reduced to 120 at all levels from 120/130/140/150

+ These changes are aimed at increasing Moraxus' effectiveness with the challenging timing issues he faces and rewards him more for successful execution. The threat of Arcane Shield is real and it makes playing against Moraxus more dangerous than ever.
 Arcane Shield (W)
- Duration of the spellblock state increased from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds
- Duration of the boost increased from 5 to 6 seconds
- Now grants 40/60/80/100% Slow Resistance on the boost
- Bonus Attack Damage on the boost increased from 20/40/60/80 to 60/80/100/120
- Bonus Movement Speed on the boost increased from 70/110/150/190 to 200

 More Axes (E)
- Axes now replenish every 5 seconds, down from 8/7/6/5
- If someone is hit with 4 axes without the debuff falling off, they are immobilized for 1.5 seconds

+ Magic Carp has always been an ability that had little purpose on its own and felt extremely weak at impact. The only solid choice in using it was to proc Null Stones. These changes are aimed at giving Myrmidon more teamfight utility and increasing his durability.

 Magic Carp (W)
- Now targets an area (300 radius) instead of a unit
- Spawns a Magic Carp for each enemy hero in the target area
* No longer works on creeps as a result

 Forced Evolution (R)
- Forced Evolution state duration increased from 15 to 20 seconds
- Now gains 5/10/15 Magic Armor
- Max Health gained increased from 200/300/400 to 200/400/600

 Night Hound
+ Night Hound now has more choices in leveling and a solid niche as a potential suicide hero. He also becomes the first hero that can level his ultimate at levels 1/3/5!

 Invisibility (R)
- Gains 1 attack, skill cast or item activation before being revealed
* Can still be revealed through eye, dust, and wards
- This charge only refreshes after he attacks/uses a skill or an item again
- Can be leveled at level 1/3/5
- No longer grants bonus Agility

+ Nomad receives quality of life changes that allow him to get more consistent damage opportunities.
 True Strike/Mirage Strike (W)
- True Strike now sets Nomad's Movement Speed to 600 until he hits the target
- Mirage Strike now sets the illusion's Movement Speed to 600 until it hits the target

 Plague Rider
+ Plague Rider now has stronger suicide options to keep him relevant.
 Extinguish (E)
- Cooldown reduced from 55/50/45/40 seconds to 50/45/40/35 seconds

 Pollywog Priest
+ These changes are simple and revert Pollywog Priest back to the old days when he could consistently ward trap and harass with his Electric Jolt.
 Electric Jolt (Q)
- No longer deals damage in a 500 radius around the target. Instead, creates a large cone that starts at Pollywog and travels 1210 units away
* This is how Pollywog Priest used to function in the past

 Voodoo Wards (R)
- Bound radius increased from 10 to 16
* Target now has a slightly harder time escaping a ward trap

+ Riptide has always suffered from being a very limited hero with not too many options. This rework is meant to give the hero more options in the ganking territory and provide a real way to play outside of the middle lane. The new Eye of the Storm will accomplish what the old Eye of the Storm was trying to: make Riptide a constant threat on the map.
- Check the Content section for information on the completely redesigned base model for Riptide.

 Undertow (W)
- Cooldown decreased from 45/40/35/30 to 25/20/15/10 seconds
- Damage rescaled to 50/100/150/200 to all enemy units (from 100/125/150/175 to heroes and 150/200/250/300 to units)
- Puddles now only stay for 3 seconds (down from 20)
- Now applies a 30% slow for 3 seconds in a 250 radius upon reaching the end

 In My Element (E)
- Linger time increased from 1 to 1.5 seconds
- Now has an additional activation on top of the passive effects while in water
- 20 mana cost, 45 second cooldown
- Upon activation, creates a 600 radius permanent puddle of water
* Only 1 of these puddles can be active at a time

 Eye of the Storm (R)
- Reworked
- Mana Cost increased from 50 to 150
- Cooldown decreased from 120 to 80 seconds
- Now a 20 second channel
- Upon cast Riptide becomes a whirlpool of water charging in the target direction
- Riptide gains speed slowly, up to a maximum speed of 600 over 5 seconds
* Can travel over any obstacle, tree, or cliff while charging
- Hitting the (R) button again while charging will change the direction of the charge slowly
* Channeling is manually cancelled if you right-click the ground to move
- Silences and stuns will not interrupt this channel while moving
- Upon contact with an enemy hero or right-clicking, the whirlpool explodes in a 400 radius area, stunning enemies for 1-second and pushing them back
- Enemies hit take up to 200/300/400 Magic Damage based on how long you have been channeling
- Enemies hit have a 100% tapering Movement Speed Slow applied to them for 5 seconds and are considered in water for this duration
* Everything-walking lingers for 1 second

