Dear #samsung,
you just made it even higher on my "nevery buy from again" list.

Not only did you tell nonsense in your product description and data sheets for the original wifi-only #GalaxyTab (GT-P1010). Only in the data sheet you botherd to tell that this isn't just the #GT-P1000 without the telephony but is actually different hardware that has e.g. an older Bluetooth stack and no HDMI out, and even there you claim that it at least has analog TV out which is definitely not the case. This was strange behavior to start with but as i didn't really plan to use either feature anyway i didn't take this as a reason to return the device for a refund right away.

But you also managed to somehow screw up the DHCP client in a way that would send the device into power draining endless loops and would eventually cause crashes. Hard crashes that force users to reboot the device only to find that the Home button no loger works and that several settings are lost (launcher icons are removed, WLAN is off, GPS on, etc.).
Once i knew that i can get the Home button back by simply USB connecting the device to any computer and pressing Home to exit the KIES sync mode and did not need to do a full factory reset i was also somehow ok with that situation and learned to minimize the chance of running into it by giving the device a fixed DHCP lease with extra long lease time and enabling the "Disable WLAN when screen is of" option.

This worked out OK for quite a while but yesterday the device finally crashed again. As i had found out that you had released a Android 2.3.x upgrade for the device earlier this year (and not only for its larger brother GT-P1000) i decided that it might be about time to give it a try. This endeavor included the reactivation of an older laptop as this was the only Windows machine left in this house so that i could install your "lovely" KIES software on it. Having to run Windows to upgrade a Linux based device, the first WTF in this process. The next WTF was not your fault, the windows file system simply ran out of space downloading your installer (my fault) and windows suggested that i remove some installed software (which i was OK with). This removal process ended in "not enough disk space to remove this package" on all removal candidates pretty quickly so i ended up deleting stuff manually after all, but dear Samsung,this part was not your fault yet.
After having freed a few hundred Megs i completed the KIES installer download and started it, only to be greeted with a message along the lines of "available disk space is less than the needed space", but without telling me how much space i'd actually need to free ... after a few iterations of removing other stuff and re-running your installer i finally ended up shrinking the laptops linux partition by a few GB in favor of growing the NTFS one. Installer worked, #KIES started, device plugged in, KIES detects the device ... but can't establish a connection. It offers a connection problem debug wizzard of some sort, but that actually wants me to disconnect the device before running? How can it analyze potential connection problems without even having anything connected. After trying various Voodoo tricks found on the internet (remove the SD card, connect with USB debugging enabled once, then disable it again, ...) i think i found that i simply need to plug in the device first and only then start KIES to make it work. At least i think this was it, i didn't really verify as i was happy enough that it finally detected the device and even told me right away that "Hey, we've got a firmware upgrade for this device, want to install?". Yes, i want to, that's what i wanted to do for several hours already, can i haz upgradz #plzkthxby?

So after some automatic downloads of stuff the upgrade finally started, the device screen showed a nice big "Do not turn off!" warning and ... things stopped somewhere half way. With "unknown error". I was told that i now need to do invoke an emergency firmware recovery and that i need to note a random string of digits and letters that i'd later give during the recovery process. I actually didn't as KIES remembered that random string and presented me with a "this device needs an emergency firmware recovery" right after detecting it again.

Now if only this emergency recovery actually worked. But it doesn't. Either just doesn't seem to detect the device at all (fails with 0% progress) or fails 2% into the game.

So i'm now stuck with a few hundret Euros worth of glas/plastic brick. It can still greet me with two different full screen logos, one for "please connect me to a compter" and one for "donwload mode, don't turn off!", but that's about it .

I'll now see whether i can recover it using Odin instead (something i actually wanted to avoid in the first place), but first, dear Samsung, i really need to update this #neverbuyfromagain list. There is a new top position to fill ...
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