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Touching Lives: The Little Known triumphs of the Indian Space Programme. S K Das: Bid: £1.50 Buynow Price £2.50 Remaining 09 days 23 hrs A BOOK THAT INTRODUCES US TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE INDIAN SPACE PROGRAMME AND SHOWS US THAT ISRO IS NOT JUST ROCKETS. Touching Lives is not merely a chronicle of…

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Just a moment away from falling #overweight #dangerous for people driving next to these idiots# stop this nonsense 

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Engadget: Hyperloop might be 'free to play'

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#24 Speaker Session!
‪#‎More‬ than 10 Computing Research Projects at Display!
#6 Workshops!
# 3D Printer Demo!
# Learn to make DIY Google Cardboard!

Link :

After taking place in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Sydney, Dubai, Russia, Beijing, Bangalore,etc.
Devfest 2014 arrives in Mumbai!

GDG Mumbai is proud to host World’s last DevFest for 2014 Season.
DevFest Mumbai,has been world’s largest DevFest for past 2 years and is a part of worldwide series of Developer fests.

Google DevFest Mumbai is a great opportunity to learn more about Google technologies and open source/developer products.DevFest will also give one a chance to meet developer advocates and engineers who work on these products and ask them any questions one might have.

The conference will have introductory, medium level talks on Google developer products which will help community users to get familiarize with these technologies like App Engine, Web Services and Android.

We have Technical Talks on various Google Technologies like Android,Cloud,Polymer etc.
Workshops on Android,Make your own Google Cardboard.
Demo on 3D Printer! 

We have invited speakers from some prestigious institutes and creators of awesome products :

1)Speaker from MIT Research Labs.
2)Speaker from London Business School
3)Creator of DIY Google Glasses
4)Creator of M-Indicator
5)Creator of to be launched World's cheapest 3D Printer.
6) Padma Shree Award Winner and Head of many GOI bodies on nuclear computation algorithms.
7)He has been awarded by FORBES as World's Top 30 Social Entrepreneurs under age of 30.
8)Co-Author of Target 3 Billion along with APJ Abdul Kalam and Co-Architect of PURA.
9)CEO & Co-founder Games2win.Globally it’s 20 online games business that entertains over 20 million unique users a month
10)Winner of International Design Innovation Awards’14, Barcelona
And Much More!! Don't miss this Developer Extravaganza! 

‪#‎gdg‬ ‪#‎gdgmumbai‬ ‪#‎devfest‬ ‪#‎devfest2014‬ ‪#‎devfestmumbai‬ ‪#‎google‬ ‪#‎mumbai‬ ‪#‎india‬ ‪#‎code‬ ‪#‎3dPrinter‬

+Sunil Rao +Uttam Tripathi  +Amrit Sanjeev  +Shrey Malhotra   +Van Riper  +Adriana Cerundolo  +Jadeja Dushyantsinh  +Paul Snedden +Paul Ravindranath  +Avik Debnath  +GDG India +Jatin Malhotra  
Entry is free.

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Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Flies Economy Class to Nagpur

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