 Sand Wraith
+ Small quality of life change for his weak slow from Desert's Curse.
 Desert's Curse (Q)
- Movement Speed slow increased from 8/12/16/20% to 12/16/20/24%

+ Soulstealer has been a staple hero for a long time, but he has been limited in other modes (e.g. Mid Wars and Casual Mode) because of his soul mechanic. We want to allow Soulstealer to have a less frustrating farm mechanic and a better way of gaining souls in all modes! Mid Wars Soulstealer, here I come!
 Soulsteal (W)
- Hero kills grant 5 souls to Soulstealer

+ Swiftblade is receiving another small tweak to make him play a slightly tighter game to achieve what he was before.
 Swift Slashes (R)
- Range decreased from 450 to 400
- Radius for target checks decreased from 450 to 400

+ Tundra has always been a strong hero. However, the changing metagame and the tedium of playing the hero created a high demand for changes. These tweaks are aimed at giving more options to Tundra's minions and making his Piercing Shards ability retain its power during mid/late-game.
 Piercing Shards (Q)
- Total Mixed Damage increased from 180/240/300/360 to 190/260/330/400

 Call of Winter (W)
- Both Shiver and Coeurl now get a new ability: Patrol
- Upon use, orders the unit to patrol (move back and forth) between the current and the target position
* Canceled upon issuing any command to them
- Coeurl (dog) will attack any enemies he encounters along the patrolling line (this cancels patrolling)
- Can be used on an allied unit to follow and assist it (attack the targets it attacks, not attacking at all otherwise)

+ Valkyrie is a classic hero we wanted to reward for hitting arguably one of the hardest skill shots in the game. With this change she can be more active and more of an unseen threat.
 Javelin of Light (W)
- Cooldown reduced from 25 seconds to 20 seconds
- Range increased from 3000 to 7000
- If the Javelin travels farther than 2000/1750/1500/1250 units (distance travelled required to apply a 5-second stun) and hits someone, then up to 100/200/300/400 bonus Magic Damage is dealt
* Bonus damage scales linearly up to 6000 units travelled
* Any distance past this will apply the maximum bonus damage

 Prism (R)
- Now has clearer visuals to distinguish fade time from full invisibility

+ Wildsoul has been at the bottom of the barrel for well over a year now. With the speed of the game and the high damage HoN brings, it took too long and was too hard to actually get to a point where Wildsoul could carry. We also noticed that it wasn't the most fun thing in the world playing against a Wildsoul's Booboo that was bashing down your towers for 250+ damage a swing or running down your supports with the damage from Mock of Brilliance. With this rework Wildsoul will become the powerhouse carry he once was while not being as frustrating to play against.
 Summon Booboo (Q)
- Cooldown changed from 120 seconds to 30 seconds, but the cooldown only starts after Booboo dies
- While Booboo is alive, can use the ability again to Return Booboo to your side if he hasn't taken hero damage lately

 Wild (W)
- Cooldown decreased from 30 to 20 seconds
- Mana Cost increased from 50 to 50/60/70/80
- Upon use, grants Wildsoul and Booboo 10/15/20/25 Attack Speed and 4/6/8/10% Movement Speed for 45 seconds
* For the first ten seconds, this effect is doubled

 Natural Attunement (E)
- Reworked
- Previous bonuses removed
- Now grants 2/3/4/5 HP Regeneration and 0.5/1/1.5/2 Mana Regeneration to Wildsoul and 10/15/20/25% Lifesteal to Booboo
* Also applies the lifesteal to any other units you own, such as Puzzlebox summons

 Bear Form (R)
- Reworked
- Now grants a copy of all of Booboo's abilities to Wildsoul while in Bear form
* This depends on how much you have leveled Summon Booboo
* This replaces Wild Soul's Wild (W) and Natural Attunement (E) with Booboo's Swipe (W) and Alpha Male (E)
* Booboo's Frenzy (R) is added passively
* Cooldowns are saved between switching forms
- While Bear Form is active, Wildsoul and Booboo will now share all incoming damage (40% of all damage taken is instead taken by the other)
- Bear form no longer grants any health. Instead, grants 5/10/15 Armor, all bonuses of Natural Attunement (Regenerations and Lifesteal), and still changes you into a Melee hero.

