From Craig lambert:

I am happy to announce a live streamed colloquium Assessing Implicit Language Knowledge in Research and Instruction from Curtin University in Perth, Australia this Thursday (23 March).  Distinguished speakers on the topic will include Professor Rod Ellis, Dr Rosemary Erlam and A/Prof Yuichi Suzuki.


Please see the attached flyer for schedule and abstracts (all times are GMT +8).  


Please feel free forward the links below to your students are anyone else who may be interested. Those watching the event online will be able to submit questions and comments throughout the day, and we will do our best to address some at least of them during the roundtable in the afternoon. 


The colloquium will be accessible live via the Cisco Webex platform, and participants will be able to hear and watch the session via mobile or desktop platforms. A recording of the session will be available to watch after the session is completed. The session is available from 9am 23/3/2017 via Adjunct


Participants will also be able to comment on the presentations and discussions via the Padlet tool, which is a collaborative online tools for commenting and discussion. Participant comments will be answered during the colloquium where possible, or can be followed up afterwards.  No log in is required.  However, in posting on Padlet, please begin with your name and affiliation  so that we know how to address you if we select your question.  The Padlet page will stay active for discussion after the event.


Attached is a quick guide on how to set up both the Webex Client and the Padlet tool. 


We hope to stream two of these colloquia each year as part of our Biannual Research Forum in Applied Linguistics, so please send an e-mail with feedback.  I hope that you will join us again in the future!


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