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So many social networks! So little time... 

Does anyone prefer the S4 is "pure" Google Play experience over Samsung's Touchwiz? Will KitKat narrow that gap? I know that KitKat will start to support IR, etc. 

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Goodbye @Twitter, hello $TWTR

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Privacy lesson recaps

Creating a 64gb bootable Ubuntu USB drive. Creating my portable profiles to take with me securely. Is there a way to ensure that USB is encrypted and that there is adequate login protection? Thanks!

When it finally sunk through my thick skull how pointless most arguing is, the world started to change. It appeared... more beautiful. I see that it is easier to say "I don't care" vs. "I don't know." Sadly (or is it?) I feel like the opposite. I often care, but rarely know.

Still waiting for my Samsung S4 to get the KitKat upgrade. As of now, I can't even get it going, it looks like. It's basically non-functional.

I use my Ubuntu machine for formatting all external HDs, USB sticks, microSD, etc. It seems to do everything much cleaner. (I'm very new to Linux, forgive me if this is well known!)

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Can't Buy Me Love: How Romance Wrecked Traditional Marriage

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This is hypnotic to stare at. Lydon and Snebold used census data from around the world to build a real-time simulation of births and deaths. You can just stare at the map and watch green dots pop up as people are born, red dots as people die, and watch the flow of life across the planet.

This really drives home the fact that births are happening a lot more than deaths -- and that these births are not evenly distributed. (Pro tip: If you reincarnate, your odds are really high that you are going to end up in India, China, or Africa. Remember this when you're planning things, because death makes for a great Veil of Ignorance) 
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