+ Essentially, this ability now gives you 30/40/50 seconds of Bear Form that you can use up as you deem necessary. You must effectively spend at least half of the time in human form.
- Cast time completely removed (no longer interrupts walking)
- Activation Mana Cost increased from 25 to 50
* Mana Cost to deactivate decreased from 25 to 0
- This ability is now charge based and has 30/40/50 max charges
* When you learn this ability you gain 30 charges
* Upon leveling this ability up you gain 10 charges immediately
- While Bear Form is active you consume 1 charge per second
- While Bear Form is not active you regain 1 charge per second
* Can turn back and forth freely with a 1-second cooldown
- Upon reaching 0 charges Bear Form deactivates
- Requires at least 5 charges to activate
- No longer disjoints upon use

- Health decreased from 1400/1800/2300/2700 to 1400/1600/1800/2000
- Damage increased from 28-38 to 35-40 - Booboo can no longer deal any damage to heroes or structures when he is out of range (too far from Wildsoul)
- Booboo now has a visual indicator for when he's too far from Wildsoul
- HP Regeneration increased from 2 to 5
- Armor from 3/4/5/6 to a static 5
- Movement speed from 320/320/330/340 to a static 330
- Attack cooldown from 1750/1650/1550/1450 to a static 1500
* Above changes are meant to remove any hidden bonuses on the bear and put an accent on leveling the skill to gain extra abilities on Booboo.

Level 1
 Return (Q)
* 5 second cooldown
* On use Teleports Booboo to Wildsoul's position
* Goes on a 3-second cooldown when any player-controlled unit hits Booboo

 Alpha Male (E)
- Reworked
- Grants 50% extra attack damage vs. creeps

Level 2
 Swipe (W)
- Reworked
* 6-second cooldown
* Deals 150 Physical damage in a 300 radius and applies a 75% slow for 1 second
* This ability is used automatically on the 3rd attack when off cooldown.

Level 3
 Frenzy (R)
- Reworked
* Gives 2 attack damage for 15 seconds every time Booboo takes damage
* Max of 40 damage (20 charges)
* Works from transferred damage

Level 4
- Boosts all the other abilities
* Alpha Male (E) gains an extra 25% attack damage bonus vs. heroes
* Swipe (W) now also deals damage to structures and gains 50 extra range
* Frenzy (R) now passively gives 5 normal and magic armor
* Wildsoul gains this 5 extra normal and magic armor as well when in bear form (for a total of 10/15/20 +5)

+ Zephyr is a strong hero who just doesn't fit in the current metagame. However, this change is aimed at allowing players the option of jungling at level 1.
 Cyclones (W)
- Consuming a cyclone no longer interrupts your attack animation

 Wind Shield (E)
- Now passively blocks 15 damage from creeps and neutrals

== Item Balance ==

New Item:  Merrick's Bounty
+ A new item to the game that allows supports and suicides the chance to catch up, even while getting dominated in the laning phase. We will be watching this item closely, but the days of supports having almost no income are over!
- Cost: 250 gold
- Available in Supplies and Outpost shops
- Buying or picking up the item starts a 30-second cooldown
- While off cooldown the item gains a charge every 10 seconds
- When you kill an enemy non-hero unit all of the charges are instantly consumed, giving you 10 gold per charge and starting a 30-second cooldown
- You cannot gain charges while dead
- Max of 120 charges
- Each time a charge is added, a sound plays for the player who owns the item.

 Blessed Orb
+ This was removed from the Outpost to make room for Merrick's Bounty. If we left in the Blessed Orb you would have to scroll down to purchase it and no one wants to scroll at the Outpost!
- Removed from Outpost

 Blood Chalice
+ Now rewards players with a potential boost of mana when any nearby enemy hero dies, even if Blood Chalice was not used. This helps Chalice remain a strong item pickup throughout the game.
- Radius for health refund increased from 700 to 1000
- Now gains 1 charge when an enemy hero within 1000 range of you dies
* Cannot gain a charge while Blood Chalice is on cooldown
- On use, will not remove health if you have a charge on the item
* Removes the charge on use

 Doom Bringer
+ Players will no longer be able to exploit the system and use neutrals to drop Doom Bringers for other players. Doom Bringer has also received a fun change: it increases in power when you get kills!
- Only drops when a player scores a kill against them
- Every hero kill made with the Doom Bringer grants a bonus 10 Attack Damage on the Doom Bringer
* This bonus Attack Damage remains on the item even if dropped
* Max of 25 charges

 Null Stone
+ Null Stone was simply too cheap and had to cost more.
- Item cost increased from 150 to 300
- Removing a Null Stone buff from an enemy now grants kill assist credit

 Post Haste
+ Post Haste was a farming tool that was not being used as much as it could be due to pricing.
- Recipe reduced from 1900 to 1600

 Power Supply
+ Power Supply is now a more cost-effective tool.
- Cost reduced from 240 gold to 225 gold

 Veiled Rot
+ Veiled Rot was causing players to feel under the constant threat of ganks that they could not play around. With the addition of stock, players can play around the timings much easier.
- Can now be purchased from the Observatory
- Now starts the game with 3 stock in the shop
- Gains 1 stock every 3 minutes
- Max of 5 stock

== New Content ==

= HoNiversary =

New Limited Edition Shadowblade Avatar: Dominion
- The glorious regions of Newerth have combined forces for HoNiversary into one unstoppable warrior, capable of shifting combat tactics to suit any environment and enemy. This harmonious melding of regional fighting styles and cultures is a shining example for all of us—especially over chat.

