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You take the photo, we turn it into art.
You take the photo, we turn it into art.


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10 tricks to take the perfect selfie

Everybody knows what a selfie is and you might have taken one or more yourself at some point. Don’t be ashamed even the big names do it too: Barack Obama in the White House, the Hollywood stars at the Oscars - selfies are the biggest digital trend.

A selfie, short for “self shot”, simply means taking a picture of yourself with your arm extended as far as possible. It sound so easy but often everybody around you is giggling because it turns out to be more difficult than you think. With these 10 simple tricks, you can master the art of taking selfies and beat even the best at the game, e.g. Kim Kardashian - we will show you how!

1. Pay attention to the perfect lighting
What is true for photography, also counts for selfies: The available light has a huge impact on the result. Not enough light or artificial lighting is a no-no for selfies. These light sources will give you an unnatural complexion and if the light source is above your head, nasty details like dark circles around your eyes or other imperfections will be visible. The perfect light for bright, beautiful selfies are with a soft daylight, in a slight angle - for example a few feet away from the window. Even better if you have a thin curtain in front of your window - it will soften the light and have a great effect on your facial contours.

2. Find the perfect perspective
The perspective you use when taking a selfie is very important for the outcome. Try to always remember: “Never from below!”. If you take a photo of someone from a low angle, the neck and head will appear wider than they are. The contours would be distorted and a double chin or big nostrils will be very noticeable. If you take the photo from high above, you reverse these aspects: Your head and neck will appear slim and the eyes are accentuated - exactly what we want!

3. Chose the ideal background
Who hasn’t seen one of those typical bathroom selfie with an open toilet in the background. What you might not notice at first, can turn out to be a terrible mistake when you check the result. So please watch out and choose the ideal background! The centre of attention should be on your awesome self and not the chaos in the background. Either you clean up your room before you take a selfie or you simply choose a calm background in order not to distract the viewer. You can look for a colourful wall or a natural background like a field of flowers or beautiful sandy beach.

4. The perfect look
Even with the tricks mention above, the most important contribution to a selfie must come from YOU. Just remind yourself: Act natural and don’t exaggerate! Extreme facial expressions like a wink or duck face are totally out-of-fashion. Rather try a lovely, natural smile and it will work much better for you than a fake or forced facial expression.

Important to remember as well: Look into the camera lens! This little detail will improve your selfie a lot. Nowadays, people tend to look at their phone display instead of the actual lens. If you look at the display, you will not make eye-contact with the viewer.

5. Play around with the cropping
Dare to experiment and use unconventional crops for your photo! A centred face is the usual expectation and is not very exciting to look at. Why don’t you turn sideways a little or even exclude part of your face from the photo. This easy trick really boosts the dynamic of your selfie and draws the viewer in.

6. Mirrors are not allowed!
For those of you who go through Facebook, knows this issue from when we were using digital cameras: mirror selfies. To take a photo of yourself in the mirror with the camera in your hand is not always very flattering. The image is mirror-inverted, the lighting is often bad due to the reflection of the flash in the mirror and the camera is an annoying nuisance. Unless of utmost necessity for your art, simply avoid taking selfies with the use of a mirror.

7. The art of group selfies
Obviously, it is more fun when more people join in on the fun. Next to all the other tips, you should squeeze together for a group selfie. Maybe you want to ask the person with the longest arm to take the selfie - otherwise not everybody might be visible. And keep in mind: “Don’t be shy!” - Stand close to each other and put your heads together! This will create a compact photo and a fun experience. This way, all your group selfies will be a success!

8. The full-body selfie
The exception to not using mirrors is the full-body selfie. If you want to take a whole-body photo, it will be difficult to do so without a mirror. So as an exception to the rule, you are allowed to use a mirror for this special selfie. But try to remember what you have learned so far! Watch out for the details in the background, especially when you use a mirror and turn sideways a little bit. From the front your body will look wider, so standing at an angle to the camera. For all the ladies we have another great tip: Stand up straight and bend one knee so that your hip is slightly tilted - this significantly improves your posture.

9. Editing + filters
You took a great shot, now it’s up to editing the photo. Increasing the contrast can easily improve your picture and this might already be sufficient. But most smartphones offer a variety of editing options and filters. The choice is up to you which one you like but generally you can experiment with colour filters. They can help to give your picture a warmer tone and make your skin look fresh and healthy. Also black-and-white is a popular effect - it softens the contours and with an increased contrast setting, can easily mask some imperfections.

10. Use a selfie stick
For selfie fanatics there are numerous gadgets on the market. One very useful one is the selfie stick. This is a simple stick in order to “extend” your arm further than physically possible. You can quickly attach your phone to the holder at the end of the stick. Most selfie sticks have a bluetooth trigger on the handle - you can spontaneously release the shutter anytime without having to use the self timer. A selfie stick is also very helpful for group selfies and for taking picture from a spectacular angle. You  Extreme athletes or concert-goers love to use a selfie stick! It makes an unusual perspective possible which you could have never done with the length of your own arm.

