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We would like some help getting a new tool, a CNC router. This is like a 3d printer, except it removes material instead of adding plastic. It is very useful for carving signs and flat shapes, but also bas relief objects. It will work on wood or some plastics. Contributors will receive something made on the machine, although we have not decided what for now. Higher levels will also receive early training on it. (We will require training and membership to use it.) Please help us expand our tools with a contribution.

Someone changed our address from 1600E to 1906 Roseneath. Actually, if you use GPS you will end up at the opposite end of the building, so I often put in 3430 W. Moore. That will take you to the parking lot by the door.

Open house tonight. Come down and talk geeky to us. 7:30–10PM

We are officially non-profit! Not that there was ever any profit before. But now, we are sponsored by School Factory, and we have 503c status through them. The most important reason we wanted this is equipment donations: Companies want a tax write-off for old junk. We like old junk.

Are we a geek social club? Isn't that an oxymoron? (Though few of us could be considered ox-like, and none of us are morons.) Anyway, every Thursday about 7-10PM we hang out in a converted refrigerator room and talk about tech. Some of us are into hardware, some software, some do both. We share what we know, and that is a lot. Everyone is welcome!

Radio Shack used to have a few stores with "extended parts selection" meaning more sets of drawers for electronics. I talked to a manager, and he said they changed that, and there are more parts at stores now, as well as a surprising selection of Arduino and other modules. I saw an SD card shield for $10. That is a good price.

Our usual Thursday open house is cancelled this week for Thanksgiving. Members can come if they want to, but there may not be anyone to give a tour or sign up members. Stay home, stay warm, and DON'T SHOP! Don't help kill the family holiday.

This afternoon at 1PM, Maker Guild, for kids and adults. We will teach soldering. We want a maximum of 8 kids, and we are close to that, but nice weather may change some plans.

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We have a map of local maker/hacker resources. Any suggestions?

Your friends and family give you "that look" when you tell them what you are making, or what you want to learn or buy. Every Thursday night, we have an open house. Come down and talk to people who won't think you are strange! Talk if you want, or just hang out. No pressure, no Robert's Rules. There may be nerdy YouTube videos on the 8' screen, or a miniature Mario building on the 3d printer, or old electronics being stripped of the good bits. Everyone is welcome! 7-10PM.
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