Hey - I'll be hosting this upcoming Hangout about writing for games with special guest Steve Ince who wrote Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon. Super excited!
This week's hangout on air focused on how to write for games with host and writer/ director, Heather Taylor, and special guest Steve Ince, who wrote Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon. This hangout will be at 11 am EDT (for you east coasters) and 4 pm GMT (for all you in the UK!)

We so excited to have him on and already have a million questions buzzing around our heads! You too can ask questions in advance or join us as we talk live on air. A couple other guests may join us too!

Every week come join our new Hangout on Air series, The Creators, where we talk to people working in creative fields on how-tos in their work, what their day to day life entails, and how they got there.

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To tell you a little more about Steve, here is part of the bio from his blog:
Steve Ince is an award-nominated Writer-Designer with 19 years of game development experience.

Starting out as an artist at Revolution Software, he moved over to production before settling into a writing and design role.  He has played an important part in the success of a number of critically acclaimed games, including Beneath a Steel Sky, Broken Sword and In Cold Blood.

Broken Sword – The Sleeping Dragon was a highlight of Steve’s time at Revolution.  The game was awarded Game of the Year by the UK national newspaper, The Independent, as well as receiving three BAFTA nominations, including Best Game Design.

Sounds cool huh? Well he is! As is this recent piece he wrote that says all the reasons we NEED writers working on games: http://www.steve-ince.co.uk/blog/?p=1284
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