New Limited Edition Oogie Avatar: Boogie Oogie
- Boogie Oogie is a rising star on the streets. Coming from nothing and working hard to make a name for himself as one of the greatest break dancers around, he is close to reaching that dream. Watch this B-boy drop, float and suicide his way to victory, but don't get in his way otherwise he'll drop the bass right on top of you.

New Taunt: R.I.Pepperoni
- Send your opponents to a saucy grave with this tasty taunt!

New Holiday Edition Name Color: HoNiversary Glowing Gold
- Add some lustre to your HoN life with the top-tier Glowing Gold Name Color!

New Holiday Edition Ward: HoNiversary Ward
- Put your celebratory spirit on full display with this 5-Year HoNiversary ward!

The following heroes and avatars have been imported from the China build! These vastly improved models replace the current versions.
- Hero: Midas
* Avatar: Santa Midas Avatar
- Hero: Jeraziah
* Avatar: Dark Jeraziah
- Hero: Valkyrie
- Hero: Succubus
- Hero: Legionnaire
- Avatar: Scorpio Slither
- Avatar: Hermes Scout

= The War Effort =

New War Effort Announcer Pack: Merrick
- By far the best item in the shop! Cash in on wholesale domination with Merrick himself announcing your game.

= 8-Bit =

New 8-Bit Gravekeeper Avatar: Pixelkeeper
- What happens to all the minions, creeps, and baddies who sacrifice themselves so the heroes of Arcadia can level-up? Their scattered bits and pieces are lovingly collected and restored by the Pixelkeeper, who believes there is a legendary warrior within every minor enemy and all they need is a chance to prove their skills are equal to their ambitions. Maybe it will happen this time...Okay, let's try again...

New 8-Bit Rhapsody Avatar: DDRhapsody
- DDRhapsody is the reigning dance champion of Arcadia, and as soon as she saw the carnage and chaos of Newerth she immediately started a campaign to replace all combat with dance battles. She was beating Gauntlet soundly when he blasted her off the platform with a catastrophic fist, and now she's going to freestyle across the battlefield and dance on the enemy's graves. Perfect!!
- DDRhapsody has a unique spawn sound the first time she enters the map. Each time she respawns, a sound will play. Owning the Staff of The Master grants you a new ability 4 song.

= A.R.M.S. =

New A.R.M.S. Predator Avatar: Savior Predator
- The Predators were suspicious of the shiny, noisy Advanced Robotic Mobile Suits and what benefit they might serve when bone claws, spikes, and a stone hide had worked so well against man, and now daemon. Then the Engineers showed them what a captured Hellbourne Invader suit was capable of -

= General =

New Base Riptide Model
- Riptide's base has been changed from a lumbering stone and water creature to a beautiful merwoman with a monstrous secret.
- New Riptide lore: There are few sailors of the Hollow Sea brave or non-superstitious enough to whisper of The Maw, the deepest oceanic trench upon Newerth's scarred landscape. Those who can muster the courage to mention it speak only myth and rumor, for any vessel unlucky enough to actually gaze into the churning abyss is pulled to its black depths forever...or until The Maw decides to regurgitate them, the living drowned, twisted and deformed by the crushing pressure and insidious consciousness of the void.

- The creature known as Riptide was the finest captain of the Legion's Armada, and any who questioned her ability due to gender would find it hard to continue their insults with a slit throat. Her ship, The Mermaid's Wrath, was sailing upon calm waters when the sea began to swirl and churn. The Maw was hungry. The Mermaid's Wrath and her entire crew were lost to the whirlpool, and as soon as the top castle disappeared the waters returned to serenity. But below the surface, these fine sailors and their captain were just beginning the endless torture of The Maw. Their lungs were filled with its icy waters, which had a terrible, undeniable consciousness, and their bodies were broken, battered, and reformed in the undertow. When the Second Corruption occurred and all of Newerth shook, The Maw released Riptide to serve as a protector of the deep, imbued with additional strength whenever she feels the cold comfort of water, and to deliver the most skilled warriors of Newerth back to the abyss. If the shape-shifting Riptide is any indication of what will become of them, it is best for everyone to stay out of the river.

