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Your daily dose of health, medical and well being.


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Hip Hop music and psychiatry to treat mental illness

A unique project undertaken by the University of Cambridge is set to bring together psychiatry and #hiphop . Researchers plan to use music and lyrics from artists, such as #tupac   and Nas, to help with mental #health   problems.

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Medical first for woman who gives birth after womb transplant

The doctor, who performed this pioneering surgical procedure, has confirmed that a #woman   in #Sweden   has given birth after undergoing a womb transplant.

The 36-year-old female received a donor uterus from a close #family   friend during last year. Although her baby boy was born prematurely, he was in good health. Both mother and son have returned home from the hospital and are doing well. The identities of the parents of the baby have not been disclosed.

Dr Mats Brannstrom, a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of Gothenburg and Stockholm IVF, led the research and also delivered the baby with assistance from his wife who is a midwife. He said the baby is fantastic, but above all the joy of the parents made it all worthwhile. He said the fact that they have actually done this successfully is still sinking in.

The proud parents said the years of experimentation and research were worth the wait.

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Why a simple cold could trigger a deadly #asthma   attack

British scientists may have solved how a simple cold can start a deadly asthma attack.

They have indicated how asthmatics produce more of a chemical which boosts the immune system.

This new discovery by Imperial College and Kings College London could result in new #drugs   to control these deadly attacks more effectively.

According to Dr Samantha Walker from Asthma UK that offered part-funding for the research, asthma is still a mystery and the millions of asthmatics need more of this type of study to move a step close to new treatments.

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Scientists discover stem cells which could treat blindness

University of Southampton researchers have discovered a well of stem cells in a part of the eye called the corneal limbus, and have shown that these cells can be changed into photo-receptor cells with the ability to react to light.

#scientists   hope that the implantation of the cultured stem #cells   into damaged eyes could reverse #blindness   .

This could be a potential cure for the thousands of people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration, both of which are caused by the loss of photo-receptor cells within the eyes.

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The average Brit spends £50,000 on #alcohol   over their lifetime

According to  #macmillancancersupport , each Briton spends about £787 on alcohol each year, with Londoners spending more. The research, which was conducted by Onepoll, included 2,000 over-18 participants. On average, males spent around £934.44 per annum, compared to females at £678.60.
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Half of all #cancer   cases are spotted too late

Experts have warned that half of all #cancer   cases are spotted at a stage when treatment options are likely to be unsuccessful.

They have calculated that in excess of 52,000 patients are having their #survival   odds cut annually due to the #disease   being spotted too late.

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Dont' give up - The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

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New, liquid bone tissue regeneration to treat osteoporosis

A team based at the #university   of Nottingham is developing liquid bone tissue to aid in the regeneration of fragile and weak #bones   in those suffering from #osteoporosis   .

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Eat rice for a good night’s sleep

Many people have heard of the glycaemic index (GI), but ignore it as they do not really know what it means. The GI is a list of foods placed in ranking order to how it affects the blood sugar levels in humans. High glycaemic #foods   boost #bloodsugarlevel   and insulin much faster than low-glycaemic foods. It is high-glycaemic foods which make it difficult to manage #diabetes   , which is linked to better #sleep   patterns.

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