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Tips for taking a great photo (part 1)

Have you taken a great photo with your smartphone or digital camera? Like that gorgeous sunset photo you took when you were on vacation! And you want to print it onto a large format, but you receive an email saying that the photo is not sharp enough. So annoying!

With the help of this blog post we are going to tell you how to take perfect photos. This way you will be able to print them onto a life-size HD Metal or canvas print (with floating frame, if you want).

Tip 1: Camera settings
Go to your settings for your camera or telephone and make sure that when you take a photo that it save it as a large image. You can then be sure that almost all of the photos you take will be great for printing. This does mean that the photos will take up more space on your devices, but if you regularly go through your gallery, add a larger memory card and/or make back-ups on your computer this will solve this problem.

Tip 2: Cropping your photo
As shown in the photo below you have the possibility to crop your photo. What this means is you can cut areas off that you do not want shown in the image, like a person on the right that was passing by. If you have the photo on your computer you can upload it into program’s such as Paint, for Windows, or Preview, for Macs. In both program’s select the area you want in the photo and follow the steps to delete everything outside of the dotted lines.

Tip 3: Rotate your photo
When you take photos of a sunset, it can happen that the horizon is not completely straight. Don’t be upset, there is an easy solution to help you make it straight in stead of retaking the photo. There are program’s to help you rotate your photo to make it pin straight (often guidelines are shown to help). Examples of such program’s are, Instagram (please note: make sure you save the photo as a large file!) or on your smartphone.

We hope that these basic tips will help you take great photos! Part 2 of this blog will be about how you can make colours pop in your photo for a amazing result on HD Metal and canvas.

#photgraphytips #canvasprints #hdmetal #photoedit
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3 great tips and ideas for your photo collage on canvas!

Are you constantly looking at that bare wall in your hall or that white bit behind your couch and thinking: hmm they look a bit boring as they are? Than we have the solution for you; create your own photo collage on canvas!

A collage is great. You can use a bunch of photos that would normally just be sitting on your computer or mobile phone. But where to start? That’s where this blog post comes in handy.

Use your interior as a guideline
Is your interior very colourful? If so, a black & white collage would be the best fit to match. Or maybe you have a modern kitchen with neutral walls? Than it would be perfect to do a funky mix of photos and sizes to hang on those walls.

Play around with the size and format
Once you have an idea of what kind of collage you want to create, it is time to take a look at which size you want to hang the photos on. You can find some of our ideas we have come up with on our inspiration page. There are many formats you can create with our collage system. Having one large photo in the middle and smaller photos around it is just one example.

Use the HelloCanvas collage system
Once you have decided on the size canvas you want to order have a play around with the horizontal and vertical lines to create the exact format you want to have. Our system will allow you to upload around 100 photos. On the following page you can start uploading your images and editing them to sit exactly how you want them to be. Also you can change the background colour and wrapping for the sides into a colour you think fits the best with your photos.

Remember: it is not possible to save your collage and come back later. Our system remembers your order for a few hours and then it refreshes itself.

I hope we have inspired you! Now it’s your turn to make your own amazing collage!

#collage tips #hellocanvas #canvasprints
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New: Free filters to make your photos even more beautiful!

Easily select the filter you would like to add to your photo in our ordering system to your HD Metal or canvas prints.

Almost everyone knows Instagram and the fun filters you can add to your photos. Due to the reduced file size of the image, Instagram photos are not always the best to print on large prints. But now we have added similar fun filters to our ordering system for FREE!
These filters can be added to your photo when using our cropping system, you will see the changes in the preview immediately! Our filters give your photos that little extra something it my need to make your photo look amazing. Take a look around to see which filter suits your photo the best.

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What are floating frames exactly?

Good question! Let us explain.
Traditionally, priceless paintings would have floating frames around them so that they could be transported. The canvas would be placed floating, with space around it, in a frame so that it would not get damaged during transport. This was during the time when the frames around the paintings were pieces of art as well. Gold, sliver and other showy frames adorned the paintings. During this time minimalism did not exist. :) This method of transporting priceless pieces of art is still used to this day. Somewhere in history someone thought it apparent to keep the floating frame around the painting and mounting it onto the wall. We totally share this point of view! The canvas seems to float in the frame giving it a beautiful spacious effect. The canvas print is nicely framed and is a centre piece on your wall. However, due to the floating frame’s serene form, it can give a sense of peace in your home.

Our floating frame’s come in three colours: black, white and bare wood. It is definitely worth adding a floating frame around your canvas print. You’ll be amazed by the result!

#floatingframes #floatingframe #framing #pictureframe #framed #hellocanvas
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Decoration tip #3: HD metal, perfect for outdoor use. Bring on Summer!

Tips to make your home and garden even more beautiful with a print from HelloCanvas.

Until recently our prints were not suitable to use outdoors. However our new product, HD Metal, is just perfect to hang in your garden. The advantage of HD Metal is that it is made of aluminium which will never be affected by rain or sun light. The metal plate will not warp, as many outdoor canvases can do over time. HD Metal is easily to clean, use some window cleaner or use the hose. :) Due to the razor-sharp quality and vibrant colours, HD metal is a real eye catcher for in your garden. Bring on Summer!

