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Home is where your heart is ! Let HelpfulHannah Help You!
Home is where your heart is ! Let HelpfulHannah Help You!

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Did you ever have a day where everything started out great . You woke up the sun was shining it was a beautiful day . Your hair turned out perfect . Make-up went on smooth even the clothes you decided to wear looked good . You made all the green lights on the way to the office . The day was going so nice . You were sailing through your paper work . The additional deposit was dropped off for your listing that sold .

Then you received that phone call . It was the co op agent he was sending the FHA repairs He knew I was not going to be happy . There were so many repairs I gasped . I had not seen repairs like these since the nineties. I was distraught. The seller had already done repairs for the home inspections . Now these repairs were really not expected . There were certifications and painting plus concrete work This home had a new kitchen and bath . Why a plumbing certification ? Why electrical certs ?

Sometimes I wonder . How do we rationalize these repairs to the seller . We agree /negotiate a purchase price . Home Inspectors come in and then the seller feels obligated to do repairs to their house or give a dollar credit . Then perhaps an appraiser comes and can in some circumstances say either the house is not worth the price the buyer paid . In some cases appraisers say it is worth the price but adds more repairs for the seller to do to the house . Mercy me and people think our job is easy .

So what is really the purchase price of the house ? The house is not a new house . The buyer knows this . They had a home inspection . We negotiated repairs with the home inspection clause now there are a whole list of new repairs .These are repairs that could be done to the house . Do they have to be done right now in order for this buyer to occupy the property

People look at what we are getting paid and think our job is easy . Come on let's be honest . The agent who sells the house splits it with the listing agent . In some cases the agents could be on a fifty percent split with the company . Every agency is different as are agents .

The seller is upset . Is this fair . Regardless of being fair we must take the bull by the horns I am meeting with a contractor getting an estimate for these repairs . Hopefully we can move forward . Giving up right now is not an option . Finding solutions to the problem is the next step . Am I upset ? Yes I am upset . That is not going to find the solution . We have to push emotions aside . Do what is important to get the house sold .

Mercy Me So What Price Did My House Really Sell For ?

Please call or email me for more info

Your Neighborhood Local Expert

Hannah Williams

If you are looking to Buy or Sell

please call me@ 215 820 3376

Re/Max Eastern 215 953 8800 direct 215 953 8818

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Why do we wear green on St Patrick's Day . Is it because of of the Emerald Isles of Ireland . To remember the beautiful rolling green hills . Maybe it is for the green cabbage we add to the traditional corn-beef dish No it is more mystical then that . You don't want to get pinched . It is because of Leprechauns

Pinched you say ? What happened to kiss me I am Irish . Well folk lore tell it this way . St. Patrick's revelers thought wearing green made one invisible to leprechauns, fairy creatures who would pinch anyone they could see that was not wearing green. People began pinching those who didn't wear green as a reminder that leprechauns would sneak up and pinch them .

So don't wear green and you may be getting pinched .

Why Do We Wear Green on St Patrick's Day 

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3637 Wessex Lane Under Contract End Row Morrell Park 19114

The buyers and sellers are doing the Happy Dance . There was a price reduction . That seemed to be the magic bullet .It opened the door to the perfect buyer. There was a snow storm with but the buyer did not want to wait . Thanks to DocuSign we have a property under contract .

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Everyday day this week I woke up an hour earlier . No reason why I just did . Ben Franklin said early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise . Being a woman I like my extra hour sleep but I stayed up . I also enjoyed a cup of Cinnabon coffee while watched the Today Show. Of course I feed Cleo the cat first .

feeding Cleo

Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay called “An Economical Project for Diminishing the Cost of Light” to the editor of The Journal of Paris in 1784. In the essay, he suggested, although jokingly, that Parisians could economize candle usage by getting people out of bed earlier in the morning, making use of the natural morning light instead of wasting candles . Interesting tid bit about old Ben Franklin such a clever man .

It seems my body knew it was time to change the clock . In 2007 it was decided that every second Sunday in March we would Spring forward and change the clocks . Great for Real Estate . It gives us more time to show/see houses. Don't forget to change your clocks . It is said two AM is the time for the change .

Make sure you change the clocks especially if you work on Sunday .

Change your Clocks Spring Forward 2 AM

What Time Do We Spring Forward March 12 , 2017

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The first one I trust I use the first thing every morning that is Keurig . I walk in the kitchen and pick my pod flavor. I brew a cup of coffee . My new favorite flavor is Cinnabon l it tastes just like a fresh warm cinnamon bun with icing and smells delicious . The Keurig coffee machine brews a perfect cup of coffee in short amount of time . You pick the amount of ounces you want and the strength . The service at Keurig is excellent . The last time I ordered coffee it took five days longer then it should have . I needed to purchase coffee at the super market I was annoyed and decided to contact customer service in an email. To my surprise I received a phone call telling me they were going to email me a coupon for two boxes of twenty four pods for free with free shipping . I was extremely happy and surprised . That is great customer service and now I have even more trust and loyalty . I will continue to order my coffee online from Keurig a company who cares about me .