New POGs Avatar: The Dark Lady
- These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Community ==

= HoNiversary =
- May 12th of this year marks a huge moment in Heroes of Newerth history as we observe HoN's 5th year as a major online multiplayer game. To commemorate this occasion, this HoNiversary's celebrations include sales in Merrick's store, engaging community events, and entertaining in-game changes to some of HoN's favorite maps and units. In addition to that, there will be special contests and content for the entire community to participate in and enjoy. Join us in this wonderful HoNiversary celebration!
- To see all of the activities going on during HoNiversary, head here:

= 8-Bit Avatars =
- Heroes of Newerth's 8-Bit Collection is about more than reminiscing about some of your earliest gaming conquests; it's about laying the foundation for new ones. That's why we're taking 25% of all revenue generated from the 8-Bit set and using it to help fund Heroes of Newerth's upcoming eSports event, DreamHack Summer 2015. In addition to contributing to HoN eSports, when you collect 8-Bit avatars you will be eligible for exclusive 8-Bit perks.

Currently available
*  Big Boss Bubbles
*  LightGunblade
*  Paku Devourer
*  Game Master Puppet Master

Coming this patch:
*  Pixelkeeper
*  DDRhapsody

Product Perks
* For owning 2/4/6/8 8-Bit Avatars, you can claim the 8-Bit Ward/Courier/Taunt/Announcer for FREE.
To take part in the 8-Bit experience and track your journey across the map of Arcadia, head here

= A.R.M.S. Collection =
- The futuristic A.R.M.S Collection has been available exclusively in Plinko since March 10th. Similar to the 8-Bit Avatars, 25% of all revenue generated from Plinko will be used to help fund Heroes of Newerth's upcoming eSports event, DreamHack Summer 2015.

Currently available
*  Invader Kane
*  Savior Hammerstorm
*  Savior Rally
*  Savior Pebbles
*  Invader Ravenor
*  Savior Legionnaire
*  Savior Solstice
*  Invader Dampeer

New in DreamHack Chest
*  Savior Emerald Warden

Product perks
* Collect all 10 A.R.M.S. Avatars and you can claim the 11th, Gold Collection A.R.M.S. avatar for FREE.

- For more information about the A.R.M.S. Collection, head here.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Dragon's Path is no longer added to the Shuffle Ability pool for Rift Wars
- Dragon's Path ability slots now work correctly for Rift Wars

- Twisted Visage: Channeling will no longer be cancelled if the targeted enemy hero dies mid-channel

- Lackey will no longer persist on the map when Deadlift is on his team

- Fixed Parasite's Leech ignoring magic immunity if the immunity was activated after the projectile spawned but prior to impact

- Removed unused files
- Fixed spacing on a lot of files
- Added updated effects for many heroes, items, and abilities
- Updated animations and sounds for several heroes
- Cleaned up the scripting of several heroes
- Several heroes have had their filter ratings adjusted
- Arachna's gadgets are no longer immune in Blitz Mode
- Infernal Behemoth Alt Avatar art updated
- Fixed Maliken's interaction with Illusions
- Gravekeeper's sound design updated
- Puppet Master sound issues fixed
- Martyr now gives assists from healing
- Random bonus gold from The Grimm Hunt and Rift Wars reduced from 300 to 150
- Many items and abilities that can be toggled have had their icons updated
- Units will now repeat their bored animation occasionally if left alone, instead of just once.
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I see you guys love short posts :D
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.6.8

== General ==

- Blitz Mode option is now available in Mid Wars matchmaking, replacing Duplicate Heroes.

== DreamHack Community Funding ==

8-Bit Avatars
- Heroes of Newerth's 8-Bit Collection is about more than reminiscing about some of your earliest gaming conquests; it's about laying the foundation for new ones. That's why we're taking 25% of all revenue generated from the 8-Bit set and using it to help fund Heroes of Newerth's upcoming eSports event, DreamHack Summer 2015. In addition to contributing to HoN eSports, when you collect 8-Bit avatars you will be eligible for exclusive 8-Bit perks.

Currently available
*  Big Boss Bubbles
*  Light Gunblade
Coming this patch
*  Paku Devourer
*  Game Master Puppet Master

Product perks
* For owning 2/4/6/8 of these avatars, you can claim the 8-Bit Ward/Courier/Taunt/Announcer for FREE.

To take part in the 8-Bit experience and track your journey across the map of Arcadia, head here.

A.R.M.S. Collection
- The futuristic, gundam themed, A.R.M.S Collection has been available exclusively in Plinko since March 10th. Similar to the 8-Bit Avatars, 25% of all revenue generated from Plinko will be used to help fund Heroes of Newerth's upcoming eSports event, DreamHack Summer 2015.

Currently available
*  Invader Kane
*  Savior Hammerstorm
*  Savior Rally
*  Savior Pebbles
*  Invader Ravenor
*  Savior Legionnaire
*  Savior Solstice

Coming this patch
*  Invader Dampeer

Product perks
* Collect all 10 A.R.M.S. Avatars and you can claim the 11th, Gold Collection A.R.M.S. avatar for FREE.