Would you like more Decoration tips? Take a look at our other blog posts on decorating your wall with a mosaic of photo and choosing great stockphotos to print.

#hdmetal #hellocanvas #gardendecorations #outdoordecorations #outdooruse #artforoutside #gardenart
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Decorating tip #2: Looking for great photos?

Tips to make your home even more beautiful with a canvas print from HelloCanvas.

We print your best, funniest and most precious photos on to canvas. But maybe you would like to hang something else on your wall, e.g. a beautiful buddha image or the skyline of New York? Or maybe you want to put images of the most beautiful places on earth on canvas? Take a look on, here you will find a collection of millions of gorgeous photos which you can easily print onto canvas.

If you find a photo you like mention the ThinkStock number in the comment box in your order and we will make sure the best quality image will be printed onto your canvas, FREE OF CHARGE!
#hellocanvas #thinkstock #internetimages #printingideas
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Decorating tip #1: A great mosaic of photo’s on your wall!

Tips to make your home even more beautiful with a canvas print from HelloCanvas.

Our customer Steven posted this amazing photo of his collection of small canvases on Twitter. The canvas prints show photos of friends, family, trips made and other fun images. Instagram photos are perfect to be printed on our 8x8in canvases. We loved what Steven did to his wall, and think the end result is amazing! What do you think?

The 8x8in canvas size that was used only costs £8. Shipping is a flat fee of £4.95, no matter the size or how many you order at once.

“You take the photo, we make it art!”

#canvasprint #PhotoOnCanvas #instagram #hellocanvas #decoratingideas
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Creating a great kid’s room!

With a photo on canvas you can make your child’s bedroom more personal and more their own.

Anyone with children wants to make it a room that they will love and that is special to them. A comfy bed, nice furniture etc etc. But what do you put on the walls? At you can make your child’s bedroom super personal with cute photos of them on canvas or print images to add to the theme in their room. 

Or what about printing the birth announcement on canvas? Before your baby was born, you thought long and hard about what the card will look like. But once you have sent out the announcements, the card goes into a box and is never seen again. Isn’t that a pity? We think so too! So post us the birth announcement and we will scan it in and make a gorgeous canvas print for you. This way you can eternalise the best day of your life and have it hanging with pride on your wall. Gift tip: Printing the birth announcement is also a great gift to give the new parents!

Take your time and have a look around our website, you will see that your child’s room will become more special with a product from HelloCanvas.

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10 Top Tips from a Professional Photographer for creating amazing photos!

Jason Garton, Owner of Megapixles Photography, has put together a top 10 list of hints and tips to get you capturing photos like you always wished you could. You’ll be making great photos that will really stand out in no time.

1. Looking at a shot
The most common mistake people make when starting out is to shoot in a horizontal format with everything slap-bang in the middle of the picture. It’s the easiest way to take a picture, but it’s also the least effective. try turning your camera and review what your looking at.

2. The rule of thirds enhances almost all shots 
Imagine that your picture is divided into nine equal rectangles. All you do is place your focal point - whether a tree, a person, a face, or an eye - at one of the four intersections. Or, if you’re shooting a horizon, try placing it along one of the four lines. By removing your main subject from the centre of a shot , certainly gives the final image a new perspective.

3. Light
Try experimenting with light. On a sunny afternoon,. Take a picture with the background in the shade, but your subjects in the sun. be mindful of the suns position, to avoid unwanted shadows in your shot.

4. Pay attention to background and foreground
To keep your  viewers interest, ensure there is something to hold their attention in the foreground. Search out detail that will draw the eye into the picture - this could be a wall or a road - and offer lead-in lines - perhaps a railway track or some pebbles on the beach. Once you know what you’re looking for they are easy to spot and really work.

5. De-clutter 
Make sure your frame is free from unnecessary clutter. Before pressing the shutter, it’s worth having a quick scan of the background to make sure there are no strange objects that will ruin the image, such as lamp posts appearing to be coming out of heads - it may be beneficial to move your subject, or if there are people in the background, wait until they’ve passed by, to take your shot.

6. Change your viewpoint 
The difference between a good picture and an average picture is often a question of inches. Change your viewpoint!. You can improve the shot simply by moving your position a fraction. You can modify perspective by slightly bending your knees. By moving closer or further from the subject,  take one step to the side. Take two steps forward. Angle the camera up or down. Whatever you try, you’ll breathe new life into your pictures.

7. Framing
Using a frame within your picture is a great way to improve it, as an image with dark edges and a bright centre forces the viewer to look at what’s in the middle. An arch or doorway makes a handy frame, and also adds detail.

8. Avoid Camera shake
Whether you’re shooting landscapes or the kids in your front room, if your camera isn’t held steady, you’re going to get blurred images. The best solution is a tripod or monopod. Investing in one of these is the single greatest thing you can do to improve the sharpness of your pictures and to unlock our creativity.

9. Always look behind you
So many shots are missed by only focusing on what’s in front of you , there is always a different perspective of things as you walk past.

10. Most of all enjoy yourself!

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