Mercedes Benz

I put my life in their hands every-time I open the door of my car and sit down and start the engine . I feel secure in this car . It is an older model but built like a tank . I know it is steel reinforced . It is high performance car . I know if I was in an accident I would have a better chance of survival . I have been driving this brand for thirty years . They have wonderful customer service . I feel safe inside when I drive a Mercedes Benz


When I need information I search on Google . When I receive a phone call and I don't recognize the phone number I put the number in Google . I find out if it is spam most of the time . If I want to find movie information I search on YouTube . Yes this is part of Google . Then there is my Email which is called Gmail The other use is Google+ so many positive uses . Yes search on Google I am feeling lucky I will find what I need . Even when I need to find a dictionary . It even has maps . I trust this product and use it daily Google has a something new all the time. Even how to videos . When I am not sure how to cook something I search on Google . It sometimes even helps me find people I need to contact and this is important too . What would I do without my Google search engine ?

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Let's Take a look at what is happening today March 9th 2017 in the condo community of Delaire Landing . There are six active listings . There were five when I started writing this report but I was alerted by email of a new listing . Funny I remember this listing . It was on the market in 2012 . I had written an offer for a young lady who designed bridges for Septa . She made great money with a extremely high credit score but we did not have a high down payment . That was fine . There was a great conventional mortgage program for her . I wrote the offer but the agent took a few days and suddenly a better offer appeared . We were very disappointed as they took the other offer . It took the young lady and I quite a long time to find another condo but we did . This unit was quite a beauty I recognized the kitchen .Well let us get back to what is available in Delaire Landing

Currently five : 2 BR 2 Bath units priced $119,900- $144,900 1022 sq' - 1224 sq'

Currently one : 1 BR 1 Bath unit Priced $127,000 816 sq'

Pending are six units . We do not discuss pending units . Please come back and read my blog next month to read all about it

SOLD 1BR 1 Bath unit $100,000 816 Sq' price per sq' = 122.55 days on market 86

It is my professional opinion Delaire Landing Condos will start to rise in price now that Spring is in the air What I always say still holds true however . If you have not made upgrades to your unit do not expect miracles . I have been in units where I walk in and it certainly has the wow factor . I have been in other units and it just feels warm and inviting . You know the unit has been well cared for and loved . Believe me it shows . If you are thinking of selling your condo start cleaning out your closets . It is hard but believe me a neat closet is so important . Yes buyers look in your delaire sets .Also start putting the knick Knack and collectibles away . Clutter is not inviting start throwing it out or packing it away .

There is so much to do at Delaire Landing . Trips are already being planned way into December . There are Yoga classes . Line dances and card games . There is a library free of charge and a gym . There are also many clubs to join if you wish . This is a gated community with guard on duty twenty four hours a day . Snow removal is the best and so is the landscaping . Before you know it the pool will be opening there are two beautiful pools on the Delaware River .
Delaire Landing is a wonderful place to live . Just ask anyone who lives there and they will tell you . There are many people who move away and come back . Speaking of coming back - please come back and read my blog next month .

Condo living is not for everyone but if you feel it is for you

Please Call me

Hannah Williams
Re/Max eastern 215 953 8818
215 820 3376

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Today is March 6 2017 .Let's take a look at what is going on in the Clusters of Bensalem Pa . These townhouses come in all shapes and sizes .Some have basements and some do not . The wonderful thing about this development is there is not an association .These are fee simple townhomes . They also have a wonderful location close to I95 Us #1 and the Pa Turnpike . If you like to use public transportation Septa trains are close by so is Amtrak . Elementary school is within walking distance . In fact I had local people request this school . To me this says the school must be very good .

Presently there is one active listing in the Clusters for sale but it does have an offer pending it is listed for $234,900

Pending with closed contracts are four listing . There will not be any discussions on these listings . If you read my blog you know the rules . If you are not a reader I hope you will become one so I will briefly explain .

Many things may go wrong on a pending transaction . It may be a tittle issue .A mortgage problem. Even a a zoning or township Use and Occupancy problem . Whatever it may be it is not public knowledge . It is no ones business but the seller and the buyer who purchased the property . Therefor we do not discuss . These are the rules . Please come back next month to read all about it as the sales prices will be posted . That is if all goes well .

clusters sales chart

There has been one sale in the last sixty days in the Clusters of Bensalem

It SOLD for $209,900 3BR 1.5 Bath newer updated kitchen deck basement unfinished backed up to open-space 1400 sq'

price per sq' ft $149.93

lot size 20x100

I will say it was my Sale and on the market for 32 days

Please come back and read my blog next month for more information on the pending sales and to see what is available for sale in this very desirable townhouse community of Bensalem Pa 19020

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