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life has become very hard for me and for people i know here. the slightest predisposition to depression becomes exaggerated and folks who would otherwise be industrious and creative start losing their drive.

i've been better off than most -- not because my finances haven't been destroyed (they have) -- but because i've had my interest in photography to entertain me on days that otherwise feel bleak.

... but it's not easy for me to keep even that up, and although i crave shooting daily, sometimes -- actually, most times, it seems -- i can't bring myself to go outside to shoot even flowers.

when i share links to pages that describe aspects of the financial crisis, people who comment express their sadness at what's happening there.

except for me, it's here.

die trying
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this is a lovely pic haunting and sweet at the same time
The picture and that you said... I'ts beutifull in a sad way... I feel for you.
My best wishes. I'm sure things will improve. Sending an internet stranger hug that way:)
Powerful picture and words to match.
OMNIA TRANSEUNT! Great composition and DOF!
So sorry to hear. Amazing and powerful shot.
hugs! the photograph is amazing!
Great art seems to flourish more in difficult times. Current tragedy may be tomorrows blessings.
Love the image, but my heart aches for you....feel better!
You are one of my favorite people on here. I wish the best for you dear
Μη χάσετε θάρρος ... τα πράγματα θα αλλάξουν! Thanks for sharing the beauty you find in life.
I think I've been though the same, albeit not on a national scale (well, there was the 90's depression, though), but in personal life and economy, anyway. I know the feeling. I don't have much wisdom to share, though, I can only say that keep trying to do the little things you love, because falling into the deep dip of misery can be devastating in many different ways, and getting out of there will be hard.
As you know from our hangouts Helen, that I can personally relate to your situation.
I offer you time for you to talk and me to listen should you crave that! Although you are there and I am here, I am thankful that we have G+ to give us a place where we can hang out and allows us the opportunity to support one another, especially in trying times!
I do know that feeling, is still on a "different phase" but Portugal will get there, i left because i felt i would sucumb to that feeling..
Love the photo and love the sentiment. What goes down must come up once more :) The halcyon days are around the corner.
Hi Helen.we all need something the brighten our life's. Photography is a wonderful way off cheering us up when we are feeling the blues. It helped me quit smoking. Always smile and remember you are very beautiful. KEEP Smiling ...
I can't press +1, because I really don't like it.
I'm so sad for your situation, and personally this is a great loss as you were an infinite source of inspiration.
Everything I can say is that photography saved my life, or at least my mind from depression in my darkest hour.
I really hope you'll find your way.
With respect,
Beautiful image. Makes me sad that you are feeling down. Wish there was something I could do to pick you up. Happy thoughts sent your way for better days.
Beautiful photo, Helen. I know the darkness you speak of all too well. Hope you start to feel lighter soon. Keep shooting, even when you don't feel like doing it. Sometimes, beautiful things come out of darkness... ((hug))
Keep looking for the extraordinary, for that is what you are.
Helen, I hope it helps that your art is inspiring and shines through the gloom. I / we are here, not there, but in this connected world we are much more together than any previous time from your culture's rich rich history. Please continue to share your views, your stories. We will "see / watch" and listen.

(What is the visual grammatical equivalent of 'listen'? You know how one can just lie back and listen to music, what is the word for when you just soak in the photons of a blissful graphic image? Like, say, one of Helen's.)
These are powerful words...I think you're way stronger than you realise
Crisis brings out the best and the worst. I think you are a shining light in a dark place (at the moment) Helen, thank you for showing us such beauty in your photographs and your words.
Dear Helen,
beautiful picture and haunting post...
But we must hang on; things will turn around and it is us, the people, that will make it happen. We 've got to believe in this, stand firmly on our feet, keep moving and create our future...
A beautiful moody photo Helen, and I wholeheartedly second what Vangelis said.
I've had some personal tough times of dealing with instability and insecurity and it takes it's toll. I can only imagine how much more difficult that is being in an environment where everyone is feeling the same. I'm glad you have your photography even if you have to force yourself sometimes. I'm thinking of you, Helen. This is a beautiful image.
Hi, Helen
I love your photo because your photo make me feel happy.
Though I may know about copy right, I have to confess my smart computer's wallpaper is one of your photos. Sometimes, I change it to your next photo.
When I wake up every morning, I turn on my smart phone, and I look the photo.
I can feel "Now, start today !"
Sending a virtual hug seems so trite but I'd like to anyway. Photography has been my saving grace too during dark days -- such a gift to have an eye for beauty.
So sorry to read how bad things are there Helen. Keep your head up. You're a citizen of the world too, and there are places where it is not so bad, if that helps to think about.
Use that pain well, my dear Helen. Such thoughtful and sincere feedback in this thread shows what positive effects you have accomplished. Feed on that for a while. Don't hesitate to chat or email with me. I love you, sweetheart.
I feel for you even though we're strangers. I wish you all the best. I will follow you on my photo circle because I think your pictures are beautiful.
I understand you so well, Helen! If there weren't for photography that is keeping my moral high and my eyes away from what's happening around us, I would have cried every day seeing what we have become.
SO not fair!!!
I wish I could cheer you up, but unfortunately I'm too realistic to do so. But hang on there, and think that everything passes, sooner or later.
:) xo

superb photograph!!!!
I can really feel you Helen!! Despite the moody feeling of your shot, I can see a note of optimism......Your protagons seems to have found their way to pass on the other side of the fence....In the meantime please still keep focusing.........
Come to Ireland if you want to lose your creativity,black cloud over the whole place,hope has gone and a lot of people are shadows of their former selves,I cant find a tutor after 5 months or so,have to try and do it myself and keep positive! Work is a rare beast now.
nice pic,,,like it,,,,u hav so many rare type of pics,,,,i think the reason is u always saw very rare moment in our nature,,,,,,,really like ur photographs nice work
Perhaps reading some Ayn Rand would cheer you up?
+helen sotiriadis I understand and wish you positive change. I love Greece as do most and am sad for a place I love. And, at the same time, I feel the losses of my own economy -- personal, national and global. Best. xx
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