- For more information about the A.R.M.S. Collection, head here.

== The War Effort ==

New War Effort Trophy Avatar: Swiftblade
- The only way to get this rare, auspicious avatar is to be ranked among The War Effort's top 50 at the end of each 28-day cycle, so keep checking that leaderboard and completing those quests! Even the staff can't get the Trophy avatars!

== New Content ==

New 8-Bit Puppet Master Avatar: Game Master | Releases 4/24
- The electronic realm of Arcadia has been sealed away from the passage of time for decades due to a defensive shield coded by the Quarter Masters. This shield has kept them isolated and safe from the chaos of Newerth, but 8-Bit Kane accidentally sliced through the power cord during his headstrong rush through the shield to join the fray. Now all the characters of Arcadia are free to roam Newerth while the Quarter Masters duct-tape the cord, jostle consoles and blow into cartridges in a frantic attempt to reactivate the shield.
- Game Master is the #1 pro player in Arcadia, and all the 8-Bit characters queue up to be controlled by his peerless skills. Now that he's running free in Newerth, our heroes suddenly find themselves in the hands of a master gamer

New 8-Bit Devourer Avatar: Paku Devo | Releases 5/1
- Paku Devo has been chomping at the bit to escape Arcadia and charge through the all-you-can-eat lanes of the Forest of Caldavar, gobbling up everything in sight. Now he has his chance, and even Lord Salforis's ghosts are running the other way.

New 8-Bit Courier: Owl Courier | Releases 5/1
- The wise 8-Bit owl courier knows the quickest route to deliver your pixels with no assembly required!

New Swiftblade Avatar: Kissaki | Releases 4/29
- Even though the war of the Second Corruption rages on, devouring the young, green recruits of the Legion, the Shao Temple high in the Sang-La Mountains refuses to expand their cadet program beyond the chosen few prodigies with the physical and spiritual requirements to survive the training. If the Temple accepted more recruits with lesser skills, they would simply die before they faced the Hellbourne; if the Shao monks lowered their standards, the cadets would no longer be worth fifty warriors when they finally stepped foot on the battlefield.
- Cadet Kissaki is the example the monks provided when the Legion recruiters travel from Adkarna to demand higher numbers. They sent her to the front lines with the recruiters, and when she decimated an entire Hellbourne platoon without dulling her blades on armor or shields, the coterie from Adkarna issued a final order about the Shao Temple: Leave the monks alone. They know what they're doing.

New A.R.M.S. Emerald Warden Avatar: Savior Emerald Warden | Releases 5/13
- The Savior suit constructed to fit the centaur-like Emerald Warden confused the Legion command; no record of the previous civilizations indicated they knew of the druidic beasts, or that the Wardens even existed in those times. But as soon as the dust had been cleaned from the joints and the suit was activated, Finian the Emerald Warden emerged from the thick forest to don the enhanced armor and weaponry, and his command of the robotic wolf and eagle was immediate and seamless. The Wardens are known for their secrets, and the Legion command hopes there is a good reason why the enigmatic creatures kept the existence of the Savior Advanced Robotic Mobile Suits to themselves until now.

New Ward Bundle: Classic Carry Hero Wards | Releases 4/24
* Make sure everyone can see you carry your team to victory with these classic carry wards!

-  The Dark Lady
* Stay in the cover of darkness and reveal the opposition with The Dark Lady ward!

-  Forsaken Archer
* Let your arrows point the way with the Forsaken Archer ward!

-  Magebane
* The Magebane wards have their own nickname: Gankbane.

-  Silhouette
* The Silhouette ward keeps a very sharp eye out for the enemy!

-  Moon Queen
* Harness the glorious light of the moon with the Moon Queen ward!

-  Swiftblade
* See the enemy strikes coming from across the map and set up your counter strikes with the Swiftblade ward!

New POGs Avatar: Tempest
- These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Players are booted from the match they are currently playing in if they grief other players by excessively spamming commands on them
- Mid Wars banning phase now properly displays "Banning..." instead of "Locking..."
- Store items with specific unlock conditions no longer have their gold/silver prices reset to their "original" values
- Right clicks/left clicks properly bypass state icons and parts of the UI that don't react when clicked
- You are now able to interact with the chat UI properly while Mentoring someone (e.g. with the friend list drop-down menus, chat channels, etc.)

