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"Locating autonomy practices in contemporary arenas for language learning" by Cynthia White

Since the early 1980s the prevailing focus of research into learner autonomy has been on formal learning settings (including self-access) where the teacher or facilitator has an evident role. However more recently the tools, settings and practices for language learning have expanded and there has been a growing recognition of the significance of learning beyond the classroom. With reference to two studies of learner autonomy in out-of-class arenas for language learning, this paper explores how we can locate and investigate learner autonomy practices beyond the classroom. The webinar also engages with questions about whether and how teachers can add value to learner autonomy practices within and across contemporary arenas for language learning. Implications for theory, research and practice are discussed.

Cynthia White is Professor of Applied Linguistics, Massey University, New Zealand and has published widely on strategies, emotion and learner autonomy in distance and online language learning. She is on the Editorial Boards of eight international journals, including TESOL Quarterly and is Associate Editor for Language Learning & Technology. She has been plenary speaker at international conferences and workshops in Germany, Thailand, Singapore, China, UK, Hawai'i and Malaysia and has completed collaborative research projects with Oxford University, Open University UK and Nottingham University.

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