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Hangout Conversations
Hangout Conversations is a weekly LIVE one-on-one chat show via Google+ Hangouts w/ Matt Rappaport #hangoutsonair #coolhangouts
Hangout Conversations is a weekly LIVE one-on-one chat show via Google+ Hangouts w/ Matt Rappaport #hangoutsonair #coolhangouts


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<3 this so much! #ENJOY ! #MondayMotivation
Happy New Video! Some Spectacular Peachy @Spectacles Moments
Ahead --> Remember to #StayPeachy & AWESOMESAUCE! #LIT #HUSTLENY

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Fallon, Clarkson go .. +Tearing through the Legends !
Once again, +The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon NAILS IT! #Duets = See Complete List of ALL SONGS & Original Vids

Perfect for your #TunesTuesday  ! Don't? Don't you want me #FallonTonight  baby? Ohhhhhhhhhhh oh oh oh!

P.S. - I smell a +FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS rotation for this medley too!

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Live Longer = Hangout LIVE and #nom  these..

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#GOT  beer? Lots more Hangouts / +Hangout Conversations about Game of Thrones coming in 2015!

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Awesome to see +Hangout Conversations Host +matthew rappaport join +Veterans United +Sarah Hill for this special Memorial Day Week Hangout On Air : Barracks to Backyards 

Barracks to Backyards: Supporting Veterans in Transition

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+Google+ Goodness - Spread #PLUSLOVE  to make a difference!

Happy #Caturday  ! You might love, hate or be indifferent about cats but this main post is 15 cool cats via G+ers using #AutoAwesome !
There will always be stories written about all the things, but why not focus on the positive ones and push the awesome instead of giving attention to stories/people that do the opposite. Whether it's the TC story or the recent HPTech one which rehashes the TC story
(I did get this included:  "Let me simply say that this entire TechCrunch article is bollocks," Google+ chief architect Yonatan Zunger wrote on Google+. | and Dino did acknowledge the userbase :  "'ll see there's a small but passionate contingent of people using the social network.."), instead of directing energy there, push the stories that ARE talking about how amazing G+ is. People want to see why it's so amazing and any number of these stories/hangouts below along with so much cool happenings from the past almost 3 years will do a lot better in changing how people view G+ or at least them saying "oh man THIS is happening, that IS cool.. I want to be part of that!" instead of "oh, I don't use it b/c of x, y or z".

[The Cat story alone is featuring all these Plussers:¬†+Travis Wright, +Victoria Worrel, +Paul Platt,¬†+Gene C¬†, +Jonny Lim, +Alvin Lim, +Tony Chiang, +Scott Cramer¬†, +Terry Poulin, ¬†+Jo Lane, +Mz Eklektik, +Cleide Maria Gomes¬†, +Steph Kirby, ¬†+Kevin Medeiros, +Illutian Kade, +Peter Hofm√ľller, +Jaana Nystr√∂m, +Carmelo Cortes, +Melissa Daniels, +Eddie Smela, +Kyle Weller, +Gord Birch, +Mike Spinak, ¬†+Nancy Solla, +Tasha Hericks, +Lee Smallwood, +Ziggy Dziegman, +Nate Swanner, +Chris Hudson, +Rod Thorell, +Adreana Langston, +Kimberley Blaine, +Brian McDonald, +P√•l Basso, +Patrik Lovrin, +Dyami Plotke, +Asher Taylor, +Nigel King, +Heidi Anne Morris, +Erica Thomson, +Guy Hoang, +Jonathan Seyghal, +Kristi Stowell Cole, +Kevin Guertin, ¬†+Carl Draper, &¬†+Hanna Silver¬†and even more!] ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

Show the world the #Awesomesauce  of Google+, that's the way to do it!

Share all or some of these, it'll makes more of an impact: :12 Reasons #GooglePlus  is Awesome : 8 G+ Musicians Using Hangouts (and I feature 8, but +mention 17!) #hangoutsonair  

HuffPost Hangouts On Air [14 down, way more to come!] : Photographer +Alexis Coram's Northern Lights Time Lapse : Huffington Post's Golden Globes 2014 Google+ Hangout On Air Recap
[ : Golden Globes 2014 Google+ Hangout Recap Show Relives The Awesome] = +It Gets Better Project To Host Google Hangout 'Illustrations' About Toys And Gender : TV Critics Unite For The Huffington Post And HitFix's 2014 Hangout

For those of you that don't know me, I also started & continued on G+ since the beginning in which I was making friends in the stream, in hangouts and putting together some awesome +H.I.R.L. s (hangouts in real life) along with +Hangout Conversations, +The PLUStainment Show and a ton more. I continue to do all of that along with bringing my passion for G+/all of you to +The Huffington Post ..allowing me to bring  G+ to more people. They fully support PLUS and what I'm doing & I plan on featuring even more Plussers as we continue down this fun, magical PLUS rabbit hole journey. Did the logo change the blue pill into the red pill? :) Feel free to contact me in any form [g+/email] and +Reshare on all social to get more impact!

Thanks and enjoy your weekend! #maytheplusbewithyou   

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Mixing it up with +DJ Skee at #sxsw 2014 and HuffPo's +matthew rappaport
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