The War Effort
- Resetting a quest on your main account no longer prevents resetting a quest on a sub-account
- Double-clicking on a satchel no longer displays an error

- Disco Inferno now has a higher audio volume
- Disco Inferno volume now decreases when Protective Melody (R) is in effect
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Dont forget LOL with several millions online at the same time! DOTA2 has still up to 20m unique players per day.
I played everything and I tried again DOTA2 (myself comes from DOTA to HON beta), because there are more players. But HON is better in many small different things. I hate it, if Ursa can kill Roshan in minute 8 for example. HON looks more balanced.
But one little thing I cant udnerstand: If in DOTA2 a matchmaking game has found, everyone need to accept the game or the players fall back to matchmaking. In HON the game starts and pretty often 1-2 players randomed a SD game and afk. Its stupid to start a game and be afk, but its to often. And there is no mechanic thats stop this, but its easy: ACCEPT button solve this.
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Turkey Transfer Page is live! Transfer your account from the TR client back to NA/EU.

Welcome back, Turkey!

Effective immediately, The HoN Team and Nfinity Games have mutually agreed to merge both services to allow all players to play on the same client – this means that Turkish Heroes of Newerth players will now have the opportunity to merge their Nfinity Games accounts back into the North American and European HoN client.

The goal of this partnership was to give Turkish players a superior Heroes of Newerth experience through localized efforts without language barriers, while increasing the HoN presence in Turkey.

We would like to take a moment to thank Nfinity Games for helping launch Heroes of Newerth in Turkey and their efforts to make HoN a better experience for all Turkish players.

What about content linked to my account?

Don't worry! Any content linked to your account such as coins, Plinko tickets, store items, and avatars will transfer with you. The only thing you will not retain is your stats as you must create a new NA/EU account to complete the transfer

Thanks for bearing with us!
Complete the transfer here:
Welcome Back, Turkey! In order to start your migration, Please authenticate your account with Nfinity Games here. Copyright 2015 HoN Team, — LLC All Rights Reserved.
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Heroes Of Newerth

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Version 3.6.5 - The Grimm Hunt!

== General ==

New Game Mode: The Grimm Hunt
- The Grimm Hunt is the very first objective-based game mode in Heroes of Newerth!
- Played on Grimm's Crossing, players will be tasked with destroying magical Constructs that randomly spawn around the map.
- Each kill on Heroes or Constructs gives your team points. The first to 5000 points can win the game... if you can finish off the enemy's base!
- To facilitate more action-oriented gameplay, the next Construct's spawn point is revealed 10 seconds prior to its appearance; spawn points are also pinged on the minimap.

The Grimm Hunt: Construct Types

- Monument Constructs and Phantom Constructs
* Monument Constructs are immobile, but tread lightly; once you crack it open you'll be greeted by a slew of panicking Phantoms.

- Guardian Constructs
* These rotund Constructs are harmless until they reach half health. At this point, the wounded Guardian will become enraged and pounce on whoever is attacking it.

- Drone Constructs
* These Constructs are harmless - but they have high evade skills due to their ability to hover over terrain. They're fast and squishy.

The Grimm Hunt: Kill Constructs - Gear Up
- Each Construct carries a shop item. When a Construct is killed, its item drops into the inventory of a random player on the team that struck the final blow. If that player's inventory is full, the item goes into their stash.
- Items can be traded and/or shared with teammates, but not sold!
- Items can be picked up by the enemy team if dropped on the ground.
- The items held by Constructs are determined by different time intervals:
* The First Five Minutes: At the start of a match, Constructs hold items valued around 300-1,500 gold.
* Mid Game: After the five minute mark things really start to get interesting as Constructs begin to drop items valued around 1,500-4,500 gold.
* End Game: Party time! Once the game clock crosses ten minutes, items dropped by Constructs hold a high value! Ever wanted to try out a crazy item combination? The time is now! Frankly, in many instances you won't have much of a choice.

The Grimm Hunt: Additional Details
- The Bases in The Grimm Hunt are completely invulnerable at first. When one team reaches the score limit, their base will become vulnerable!
- The Grimm Hunt is a casual mode exclusive! We know you like the competitive aspect of HoN, but due to the hectic nature of The Grimm Hunt, it won't have a ranked option.
- Constructs will scale in power as the game progresses - you want the items in the end game? You're going to have to work for them!
- Outer towers have been removed! With so many things going on, the removal of towers will help create some breathing room.
- Heroes start at level 3 and with extra gold, so everyone can join the fight quickly!
- Everyone gains experience and gold passively as the game goes on.
- Respawn times are lowered significantly... until one team gets 5000 points, that is.

== New Content ==

- New War Effort Trophy Avatar: Legionnaire
* The only way to get this rare, auspicious avatar is to be ranked among The War Effort's top 50 at the end of each 28-day cycle, so keep checking that leaderboard and completing those quests! Even the staff can't get the Trophy avatars!

