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Looking for case studies on companies using Google+ and Google Hangouts. Let me know who your favorites are!!
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My company is probably too small to qualify as a case study, but my colleague and I took over ownership of the company in September and immediately started shedding unnecessary expenses. The major one being the huge office space we didn't really need. We took our editing suites and compositing stations home and kept on working. With the combination of Hangouts and Google Drive, we spared ourselves from having to drive to meet all the time, though we still do that once a week. But Hangouts and Google Drive get daily use. We're still working on our contract producers and other third party suppliers to get them to start using Hangouts for larger production meetings, but some of them are on board and it works great.
Drive is surprisingly useful for providing approval versions of videos for clients. They can either download it or watch it in the shared page. 
Hi Tia - what do you guys do with Google+?
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