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Daniel “hackbyte” Mitzlaff
ADHS, cPTSD, Borderline, Maniac, Depressive... Whatever label this world needed to describe people like me...................
ADHS, cPTSD, Borderline, Maniac, Depressive... Whatever label this world needed to describe people like me...................

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The real only Lab - or more the real only Habitat i would need, as long as i have to stand as a biological lifeform would be the Styx, he ship of Moira, the Ayindi from the arresum.

Quote (goggle assisted translation:)'

The STYX was Moira's space ship.

As far as we know, each Ayindi had her own space ship, which she could make at will.

With the STYX, Moira had advanced into the Parresum (our known universe) about two million years ago, and since then, with its spaceship, had directly followed many foci and events within the Milky Way without ever having been surveyed at all.

Technical specifications

The space ship had a dark violet, almost black color and had the shape of a terranian batoidea, was about 800 meters long and had a span of about 700 meters. The height of the ship was about 100 m.

The front of the STYX was determined by a jaw-shaped sensor bar, the stern ending in a crossed "swallow tail". On the upper part of the main hull was a 35 meter high ridge.

Nothing was known about STYX's weapon system except that it was very effective. Unfortunately, one could only speculate about the drive system, but assumed that it was a kind of Metagrav drive, which allowed a minimum over light factor of 1.5 billion (!). The stealth device of the STYX was a perfect dark field that could not be broken by any known people.

The interior design of the STYX could be designed by Moira, as it was able to shape all the furnishing articles of mold energy and presumably crystalline structures. In the ship there was neither a real headquarters, nor fixed machine rooms or hangars. Moira was able to make all the circuits without any visible controls, since it was based on mental circuits to control the STYX.


In terms of volume, the STYX offered space for several hundred people, but was only flown and inhabited by Moira.

Data Sheet

"STYX - Moira 's Space Ship" (PR 1700 - Report) by Georg Joergens
.oO( sadly only in german)


PR 1680, PR 1700, et al.


Text copied from under GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 according to

Translated with help from google translate by me, surely republished under GNU FDL 1.2 too. ;)

Visual impression maybe nearly like this:
( © Pabel-Moewig Verlag KG, Rastatt )

Geek Question of the Day: Whether it's a real world scientist, a mad wizard or anyone in between, they all love their labs. With that in mind, tonight's question is; What real or fictional laboratories would you most like to visit and why? Feel free to stretch the definition of you need to! #gqotd

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There are some really good points in this talk...

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What the holy fsck.... seriously?

Please, can any alien from this - or even better from another universe - come over and help me getting out here?

Such a sick world.....

Just for reasons....

Sometimes all i need to follow any one of your collections or you profile at all:
Is just to get me aware of your existence at all.

So, if anyone click on the follow button on my profile, he/she magically get a 50:50 chance that i will follow you back......... For that, one does not even need to fit into my "filterbubble" ... it will be enough if an collection fits into it ... or whatever else. ;)

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Just loving that women on the harp .... and björk .. and ..

well .. just the music at all..... 8-) <3

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I just love it....

Building a flogger just from some candy.... yeah. Priceless..... ;)

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yah ..... me2 ..... sadly

(via +Darryl Woodbury)

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Frickelspace Update ;)

Just simply a fresh pic from my frickelspace. ;)

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Simple truth. ;)

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Yeah ... still cool technology.... IMHO at least. ;)
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