- New Bali New Year Holiday Edition Circe Avatar: Dewi Sri - Release date: March 20
* As the goddess of rice, fertility, harvest, and family prosperity and harmony, Dewi Sri watches over her dominion with kindness and love. In many ancient kingdoms of the Sang-La Mountains, she is considered to be the preeminent goddess and is responsible for all successful harvests. Should anything threaten her peaceful reign, she will strike them down with golden justice.

- New St. Patrick's Day Holiday Edition Klanx Avatar: Shamrock Klanx - Release date: March 16
* Even though he isn;t Irish, Klanx embraces the annual opportunity to cut loose and celebrate St. Patrick's Day by drinking too early and unleashing his minions to get into as many bar fights as possible. It's best to stay away from him for the entire holiday, because when the bar tab and the cops show up, he’ll zip away and leave you hanging.

- New St. Patrick's Day Holiday Edition Ward: Clover Ward - Release date: March 16
* Grab this St. Patrick's Day ward skin and show everyone you're both lucky and skilled!

- New Limited Edition Zodiac Pearl Avatar: Aries - Release date: March 13
* Aries is the Zodiac's embodiment of enthusiasm, and in her constant search for new enterprises she has looked upon the endless war of Newerth and discovered a challenge too tempting to pass up: lifting the Legion and carrying them to safety over the cursed Hellbourne. Her eagerness is certainly appreciated, but she may soon find out the daemons will see her as just another sheep to fleece.

- New A.R.M.S. Solstice Avatar: Savior Solstice - Release date: March 30
* Even Solstice, the chosen warrior of the Moon Goddess Lunari, feels trepidation at the rapid evolution of the Hellbourne's weapons and brutality, and as a result she no longer feels completely safe in her true, nighttime form. The Savior suit offers a blessed solution, allowing her the protection of armor regardless of the hour. Her bond has been transferred to the daytime Savior armor, and now she uses the agile Stealth Savior armor for her nocturnal raids.

- New Bramble Avatar: Persian Manticore - Release date: March 23
* The Persian Manticore has witnessed her mate, the Manticore, devour Newerth heroes and beasts whole and leave no trace of their existence... and it looks like fun! She may toy with her prey a little longer than her male counterpart, but don't mistake that for an opportunity to escape. She welcomes another chance to stalk and pounce on you.

- New POGs Avatar: Keeper of the Forest
* These high definition skins will be released one-per-patch and will be available via the store, Plinko, or both, depending upon the region.

- New Plinko Chest: DreamHack Chest (Replacing URSA Chest)
* Collect all 10 Plinko-exclusive A.R.M.S. avatars to support eSports and get an exclusive reward!

== Bug Fixes and Optimizations ==

- Ultimate avatar visual anomalies should not happen if you remove an item while the enemy team does not have sight of you and then you go back into the enemy's vision
- Receiving damage no longer resets the AFK timer
- Courier alternate avatars are no longer purchasable by selecting the in-game courier
- Bots now properly communicate which lane they are going to push
- Circe will now play correct hero selection sound
- Deadlift's music removed from lobby

- Robodon's green spikes show up properly in-game on Medium graphics settings and below

- No longer deafens users' speakers when killed mid-Sidestep when someone with the Dumpster Taunt kills Bushwack

- The Dead Shall Rise (E) activation no longer plays the spell visual in fog
- The Dead Shall Rise (E) activation no longer reveals the summoned minions to the enemy team when the minions attack an allied/neutral faction unit

 Demented Shaman
- Storm Cloud no longer produces white textures on some stealthed heroes

- Guttling Hook sound now plays at Devourer's location when the hook successfully hits a target, rather than the hooked target's location

- Lust Empath no longer regains layers of clothing when she dies and has her ultimate leveled up

 The Gladiator
- Call of Arms cast sound no longer uses Riftshards Gladiator's Call of Arms cast sound when any of Gladiator's avatars have a Riftshards 4 in their inventory
- Call of Arms cast sound for Halcyon Gladiator now plays properly

- Waylay now properly bypasses Bubbles' autocasted Take Cover

- Kurgan Legionnaire ultimate sound was made louder

== Community Event Team==

CET - Bringing you HoN related events with huge prizes!

- New Flavor Tooltips implementation:  Grinex
* Shadow Step: A step in the right direction. - Submitted by: Yetik
* Rift Stalk: Stalking? I prefer the term excessive observation. - Submitted by: HighVoltage
* Nether Strike: They Nether see it coming! - Submitted by: BigBagOCrabs
* Illusory Assault: Say hello to my little friends! - Submitted by: Teepeter
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Heroes Of Newerth

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New Hero Teaser: Deadlift, The Necrofury | Hits Newerth on Feb. 24th
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Heroes Of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is a session-based Action-RTS similar to the massively popular Warcraft 3 mod, Defense of the Ancients (DotA). 

Linux (32b,64b), Windows, OSX
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